10 reasons, why you play golf?

Golf, one of the most popular sports on the planet. There is about 208 countries play golf worldwide, according to a survey there is 8,024 private and 24,957 private golf clubs around the world. Why this is game is so popular? What are the benefits? Let us find out 10 reasons, why you play golf?

1. Ancient game

it was 1457 when golf was invented, yes there is a lot more dates in many different history books and other different resources but you can’t ignore the fact it was here from a long time ago so playing golf, you are just not playing you are keeping up an ancient practice.

2. Exercise

when you play golf you are doing a very balanced exercise for your body and brain. Especially if you forget the cart and walk, you are enjoying while you are doing some good exercise.

3. Healthy heart

Golf will heal your heart, yes you heard it right. If golf played in the correct manner you can have a healthier heart than before. From the Harvard health publishing, we can find out that if you play it correctly it will pay you perfectly.

4. No limit

There is no age limit in golf, so no matter how old you are nobody is going to ask your age and tell you not to play. It’s your game your time.

5. Better future

playing golf as a profession is a better future than other sports, yes choosing golf as a career is better than lot more sports because it have a longer period of career than most other sports.

6. Play as you like

you can play golf as you like, you can play it 18 holes or you can play 9 holes or you can play 100 holes a day if can manage to rise with the sun.

7. Stress relieve

Golf can be a very useful way to relieve your stress. When you play golf, you play both with your body and mind, it helps you to relieve from your stress.

8. Friends and family time

Playing golf is a very common and easy way to get together with your family and friends. It helps you to bond with your family and enjoy a lot better than your Netflix and chill.

9. Pure nature

when you play golf you are surrounded by pure nature away from harmful radiation and pollution, you are having a mini-vacation , you are getting more social rather than spending time in electronic media or social sites but all alone.

10. Play anywhere

you can practice golf anywhere in the world, when you are bored with nothing just grab a golf club and hit it, watch out for the windows!

So I think I can write overnight about playing golf, but the fact is its fun, it is healthy and it makes you more close to nature and people. So what are you waiting for? Grab the golf club and straight to field.

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