Best Golf GPS Reviews: 2023-Golf GPS Watches And Handheld Both Reviews

It is essential to know the golf course before you go for the hole. There is no other device more helpful than a Golf GPS for this. Therefore, you must get one of the top 10 Golf GPS in your bag. There are both handheld and GPS watch available in the market. Both types are useful during a game. Therefore, we made a list of top 10, 5 of each kind. This list will help you to pick the most suitable one for you. When you have the best, it will drive your game towards the green. Before we move to the list, you may want to know.

What is a golf GPS watch?

If you are playing golf for few years then there is nothing that you have to know about golf GPS watch. I hope you know all of the features and works of a golf GPS watch. However, if you don't know or if you are a beginner then read this part to know about a golf GPS watch and the work of a golf GPS watch.

Golf GPS watches are used to know each and every detail of the course like the front, back, and middle of the green. GPS watches use the satellite to show these details. GPS watch shows all the seen and unseen hazards on the course. With the help of a golf GPS watch, one can know the distance between the player and the hole which is a great feature for a professional. The best thing about a GPS watch is that it shows the accurate distance. Now a day, there are many advanced GPS watches in the market that show the scorecards and store the record for future purposes.

best golf gps

 Garmin Approach S60 Best smart gps watch

Garmin Approach G8 - Best for handheld

Garmin Approach G10 - Best budget  and compact golf gps

Garmin Approach S20 - Value Pick

5 BEST handheld Golf GPS reviews

Garmin Approach G8

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS

GolfBuddy Voice 2

Garmin Approach G6

IZZO Golf Swami 5000

Preloaded with  30,000 courses

Preloaded with 36,000 courses

Preloaded with 38,000 courses 

Preloaded with  25,000 courses

Preloaded with 30,000 courses 

Smart Notification receive email, texts and alerts.

BITE Magnetic Mount Technology.

Dynamic green view Technology.

Track Your Stats,Compact, simple.

The Scorecard Feature and New Shot Distance Measurement.

Adjusted PinPointer , Automatic free Wi-Fi course updates.

Easy-to-Read Front, Center, Back Distances,3D Flyovers with Distances.

Distances to front/center/back of the green,Measure shot distances.

Easy to read the front, middle and back of the green.

Distances to front/center/back of the green.

 0.6 x 2.1 x 4.4 in , 4 ounces

2.9 x 4.8 x 1.7 in, 4 ounces

1" Mono LCD screen ,1.02 ounces

2.6" touch screen,3.36 ounces

2” full color display,2.72 ounces

1. Garmin Approach G8 Golf Handheld GPS

When you have Garmin Approach G8, you have victory in your hand. The Garmin GPS is compact and colorful. You can mount it anywhere. Moreover, the handheld GPS is preloaded with 40,000 courses around the world.

This handheld Garmin GPS is sleek. It is so compact that you can slip it anywhere. Belt, golf cart, or golf bag. The device is fit everywhere. The device comes with a 3-inches color touchscreen display. You can see both the Course and Green view on it. A simple touch can toggle between them. The full-color course map has touch-targeting feature.

You can place the pin anywhere with the Green view mode. Moreover, G8 has PinPointer Blindshot assistance. It is like a compass that gives you directional help when you cannot see the green. It has scorecard mode to keep track of your games. It can store up to 4-players.

So you can call it a family GPS! Your Garmin Approach G8 has WiFi connectivity to update course information. You will be connected even in the middle of the course. You will get alerts for all your emails, calls, and texts. No worries If the game got longer. The battery can power up to 15 hours. It easily slips into and out of your pocket or mounts nearly anywhere. If you have difficulties to see the screen you can switch to the big numbers mode. Now  Garmin Approach G8 is perfect handheld gps in market.

2. Bushnell Phantom GPS

The Bushnell Phantom GPS is a convenient Golf device with the Bite Magnetic Mount. You can use this handheld device in at least 30 countries. It has 36,000-course data in it.
When you have this GPS device, it is possible to see in 360°. The easy-to-read display will show the distance from the front, center, and back of the course. It also shows up to 4 hazards for every hole.

You can attach Phantom GPS to your bag or belt. In the same way, you can sync it with any smart device through Bluetooth. Getting the course update will be easy then.

The battery will last for at least 2 rounds before you recharge. In every series, the Phantom will give you a clear perspective of the green with Auto Course Recognition and Auto Hole Advance features.

You can stick this golf GPS device to any metal surface with Integrated BITE Magnetic Mount. Last but not least, Bushnell Golf App comes free with the Phantom.

3. GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder 

Sometimes the game gets so intense that you do not want to look at the GPS display. You can continue per without looking at the screen. You need Golfbuddy Voice 2 in your bag. This audio distance-measuring device provides the most essential feature of any GPS. That is simplicity.

It comes with distance reading from Golfer's perspective. Dynamic Greenview technology is the heart of this perspective. The Golf Buddy Voice may seem like a super primary device. But it will give you the distances to front, center, and back of the green. The device comes with the technology of automatic course and hole recognition.

The 1-inch mono LCD will give you a complete picture of the course.  Shot distance measurement is another vital feature of this golf yardage watch. It keeps track of your every shot with distance. Now you can run post-game analysis while you are relaxed at home. The device is preloaded with 40,000 courses.

Moreover, you can update the course information by connecting with a computer. The device has 8 preloaded languages. So anyone in the world can use the Golfbuddy Voice 2 GPS.

You can fit this portable and versatile GPS almost anywhere. Wristband, clip, belt clip, it will fit everywhere. The rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery will keep the GPS running for up to 14-hours.

4. Garmin Approach G6 -Golf GPS Watch Under 200

This pocket-sized GPS is robust to absorb all your golfing hassle. It comes with a high-resolution touch screen and 25,000 preloaded golf course data. Our customers ranked it one of the top GPS.
Approach G6 is an ultimate companion for any golfers. Its 15-hours long battery life revives your game for a long time. Moreover, free course updates will keep your device renewed for every match. It is not easy to use the touch screen while you have your gloves on. But it is not a problem anymore with Garmin Approach G6. The colorful touch screen is glove-friendly.

Between the intense moments of the per, you can easily switch between modes. The GPS watch comes with 2-switches to access Green View, Digital Scorecard and Shot Measure. The digital scorecard itself has four different settings for stroke and match play.

Colorful layup arcs will tell you exactly how far you have to hit. You can touch any point on the screen to know the accurate distance. If you finding  golf gps watch under 200, Garmin Approach G6 is perfect for you.

The built-in processor store the stats of fairways hit, greens in regulation and putts of every round. This water-resistant GPS watch also comes with Green View to Zero in on the pin.

5. Izzo Swami 5000 Golf GPS

You will get everything in your hand during the per from Swami 5000 golf GPS. It will give you distances to the front, center, and back of the green. Moreover, you will get the distances to the hazards and doglegs.

More than 30,000 courses worldwide will be on your palm absolutely free. The sleek design and the new 2-inch color screen make it one of the most stylish GPS device.

With the digital scoreboard and shot distance measure, you can save your every move for post-game analysis.
The super duty battery lasts for 12-hours. You can charge it quickly with Easy-Charge magnetic charger.

Top 5 Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews

garmin approach s60

Garmin Approach S20

Garmin Approach S6

Bushnell NEO XS

TomTom Golfer 2

40, 000+ preloaded courses

41,000+ preloaded courses

38000 preloaded courses

33,000+ preloaded course

40,000 preloaded courses

 1.2" sunlight-readable display,Green View feature with pin positioning,Activity tracking,Auto measure shot.

AutoShot round analyzer,pairs Garmin TruSwing sensor.

1.0" color touchscreen,swing metrics included,PinPointer.

Lightweight and comfortable golf watch,
Hazard/layup distances.

Hazards and Green Distances,Automatic Scorecard.

Full-color course maps,Battery life up to 10.

smart notifications,up to 15 hours golf mode.

CourseView Full Color Maps,10 hours (GPS mode).

Round odometer and shot distance calculator.

Ultra slim, lightweight strap.

1. Garmin Approach S60, Premium GPS Golf Watch

Garmin Approach S60 is a bold statement about your passion for sports and fitness. Its sleek look will attract you at first sight. The display shows everything for you. You can find a detailed view of the field in the 1.2" sunlight readable display.The watch face is vivid. You will see precise yardage to green in it. Moreover, you can find hazards and doglegs in the map view.

If you drop it, do not worry. The watch comes with watch face made of Gorilla Glass 3. As a GPS watch, Garmin S60 has quick and precise location accuracy. It will show your location in the golf course gps within a second. Moreover, the smart watch comes with a compass, gyroscope, and accelerometer. You can switch Quick Fit bands for fast style changes. 

Moreover, you can put any photo of your choice on the watch face from your mobile by Face It app. The 1 GB memory of the Garmin Approach S60 watch can store more than 41000 preloaded courses worldwide. You can get free course updates from Garmin Connect. The Garmin Connect keep track of your game. You can track how it was after finishing a 36-hole day, for a post-game analysis . The watch is an excellent device for activity tracking. After a period of inactivity, this GPS watch will notify you with a moving bar in the display. The bar will disappear after movement.

The extended battery life will support you through long matches. It works up to 10 hours in GPS mode. But you can use it up to 10 days as a smart watch. You will receive notifications for call and text on this golf smart watch. Overall now garmin s60 fantastic smartwatch for golf gps.  Moreover, you can control the music in your connected smartphone from here.

full review : GARMIN APPROACH S60 

2. Garmin Approach S20, GPS Golf Watch with Step Tracking

Garmin Approach S20 is a smart golf watch for regular use of the golfers. The watch comes with a light body and a simple design .
The watch adds style in your active life with four available color options. The Garmin Approach S20 is not that appropriate for everyday use. However, it is convenient to use in course. You will find many similarities between Garmin Approach S20 and other Garmin fitness watches.
The screen resolution is appropriate to displays primary texts and graphics. However, this Garmin GPS watch works well in bright condition. The S20 Garmin watch is easy to use with four buttons to access the menus. It is water resistant up to 50-meters depth. Therefore, you can use it in the rain and also when you are sweating under a tense game situation.

Garmin Approach S20 comes with more than 41,000 pre-loaded courses around the world. The maps will automatically update when connected with Garmin Connect. So you will always be ready for the play. The smartwatch comes with daily activity tracking and smart notifications. You can track your daily activity. Moreover, you will get notifications on all the incoming emails and texts. The Garmin S20 watch will track all your shots with AutoShot round analyzer. Additionally, it will measure distance and records shot locations. You can use all this information for post-round analysis on Garmin Connect.

Your Garmin Approach S20 will connect you with the golfer's community. It will use Garmin Connect to compare your games with pro golfers. Moreover, you can download all your shots and design the great set for your 18-hole match. The lithium-ion battery stays alive up to 15 hours in full GPS mode. The Garmin Approach S20 can last up to 8 weeks in activity tracking mode. You can quickly charge it with a USB cable.

3. Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch

The Garmin Approach S6 is the slimmest and lightest GPS watch of its kind. Its updated GPS technology makes it a necessary item for any golfer. If you want to be expert in swing, go and get it. This Garmin Golf watch is loaded with swing metrics. The Swing Tempo measures your up and downswing. It comes up with a swing ratio for you. The Tempo Training help to synchronize the ratio with the standard.

This Garmin Golf GPS watch comes with more than 41,000 preloaded golf courses map. Right after your first shot, you can quickly get into your second shot view. A dedicated Course view button controls this feature. The high-resolution touch screen is colorful. It gives you the yardage to the front, back, and middle of the greens. It is not a problem anymore if you cannot see the pin. The PinPointer blind shot assistance will tell you the pin position with a directional arrow.

 The S6 Garmin Golf watch is fit for any environments. It is rugged and survives under 50-meters of water. So sweat or rain, nothing can beat it. This Garmin Golf watch works as the extension of your mobile device. You can get notifications from your cell phone. Moreover, you can read emails and text from the smart wristwatch.

Full review : Garmin Approach S6

4. Bushnell NEO XS

This lightweight golf GPS watch is comfortable and easy to use. It will be ready to play at the moment you take it right out of the box.
Bushnell Neo XS GPS Watch comes with a long-lasting battery. The battery power up your game up to 12 hours. You can use this watch almost anywhere in the world.
The watch is preloaded with 32,500 golf courses from 30 countries. You will get automatic course updates free. Plug in your watch with a computer through USB, and it gets both updates and charge.

This watch is stylish for your golfing days. It comes with a thin sports band. You can comfortably wear them for the 18-holes game. Water resistant materials of the strap will not create any discomfort.

In the green, the watch can automatically detect holes. It also has a round odometer to give your traveled distance. Moreover, the shot distance calculator measures each of your shot.
You will not have any problem to read any of those readings. Additionally, the watch gives distances to front, center, and back of the course. Neo XS will provide you with hazard distances for up to per 4 holes.
This waterproof golf GPS watch comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Sleek design and simplicity make it one of the super golf GPS devices.

5. TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

This Golf GPS watch is full of features to go for the holes. The watch is compact and easy to use. When you have one of these, you can drive your game quickly to the next level. The automatic shot detection will show how far you've hit the ball. If you do not see your shot here, you can always manually tag your shots.

Tomtom Golfer 2 will give you many improvement opportunities. You can analyze your shots during post-game analysis using My Sports app. You can see your perfect moves and where you can improve. 

The Hazard View of this smart watch will keep you out of the water and the bunkers. You can detect the precise distances of every hazard to reach. Additionally, you can consider specific hazard on each hole before you take the shot.

The Golfer 2 watch will give you the exact distance to the front, middle, and back of the green. Now you can choose the right club for your shot.

The days of pencil and scorecards are over. Tomtom Golfer 2 has a digital scorecard. It will keep your shot records for the post-game analysis. You will get 40,000 preloaded international golf courses data with the Tomtom golf watch. The course data will update automatically from your smart phones.

Tomotom Golfer 2 comes with round tracking. It stores all the number you need. Your game time, the overall distance you covered, and the scores. Everything will be in one place.

The My Sports app of Tomtom sync with your Smartphone or other smart devices through Bluetooth. Each time you sync your Golf GPS watch, your data will be handy.

The Tomtom Golfer 2 has an ultra-slim design. It fits on every wrist because of its snug, no-slide fit.

This water-resistant smart golf watch comes with customizable straps. It will track your activity 24/7. Additionally, you can control it with only one button.

Golf GPS Watch VS Handheld

Golf GPS Watch VS Handheld

It depends on how you want to navigate your shots. If you're going to keep the navigation compact and close to you, get a GPS watch. A golf yardage finder will give you the distance to the hole from any point on the course. If you satisfied with it during your per, you would be fine with those watches. Another good thing is you do not have to take it in or out from your golf bag.

The handheld GPS, on the contrary, has almost the same feature except for a bigger screen. Moreover, you will get a whole lot of information from a single glance.

I know some of my friends love to know all the minute details before going for the green. They love the handheld GPS. However, if you prefer to focus and only want what you need, a big screen GPS is not an option for you. Currently, both handheld GPS and GPS watches come with the same great features. Your convenience and preference make the decision during the checkout.

What is a golf GPS app?

Golf GPS apps are similar to the golf GPS watch. But unlike the GPS watch, the golf GPS app is installed on the smartphone. The app can help any type of golfer. GPS app shows all the details and the distance of the green. Also, like the GPS watch, the apps shows all the hazards in the course.

However, apps are available depending on the skill level of the players. So you should find a suitable and appropriate app depending on your skill level. You might search for a shot monitoring app if you are a beginner. On the other hand, if you are a professional then you should search for a more accurate distance measuring app. Also, apps are available in 3D and 2D visualization. There are many paid GPS apps available for golf. The work of the paid golf GPS apps is similar to the free versions. The paid version comes with some extra features like storing the scores, daily update the pin position, etc.

In the end, it can be said that both the GPS watch and the GPS app work similarly.

Golf GPS watch vs Apps              

Some golfers prefer golf GPS watch and some golfers prefer GPS app to get the details of the golf course. Now the question is what is the reason behind this?

There are many reasons why different players prefer different products in order to know the details of the course. Some of the players like the compact design of the watch and some like it because watches are more users friendly. On the other hand, some like the app because apps can be get free and some like apps because apps are available depending on player skills. To know more about the differences follow the table below.

                  Golf GPS watch                 

Golf GPS apps

2 to 3 percent more accurate than apps.

Shows accurate information.

Average weight is 2 ounces.

Smartphone weight.

Very costly.

Available in both free and paid versions.

Sits on the wrist and users friendly.

Have to put in the pocket or in the bag.

Can last for 7 to 8 hours per charge.

Using GPS in the phone drain charge very fast.


Some of the phones are waterproof.

Compact in size.

Size of the smartphone.

Replacement is very costly.

Easily replaceable.

From the table above we can see that both the devices are good at different situations.

Let's discuss in detail about these differences.

  • In the term of accuracy, the GPS watch provides more accurate information than a GPS app. Because the size of the phone screen can become a problem while showing information as the size of the screen is compact.
  • The size and weight of the GPS watch are compact. The average weight of a GPS watch is only 2 ounces. Where the weight of smartphones is way more than this.
  • Using a GPS watch is very easy. As it sits on top of the wrist one just has to turn their wrist and click few buttons.
  • But using a mobile app is difficult. You won’t be able to hold your mobile in your hand at the time of playing. Generally, players put their mobile phones inside their bags or in their pockets. So in the game, a player has to get the phone out of their bag or their pocket and then open the screen lock after that they have to open the app, etc., etc. which is quite bothersome. Also, this process consumes time and reduces the concentration on the game.
  • Using GPS on mobile phones consumes charge very fast. As researchers say that using GPS on mobile phones can drain the whole charge of the phone in just 3 hours. That means you won’t be able to use the app for the whole game session.
  • On the other hand, the charge of a GPS watch can be last at least for 7 hours which is a very long time.
  • Almost all the golf GPS watch is waterproof. GPS watches can be used in heavy rain. Some of the GPS watches also can be used at the time of swimming.
  • But all the mobile phones aren’t waterproof. Therefore using a GPS app in rain on a non-waterproof mobile isn’t possible at all.
  • The big difference between the GPS watch and app is the cost. A GPS watch is very costly. If you somehow damage your GPS watch you won’t easily want to replace the GPS as it will cost more money.
  • On the other hand, golf GPS apps are available in both free and paid versions. Both of them work similarly but the paid version comes with some extra features. Also, replacing a GPS app is free of cost.

These are the main differences between the GPS watch and GPS app.

What golf GPS watch should I buy?

This is probably the million-dollar question. There are thousands of ways to answer this question. However, our extensive research shows there is no specific answer to this. Your choice depends on your preferences and skills

If  You Are A Beginner

You should get a low profile and cheap GPS. The little feature device will enhance your personal skill. Moreover, it will make you utilize your golfing senses.

We will recommend Tomtom Golfer 2 and Izzo Swami 500 handheld GPS watch for you. These devices are cheap. Moreover, they are not loaded with features.

These two will make you learn some basic skills of golf. You will eventually become a mid-level golfer soon.

If  You Are A Mid-level

You need to go for a blend of high-end features and affordable price. As a mid-level golfer, you are looking for some winning per in big tournaments. Therefore, you need a well-equipped device.
Garmin Approach G6 and GolfBuddy Voice 2 will be the super handheld GPS for you. Moreover, you will love Bushnell NEO XS, and Garmin Approach S6 watches as a mid-level golfer. All of these GPS devices will help you with the features. On the other hand, they will also enhance your swing, and shot accuracy. We carefully make this recommendation based on in-depth research. Because we know if you can excel in this level you will become a pro golfer soon.

If You Are A Pro

However, the veteran golfers talked with us and said what they prefer. They want pinpoint accuracy and helpful features from their GPS.

So based on their opinion and customer reviews Garmin Approach S60, and Garmin Approach S20 would be the perfect GPS watch for you. Additionally, Garmin Approach G8 and Bushnell Phantom GPS will be the perfect handheld device for your skills. golf gps amazon  all product avialable now.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying GPS


Accuracy is the key for your winning shot. The high-end GPS with dual receptions are more accurate than the single reception devices.


Make sure you can sync the device easily with smart phones or computer. Some golf GPS has Bluetooth whereas others have both Bluetooth and WiFi.

Preloaded Courses

The more preloaded course you have, the better. It will keep you tension free in a new course. Some device updates the course information regularly. But a few golf GPS do not update the database.


Technology is developing rapidly now. So a tiny golf GPS is loaded with a lot of state of the art features. The features are great if you really need them all.
If you want to play mostly on your skill, a low profile GPS watch should work.


This is the most crucial issue. If you can afford we recommend you to get the most advanced GPS. It will be a long-term investment. However, if you have a limited budget, get any with an affordable price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do golf GPS watches work?

If you are familiar with how the Google map works using your mobile GPS then you know how the golf GPS watch works. However, for a beginner, the golf GPS watch uses GPS to receive the signals from the satellite and then shows the output of the course in the watch display. After reading the previous line, you may be wondering if you are in a remote place how the GPS will receive the signals. If you are trying to get the details of the course from inside of your car or from inside of your home you may not be able to get the exact details as the signal will be lost.

The good news is the modern advanced GPS watches have improved. These watches can be used from the inside of a car or home because the manufacturer of those watches used strong GPS for their watches.

However, the information of the course where the player wants to use the GPS watch must be preprogrammed. If the information about the course isn’t preprogrammed then the golfer won’t get any information about the course. The golfer has to download the information.

Golf GPS watches are similar to your car GPS. It gives you navigation to a destination. However, in the case of golf GPS, the target is the holes. Car GPS tells you all the features around you. Moreover, it shows you the route you should follow to reach your destination. In the same way, golf GPS provides all the details for the course. Additionally, it tells you which way you should hit your shot. The golf GPS receives all the location data from the GPS satellites. On the other hand, it gets its game information from a dedicated server. The apps work as the bridge between your GPS watch and the data server. You have to update your golf GPS regularly to get the batter service. It is time to look at our picks for the ranked golf GPS.

How do golf GPS apps work?

Like any other app, Golf GPS apps connect your GPS device with the smartphone or any smart device. The two devices synced with either Bluetooth or WiFi.

The app is connected with the extensive database. All the map updates, and analysis stored in that database. Moreover, data from your previous games also stay there.

So when you sync the GPS watch with the app, the watch updates all the data. Moreover, it also stores the game information from your last game. Before you decide on your preference, make sure you consider the following issues of a golf GPS

How to update my Garmin golf GPS?

You have to connect your Garmin GPS golf watch with Garmin Connect app. Some models connect with Bluetooth while a few have WiFi Connectivity.

After you connect your watch, the Garmin Connect will provide the automatic updates(germin gps). Based on the update size, you may have to wait from a minute to half an hour.

After the upgrade, you have to restart the device. Now you have all the latest information in your hand

Know More : Golf Course Updates (PC)

How to reset garmin golf gps?

soft reset

1. firstly press and hold  power button and wait up to 30 seconds until device powers on/off.

2. release power botton.

The garmin Approach functioning properly now. 

If the function not proerly work now you should need factory reset.

Factory Reset

1. press and hold power button and wait up to 30 seconds until device powers on/off.

2. press and hold the down botton and power botton.

3. Release both buttons and see "Clear user data" select Yes

now your approach see the default factory settings.

How to clean golf GPS?

Cleaning you golf GPS is easy. Remove all the parts of the device including the SD card. then with a microfiber clothes clean the parts of the device. you may use an old toothbrush for cleaning all the parts of the device panic, its easy. Just try and you will be able to do it.

Izzo swami 6000 vs Bushnell phantom

Izzo swami 6000

Bushnell phantom

Available in two colors

Available in multi-color

2 inches diagonal color display

2 inches LED display.

30,000 pre-loaded courses.

36,000 pre-loaded courses

Very long battery life

Rechargeable batteries that will last long.

Accuracy with satellite connection

Authentic accuracy

Apple watch 4 golf GPS vs Garmin

Garmin golf GPS

Apple Watch 4

Preferable price

Too much costly

Accurate in golf course

Accuracy can slightly differ.

Suitable for on the course

Suitable for off the course

Pre-loaded courses

All the Courses need to be downloaded

Can be connected to almost all kind of phone.

Need to connect with your iPhone.

How accurate are golf GPS watches and apps?

The golf GPS watch is more accurate than the golf GPS apps. There are many reasons for it. There are many golf GPS watches and apps available in the market. However, the golf GPS watch is the top favorite among the professionals. On the other hand, for a beginner golf GPS apps can be very helpful.

Professional golfers need more accurate information about the golf course that’s why they like to use golf GPS watch more. Also, using a GPS watch is very easy. But with the golf GPS smartphone app, one can also get all the important information of the course at their fingertips. To be frank both of these things have the same purposes and work similarly.


Golf is all about personal skills. Therefore, you should choose a device that helps to enhance it. If the device distracts your attention, probably it is not for you.
The Golf GPS is to navigate your attention towards the  18-holes in the green. It provides the bird's eye view of the course so that you can take an informed decision. These devices are made to track your shots and analyze later. It supposed to help you in the post-game analysis so that you know where you can excel. With some trendy designs, the golf GPS add style and elegant in your personality too. So you should go for the one that holds both your skills and persona. We all know that the champions use their personal touch in their skills. That is why they are unique. We want you to be one of the champions.

Some golfers like to use GPS watches and some like to use GPS apps. These apps and watches work almost similarly. But there are some differences between them. It is often asked by the golfers which one is more accurate among them. To answer this question today we came with this article. With the help of this article, one will be able to know about the differences and can select the best one for their game. Also, we have given two lists of some GPS watches and GPS app to make it easy for the players to choose the better one.

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