Garmin Approach G10 Golf GPS Reviews in 2023

Garmin International Inc. Introduces the Garmin Approach G10 which is a very lightweight device and provides the golfers with 40000 courses worldwide with free course updates. This Garmin Approach is an excellent choice for the golfers as it shows the more accurate distances to the front, back and middle.

The green display shows you the shape of the green as it's easily readable. And it's digital scorecard keeps track of the score. So the golfers can easily know about the track before they shot.

The Garmin Approach G10 handheld golf gps is a very lightweight device that you can keep it in your bag or clip in your pocket. It's user-friendly and Comes out of the box with no subscription charge.

The Garmin Approach comes to you with a bunch of advantages like sunlight-readable display, very lightweight, updated courses, water-resistant battery, accurate measurements.

Its a big astound for the golfers that this compact design device is updated than all other Garmin Approach before.

Garmin approach g10 golf GPS Review

Bright screen

You can see that it's smaller than other GPS. As it's so small it's very light in weight. There is a very nice bright touchscreen. So its a very simple touchscreen. This screen is very responsive. Even if you wear gloves, you don't have to think about the gloves off. So its very simple to use and straightforward. This 1.3-inch square display will let you know the distances to the front, back and middle of the green. And you also know about the hazards.

Recording score

One of the good features on this is - it has Garmin GPS G10 also tracks your score. You have to select the OK button and select scorecard. Here you can enter the number of strokes. You can keep scores up to four players in the scorecard. Besides, you can measure a shit. Just select reset and if you are walking it will show you the measure of the yards. So it's full of very useful features.

You will find that how far you are from the club. You just start walking and know about the average, justify, understand fully. The yard it gives is exactly the accurate one. This scorecard has made scorekeeping simple. And now you can plan that where you want to shoot. So you can plan the perfect approach.

The data is also uploaded in Garmin Connect. Actually, G10 acts as a digital scorecard card so that golfers can record their rounds.

Free updates

One thing you will please with this device is there is no ongoing subscription charge. And you don't need to pay a start-up charge or fee. The Garmin  G10 offers you a free lifetime course update. It has 40000 courses which are already preloaded on to around the world. So you get free lifetime course updates. Besides, updates are available in the Garmin websites and there you will find that updates are added up to 4times a year. The updates are totally free without any fee or charge.


One of the good thing about Garmin Approach G10 golf gps navigator is its lithium-ion battery. It lasts more than 14 hours and you don't need to recharge within this time. It is helpful as it can easily carry you through extra holes. In a nutshell, you can enjoy your weekend days in full GPS mode. This simple feature has added an extra value to Approach G10. You just charge it up and lasts up to 15 hours. It is also water-resistant.

Accuracy in tracking

Garmin device can track your progress. Its views all your stat, longest shots, average, the distance of your shot. Approach G10 gives you the view of the hole details. You can choose measure shot on the device to see. You can choose layup to see lay up distance on a given home.

Frequently asked questions

1. Which golf cart holder is needed to work with the Garmin G10?

Actually Garmin Approach G10 doesn't need any cart holder. You can keep it simple in your pocket. That's how it works easily and you see it. The display of this Garmin is larger enough than you expect. Even you can clip it in your pocket or cap.

2. How can I track my score in golf gps?

When you open the device from the box, you have to power on the device. You have to select the Ok button and select scorecard. Here you can enter the number of strokes. Its convenient clip-on design means it's always on your fingertips taken.

3. How can I choose my location in golf gps?

Firstly power on the device by holding the up arrow button at the top left. Then you have to select start round and choose your location.

4. Do you find the buttons big enough? Don't you get bored of the buttons?

the buttons are so small. As the device is small in size, the buttons are enough small. After using it several times, it will be simple to you use. It actually works great.

5. What is the battery life Garmin approach G10?

The battery lasts up to 15 hours in GPS mode. You can consider it as one of the advantages of G10. But you have to be sure that you turn it off after charging.


  • Lightweight with Digital scorecard,
  • Clip-on a hat or to glove
  • Covers 40000 courses
  • Updated for lifetime,Access to yardages,Speedy GPS connection,


  • Doesn't show notification
  • Unsuitable for high-speed sports
  • Does not provide the hole layout

Why choose Garmin Approach G10

The Garmin golf approach G10 is full of attractive features and updated courses. It is a very lightweight device. It comes to you with preloaded courses. You will be very much impressed by it. There is an improvement than all other previous Garmin Approach. You can choose measure shot to see the distance of your shot. G10 is designed in such a way that you can put it in your pocket or bag easily as it's the smallest and lightweight device. And you can put it in your convenient place. Though it is only a clip device, there is a lot of advantage to use it without any hesitation.

It has a water-resistant rating also. If you search for its review, you will find a lot of positive review about Garmin G10. Golfers are totally satisfied by using it.

Garmin Approach g10 manual


Golfers who like to use devices like Garmin which will provide the accurate measures of the court, Garmin Approach G10 is just perfect for them and there is no other option for them which will give them the accurate results.

There are a lot of positive reviews regarding the Garmin Approach G10. Most of the golfers prefer to use this small device as they can easily keep it anywhere. This device is the golfer's first choice because of its all the authentic features which have increased its value to customers.

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