Putt-putt vs. Mini-golf what is the main difference

Although people consider putt-putt and mini-golf as the same, in reality, they are not. There are some fundamental distinctions between these two though both types' target is putting the ball into the hole.

Building a mini-golf course in your backyard or purchasing indoor mini-golf equipment might enable you to play both putt-putt and miniature golf. Still, you will always be making mistakes regarding the definitions without knowing the differences between these two.

If you are interested, let's find out…

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Putt-putt vs. Mini-golf

What is miniature golf

As the name defines, it is the miniature version of the original golf course, where you need to mimic the exact things you would do in a golf course.

There will have everything in a miniature golf course that you would notice in a regular golf course, including holes, hazards, flags, obstacles, and so on.

What is Putt-Putt

Putt-putt is also an off-shoot of the original golf game and even miniature golf as well. In the putt-putt game, the par for each hole is fixed, which is two.

It would be better to say that putt-putt golf is another shorter version of miniature golf that would be a better option for spending time with friends and family.

Putt-putt vs. Mini Golf

Now that we are finished learning the definition of both putt-putt and mini-golf, let's find out the differences and similarities between these two-

  • The main similarity between these two types of games is that both are the miniature version of the original golf game that aims at putting.
  • Putt-putt will have a par score of two for each hole, whereas, in miniature golf, the par score for each hole can be from two to six.
  • In miniature golf, the rule is quite similar to the original golf. All the players, at first, will take the first. The player remaining the furthest will go for the second stroke first. On the other hand, a player must have to finish his/her putting before other players start.
  • Putting in a putt-putt game is a lot easier than miniature golf. There are less obstacles or hazards in putt-putt. Most of the time, a putt-putt game's holes are designed to complete putting with one stroke or max two. On the other hand, miniature golf can be as daunting as the real golf with proper arrangements.
  • Putt-putt golf is limited to the obstacles, whereas a miniature golf course will have more of it.
  • Miniature golf courses tend to be complex in design and theme. On the other hand, a putt-putt golf surface will have a simplistic design and theme that is only aimed at straight putting.

miniature golf

putt-putt golf

Off-shoot of the original golf.

off-shoot of the original golf

par score for each hole is two to six

Par score for each hole is always two.

the player remaining furthest will get the chance of the second stroke

A player must have to complete the putting before another player gets in.

Putting in the miniature golf can be more intimidating.

Putting in the putt-putt game is much easier than the mini-golf.

Unlimited obstacles.

Limited to the obstacles.

More complex in design and theme.

Simplistic design and theme.

How did putt-putt appear in miniature golf?

As we know that putt-putt is one kind of miniature golf game, but do you know how this version of the game conjured? You surely have heard about putt-putt, but not knowing the history of Putt-putt is pretty common. Here are some of the interesting facts about this version of the game.

  • The franchiser called Putt-putt, LLC, founded in 1954, played an important rule dissipating the putt-putt game's name.
  • This franchise aimed to build a par two-hole miniature golf for enhancing the participation of amateurs in golfing. It is worth mentioning that they have succeeded dramatically.
  • The branding for the products of this company was putt-putt golf.
  • As the company expanded its products in the family section, many places named as a putt-putt fun center are established across the USA.
  • The putt-putt golf, LLC has succeeded so vigorously that, nowadays, instead of saying miniature golf, we all love expressing putt-putt as miniature golf.

Which one is more appropriate for competition?

Many competitions or tournaments are happening or commencing every year regarding miniature golf.  Do you know which one is more appropriate for tournament gameplay and which one is more suitable for a home environment? Let's find out…

  • It is the putt-putt golf game that is more suitable for competition or tournament ambiances. All the miniature golf courses that you notice here and there are mostly held in a putt-putt course. The complexity of a miniature golf course's theme to build in such a small place makes it tough to create.
  • If you are thinking about building a miniature golf course, it would be better to build it in your backyard; you will get a sufficient amount of equipment to build such one if you have a moderate backyard. It can also be a better option for learning to putt.

Is miniature golf make you skillful for real golf?

Whether it is putt-putt golf or miniature golf, the question that one would ask is whether any version of miniature golf makes you skillful or not.

  • We all know that the miniature version of the golf game is mostly targets on the putting. That means playing miniature golf regularly is bound to make your putting better.
  • If you are thinking about, developing your whole golfing skill including driving shot, or fairway strokes, the miniature version of the golf will not play any vital rule for sure.
  • Instead of considering the miniature golf game as a source of skill development, it would be better to consider it as a source of recreation or enjoyment with your friends and family.

Final words

Whether you love playing putt-putt or miniature golf, there should not have any confusion regarding the matter that you love golf. Though these two types of games provide the same sort of enthusiasm, they are not the real game. We hope to see you on the course with a real driver or iron!

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