What makes a golf cart street legal

What makes a golf cart street legal?

Golf carts are specially designed for using them in the course, but that does not mean they are not usable off the course. Of course, you can use them in the street. But, before you start, there are some procedures or rules and regulations that you need to maintain. Otherwise, it is highly prohibited to use a golf cart in the street.

So, in case you are thinking about making your golf cart street legal, scan through the whole article for getting some insights about what you should be doing…

Make golf cart street legal

These are the steps that you can follow-

  • Learn your local areas law- This is, by far, the most important step that you need to double-check. It is possible that whatever modification you make to your cart, it will never be street legal; because the local laws do not allow it to be. Many areas are there that do not allow a cart to run on the street because of the risk that they convey. If you are living in such an area, then we are sorry to notify you that you are never going to be able to take your cart off the course.
  • Speed check- To be able to run on the street, your golf cart needs to have the perfect speed mileage that a smaller car running on the street has. In that case, the minimum speed that your cart needs to have is 20mph, whereas the top speed of your cart needs to be 25mph.
  • Lighting- You need to add several golf cart lights or lighting kits to make it street legal. Lights are more than necessary because they ensure enough safety when you are running on the street. The lights that you need to add to make your cart street legal are- Head, brake, and tail lights with turn signals.
  • Mirror- Even if you are not driving on the street, then again it is necessary to use a mirror to ensure the safety of yours. Without adding an appropriate golf cart mirror in your cart, you can’t think it as a street-legal vehicle. Having a mirror helps you to track all the vehicles that are coming and going nearby your cart so that you can drive safely.
  • Golf cart windshield- When you are thinking about making your golf cart street legal, you need to ensure that the cart is safe for both you and the vehicles that are running on the street. That is why adding a Golf cart windshield is necessary to make your golf cart street legal. It protects you from the rough winds and sun-shine that can create a serious accident. In most cases, windshields do not require DOT approval, but there are some areas for sure that will require an expensive DOT approved mirror. Make sure to give it a check about what your local area laws require.
  • Golf cart seat belts- If you are thinking about taking your golf cart off the course, then it means you want to use it as a car. If so, you have to maintain all the procedures that a car has; to ensure that you are fully prepared. Golf cart seat belts are another most important equipment that you need to make sure to make it a street-legal car. Seat belts are also necessary for your own safety as well. Never underestimate the power of a seat-belt.
  • Horn- You need to make sure that the cart that you are thinking about making street-legal has a horn so that you can safely aware of the other vehicle about the presence of your vehicle.
  • Golf cart registration number- As like all other vehicles running on the street, your cart also requires a registered number plate to be able to consider it as a street-legal vehicle.
  • VIN or vehicle identification number- Along with the registration number, you also need to make sure that your cart has a unique identification number to run on the street.
  • Speedometer- Speedometer is another most important item that you may need to add to your cart to make it street-legal. Having a speedometer greatly helps to determine the present condition of carts balance.
  • Slow-moving vehicle sign- Not every area requires a slow-moving vehicle sign to consider your cart to be street legal. But, many areas require the sign. Your cart is going to run on the street as a slow-moving vehicle. As a result, the sign can provide all other vehicles a signal for a room. Make sure to give your local area laws a check to find out if it requires a slow-moving vehicle sign or not.

Why golf carts are not street legal?

In recent days, smaller accidents caused by golf carts are increasing in a rapid flow. These are some of the causes of why a golf cart, most of the time is not street legal.

  • They seem to have the lackings of enough speed that is necessary for running on the street.
  • They are specially designed to use in the course or terrain that is why, whenever you are taking them off the course, you are risking your safety because most of the time they fail to adjust with the other car running on the street.
  • The lackings of safety equipment can lead to a serious accident.
  • Besides, they are not suitable for a night-time tour because of the lackings of enough lighting.

All these demerits do not tell that you don’t have the authority to make it street legal, there are, obviously, some steps and procedures that you can follow to make your cart street legal. Follow the procedures discussed in the next section to take your beloved golf cart off the course and to enjoy a great ride…

To make sure that your cart is street-legal, there are many terms and conditions that you need to add to your cart. Even though, many areas are there that won't allow you to take your golf cart off the course.

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