Halo sports and outdoor XL450-7 Rangefinder Reviews 2023

Yard Range: 450 yard
Magnification: 6x magnification
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 2.5 x 6.5 inches
Waterproof: Yes
Measuring System: Yards/Meters

Many technological innovative ideas give us a recreational device like Halo XL450-7 Rangefinder as a result of advanced technology of the world. This blessing device can be used for hunting, golfing, mapping and surveying, racing outdoor exploration, forestry & power industry.

Halo XL450-7 rangefinder could be a fantastic choice of those who are bow hunters as well as professional golfer due to its delicacy of 320 m out of 412m during hunting animals from a tree line or hillside and golfing. It has also ranging accuracy, angle compensation by scan mode & spots mode, Easy ultra-focus, outer side soft rubber grip all of these features give reliance to the hunters for successful hunting in every shot. 

It has a large package of advantages like Angle Intelligence technology of Auto Acquisition optics with included extraordinary CR2 lithium battery, Class IIIA laser, light in weight, water resistance as well as 1-year service warranty.

It is a pleasant surprise that this type of electronic precision device is like no other and cheap in piece about 100 $ assimilate with others. Making you and your friends or link’s hobby enjoyable with XL450-7 halo Rangefinder. So don’t be late buy one or more today for you and your team member for hunting & golfing.


  • Usability for single button mode, no pin lock technology, waterproof, slip resistance, soft rubber guard or grip, lightweight & pocket shape of dimension.
  • Useful LCD, easy ultra-focus & compact economic design with a fixed magnification of 6X
  • Easy conversion of reading with slope compensation range up to 450 Yards
  • Longer lasting CR2 lithium ion battery
  • One year warranty with an affordable price under $100
Halo XL450-7

Halo XL450-7


Simple operating system: Operating techniques of the Halo rangefinder helps the user to take action in any situation of hunting or gaming. After pressing the power button, when the device is switch on then, there are four modes of measuring such as
2.Yards with Slope
3.Meters and
4.Meters with slop
Halo rangefinder is a single button system. Pushing down this button assist users to take the range of object that you are aiming at and on the other hand this button need to hold that allows you to move from item to item to get reading.

Practical and straightforward design: This incredible device of model XL450-7 laser rangefinder is unique for its simple and efficient design of rangefinder that can be the best preference for creating a considerable segment of the market.
Usability: It is proven or will prove that it is one of the best choices regarding usability in different weather condition.

No pin lock technology & lightweight: Golfing is easy and effective as this device has no pin lock technology. Halo XL450-7 is a compact model of rangefinder blond weight of 5 ounces with well-fitted vinyl case abet to carry during playing and hunting.
The economic shape of dimension: This tool manufactured in such a way, keep the proportion like 8.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 inches helps you to carry using the pocket.

Efficient LED display: LED display as well as useful precision focusing of Halo XL 450-7 give the eye relief at the time of using. You can shot by keeping your both eye open. Mode of scan of this device provides a constant range to the hunters or golfer for casting the object fruitfully.

Water and rainproof facilities: This facilities aid the users to use halo rangefinder throughout the rainy season. Rubber guard or grip on Halo’s body deliver slip resistance for use in humid weather.
Longer life Battery: There is no way of destroying the battery during wet weather as it is water a proof system. The lithium-ion battery lasted longer due to the XL450-7 model of rangefinder shut down its self after 20 seconds.

Slope Compensation: This Halo device is capable of reading slopes whatever it is terrain or undulating hilly Areas. Although there are many cheap models of the rangefinder, it is the good one. Majority of those competitive model is not capable of measuring slopes accurately. You are not able to compensate the actual angle when you are standing under the tree.


Low Focusing: 
Solution: Although XL450-7 model gives a better focus on low, medium & light weather, it has some drawback of focusing on poor weather. It also makes low quality concentrate on shady areas. It has no illumination on display that means it is not possible to use during the night, early in the morning as well as late evening. For getting better results or output, you have to use this product in bright sunlight or daytime.

Fixed Magnification:
Solution: Magnification of halo XL set and it is 6X that makes discomfort of eyes. Especially those who are wearing optical need to be removed to use this device comfortability. However, measuring might show fault due to user eye problem. He/ she can use a lens to avoid such type of problem.

Lack of optic-logic glass:
Solution: XL450-7 has lack of optic-logic glass. However, halo will update their device by using logic glass in futures for adding value on its quality as well as minimizing disadvantages.
It is visible that it has some lacking some these are too much negligible when compared to its others too many selective advantages.


1. Will anyone recommend this for bow hunting?

Answer: of course, yes! Its accuracy of the rangefinder in daylight recommended any hunter for bow hunting. It is light as a feather.

2. Is the reading yards of the rangefinder possible to change in feet?

Answer: No, it is not possible, but you can convert your reading directly from yard to meter and meter to yard.
3. Is this halo rangefinder battery rechargeable?

Answer: No, it is not rechargeable, but you can use a rechargeable battery in your device.

4. Is this model XL450-7 waterproof?

Answer: Obviously, yes! It is rainproof & slips resistance due to soft Rubber guard or grip. You can use this model in any poor or wet weather condition.

5. How do you operate this model? Moreover, does the rangefinder make any noise?

Answer: You can turn on it effortlessly by pressing the power button, you can do this as it is a single button system. Pushing down this button assist users to take the range of object that you are aiming at and on the other hand this button need to hold that allows you to move from item to item to get reading. No! It cannot make any noise during operation, and you must be delighted using this device.


Those who are preferred large rangefinder, there is so many device models of XL are exist in the market. However, for that, they have to pay some extra money. On the other hand, those who are entry-level or economic users, for them there is no option of restoration this model because of its cheap rate and superb quality of providing a reliable solution with accurate results. Not only hunters & Baw hunters but also golfer has the better pleasure of hunting by using this device.

There many opinions on this device in customers review, most of them are happy by using this device. All the specification and features are trustworthy that increase the market value of the halo XL450-7 model throughout the world. Feel proud by using this model of halo and hunting with your hunter team.

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