How Does a Golf Rangefinder Work? (Updated sensor)

If you are an amateur golfer and want to be a professional one, then you may need to develop your skill to play golf efficiently. For practicing golf you will require a rangefinder to enhance your competence. There are different kinds of specialized golf rangefinders that are used in golf playing. You will find two types of golf rangefinders in the market-Laser Rangefinder and GPS Rangefinder. To improve your golf skill you have to know how does a golf rangefinder work. You may get the instruction manual with the rangefinder. However, it might be helpful for you to know some expert tips and unconventional methods to use the golf rangefinder smartly and how does a golf rangefinder work.


 Try to buy a rangefinder (wikipedia) with a maximum range beyond the longest hole. Make sure that the magnification level and the increments are checked before starting the game. The rangefinder should contain several degrees of magnification for a crystal-clear view of the target. It also should be adjustable down to every yard.

•  You should stand outside the tee box when you use the golf rangefinder. By steering the fellow golfers, you can get a clear view of the course.

 Before you take a swing, try to focus on a particular spot of the golf course. Then pan it away. You need to ensure the comfort of the eyes. Adjust the eye hole on the first hole of the rangefinder to making it comfortable for the entire round.

•  If you have a digital or laser rangefinder, then try to keep an extra battery in the case. You might need one in the middle of the golf round if the extreme heat drains the battery quickly.

Try to keep the golf rangefinder neat and clean on the course. Before keeping in the carrying case, you must wipe off the eye hole and the lens with the golf towel.

You can also apply some good tricks on using the golf scope by following the several rules. For unobstructed view, you may check the following methods on how to use a golf rangefinder scope:

•  Hold the golf scope up to the eye and stand in the fairway next to the ball with the clear hole-view.

•  Try to line up the bottom of the flagstick with the line ‘Green’ in the viewfinder.

To find your yardage, read the numbers lined up with the flagstick top. Then select the corresponding golf club and take the shot.

Follow the strategy given below for obstructed view:

• Line up the bottom line in your golf scope with the lowest stripe of the flagstick.

 Get the number lined up with the flagstick top.

Multiply the stripe number with the number lined up with the flagstick top and divide the result by eight to get the distance. 

Now I will give you some general tips on using GPS Rangefinder and Laser rangefinder

GPS Rangefinder

Before going to the golf field, you need to load the course you are to play from the computer. Then you have to turn on the rangefinder and allow it to get the GPS satellite information. Some golf gps rangefinder have pin embedded distances and some have intermediary distance embedded. After selecting hole, most of the units may automatically shift to the next hole. You can choose the target or the next hole manually if you play scramble that does not require the hole in order.

Laser Rangefinder

You have to sight the target by aiming the rangefinder at the object you need to determine the distance of. Then pull the trigger of the rangefinder to send the laser beam to the object. Then you will see the distance read-out in the display. There will be an error on the display if you cannot lock on to the valid target. Then you have to take the range of the distance again.


There are a lot of tricks to play golf masterly. With the help of a perfect golf rangefinder you can easily get the opportunity to gather some excellent knacks on golf. You need to keep it in mind that, not only buying a golf rangefinder is enough but also knowing the proper use of it is equally you must know how does a golf rangefinder work,So keep trying to grasp all the tips given here for a better golf performance.

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