Leupold GX-5i3 Laser Rangefinder Review 2023

From decades, golf is a traditional sporting part which played by a different generation. In the 21st century, today’s generation gets become smarter and hunger to achieve their ultimate goal. Nowadays, we rely on technological feature tools. More and less, we take advantage in sporting part—leupold gx 5i3 Laser Rangefinder,such an excellent tool for golfer service.

A laser vision rangefinder comes to manage golfer career orientation as lighter as smarter. I used for my case and noticed Leupold best feature by their two years electronics and lifetime repair service.

GX 5i3 helps me to focus in rainy season and winter season practice at the golf course. The manufacturer used waterproof,and fog mode for golfer attention shot making. Tournament legal feature is a great specification for the event. Price looks pretty higher, but it serves more than you expect – later part present some tips for your smart handling.

Leupold GX-5i3 Rangefinder Reviews

Leupold GX 5i3 Rangefinder Faster, More Accurate, Versatile A Rangefinder The Leupold GX 5i3 golf rangefinder provides faster, more accurate readings in a versatile package. This new rangefinder provides club selection recommendations based on your hitting strength, slope and current environmental conditions for a more precise reading. The feature can be turned off to make the unit tournament legal. Pin Hunter 3 Laser Technology is faster and easier to use than ever while Prism Lock Technology audibly lets you know you're locked on target.

Product Description:

•Brand Name: Leupold
•Rangefinder Name: Leupold GX 5i3 Rangefinder
•Model No: 60842
•Dimension: 3.8*3*1.4 Inches
•Weight: 7.8 Ounce
•Battery: 1 CR2 Required (Included)
•Average Customer Rating Review: 4.5 out of 5.0
•Price Range: Between 500 to 600

Leupold GX-5i3 

Why you buy Leupold GX-5i3? Here we offer some tips and feature that helpful for your golf course service. You can use the rangefinder with three modes:

1.Scan Mode
2.Fog Mode
3.Waterproof Mode

Besides it’s a renowned laser rangefinder where you get three laser technology which named as Pinhunter. By this, you can quickly lock screen on flag point and clear the vision and objects to focus more crystallize. For outfield operation, you get CR2 Lithium battery which offers you over thousands round of auctions. I recommend it for tournament legal part – where Prism Lock technology plays a vital role for your golf. At the golf course, you can zoom in and out up to 450 yardage – I told you from my point of view. 

Key Features

OLED Display
6x magnification – zoom sides, back, front view
Fog mode to cut through weather
Aluminum and rubber body support rainy season golf playing
Fully multi-coated lens System
One touch Scan mode
Fold-down rubber eyecups
Portable size at 7.8 ounces
Two years guarantee and lifetime support.

Leupold GX 5i3 vs. Bushnell Pro X2

Leupold GX 5i3 Rangefinder

We read Leupold GX 5i3 review. Where we noticed it has offered top quality feature for the golfer.
•PinHunterA 3 Laser Technology picks up the flag even faster and easier
•Prism Lock Technology A uses highly reflective prisms for the most accurate readings
•Leupold high-performance DNA (Digitally enhanced Accuracy) engine and advanced laser measures faster with greater accuracy to the nearest 1/10 of a yard
•TGR and Club Selector provides accurate distances and club recommendations based on hitting strength, slope and environment that can be disabled for tournament play
•Fog mode helps cut down on false readings
•1-Touch Scan Mode makes use easy
•3A selectable reticles
•Range capabilities: 450 yards to the pin, 800 yards reflective
•Completely waterproof construction
•Cordura case included
•The line of sight distance is USGA legal
•CR2 lithium battery included
•Dimension: 3.8" LA x 3.0" H A x 1.4" W * 7.8 oz.

Read More: leupold gx-5i3 manual guide

Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder

Bushnell X2 is quite similar toLeupold GX 5i3 rangefinder. Its match both items but has some little difference. Let’s take a tour:
Ranges 5-1, 300 yards; 450+ yards to Flags
Pin Seeker with JOLT technology. Eye Relief: 16mm. Exit Pupil:3.5mm
Class 1 laser with <0.5mW average power output
Slope-Switch Technology
Rubber Armored Metal Housing
IPX7 Fully Waterproof
Pin Seeker with JOLT Technology
Accurate to a 1/2 yard
Ranges 5-1,300 Yds. 450+ Yds. to a Flag
Dual Display Technology
6X Magnification
2nd Generation E.S.P.
Fast Focus System
Stable-Grip Technology

Feature Highlight’s: Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder


To compare with Leupold GX, I found a variation feature in Bushnell. They built their rangefinder with DDT feature – Dual Display Technology. Its made it exclusive from other rangefinders. Press the button, use DDT feature and toggle to view clear view. It offers red vivid and black display – getsa light vision.

PINSEEKER with JOLT Technology

The feature used by Bushnell in their all models of rangefinders. It works starting time little vibrate and offersphysical conformation with laser vision. Use lock-onthe flag for laser function. JOLT technology makes your shot measurement clear and closes your distance.


  • This is the best rangefinder you can buy
  • Great product and works very accurate
  • 6x zooming feature offer you to focus on every shot at the golf course from your hitting zone
  • The construction is high quality with an aluminum body instead of plastic like most other rangefinders. The high quality and excellent optics are what golfer expect from Leupold


  • Price is a little expensive.Otherwise, it’s an excellent tool for golfer service.
  • It may take a long time first time to set pin lock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question-1: I need a carrying case, is there one comes in the package?
Answer: A Cordura case comes with it. There are also many cases available.

Question-2: Does the GX5 have a yellow plate to disable slope elevation for tournament play?
Answer: No, that was with the version before this one.
You can turn the slope off in the settings, but there is no physical way to see that they are off.

Question-3: Can anyone tell me that it works in fog or light rain?
Answer: No, that was with the version before this one.
You can turn the slope off in the settings, but there is no physical way to see that they are off.

Question-4: Is the gx-5i3 tournament legal?
Answer: no this the slope edition 

In verdict to say, Leupold GX-5i3 Laser Rangefinder review 2019 helpful to find out your dreamy rangefinder. Leupold GX 5i3 vs. Bushnell Pro X2 – both top qualities made. Here we presents comparison chart between the rangefinders. Above review at 2019 prospect, Leupold GX is my recommendation to develop your golfer life. Good luck.

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