Hi, how is it going? My name is Sonnet Gomes. I am a Geologist and Nature enthusiast who works for a development organization. However, I always have time to enjoy nature. One of my ways to cherish nature is golf. Although I am not a pro-golfer, I can tell you what is going on in the green.

I have spent a long period in Northeastern and Southern US. Therefore, I am familiar with both flat woodlands and wavy mountains. Tracking the flags with GPS or adjusting the club for slopes is common topics for me.

Research is my primary tool as a Geologist. Moreover, as a development organization employee, I can literally talk with data. I integrate both of these professional qualities into my passion for golf.

Now I do extensive research on new golf technologies and my site lumen sports. Besides, you can get all those info and data from my articles.

I study on golf technologies and reviews newly arrived products. Additionally, I discuss on existing golf laws and compatible devices. People's opinion about these topics always motivate me. I depend a lot on the view of the people who spend the most on the golf courses.

I believe we should work together for a green and sustainable earth. Moreover, there is no more green game than golf.Any question about me please contact with me.

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