Bighead Drivers VS. Small Head Drivers

Bighead Drivers VS. Small Head Drivers | Which One is Better

Golf is a technical game with lots of equipment. From all of that equipment, a golf driver is a necessary product. It is the foundation of a good game. Everybody now invested money in this material. A perfect driver will help a golfer to play good shots with long-range. It will help a golfer to cover more area. In this article, we are going to know about the differences between two sizes of drivers, Bighead drivers, and small head drivers. For this article, we have collected all the data from our expert team and market analysis team. After collecting data from them we published an overview about which driver is best among them. So let's go to the article and try to know about it.

What is a Golf Driver?

Golf driver is a product that is connected to the wood category of a golf club. The driver is one kind of club instrument which is the longest among them all. The main target of a driver is to hit the ball as long as they can. The driver is used for the first stroke eventually. Smaller angles of the driver put the ball through the lower trajectory. On the other hand, big angles put it on a higher trajectory.

The driver used a tee for perfection. The reason for it is tee will set up high above the ground. And for that, it is easy to make a shot with a tee. There are restrictions on the head size of the drive.460 cc is the standard size for a big driver head. Driver shaft is another important thing. If you choose the correct shaft, then you will feel comfortable. There are two available faces of a driver. One is a closed face and another is a neutral face.

Bighead Drivers

The big head driver is a product that contains higher MOI. This product has extra forgiveness. For all of these reasons, it is very favorable to golfers. If you are not able to hit the middle of the driver, it will still give you enough power and accuracy. The reason is this driver is big and it is easy to hit from any part of the driver. The big head driver is also famous for some unproven myths.

As like players will get extra accuracy and speed if they used big driver heads. And for these reasons, players get inspired and become confident. This is a product which can available in every single sports store. Also, you can order it online. In golf, it is hard to cover the whole course within few shots. But these drivers can cross the course within few shots. But the size of the driver is a con. It is hard to move it for young golfers.

Short Head Drivers

If you are not able to use a big drive or you`re not interested to do that then you can choose a short drive instead. It has an excellent and vintage shape inside it. This vintage look attracts still me now. This is an old-designed driver with good design. Many classical golfers love to use this product.

It is comfortable to use and easy to carry. It has good swing capacity than another driver because of its thin weight. And a lot of golfers mention in their writing that short head drivers have far better accuracy and shooting range than big head drivers. You can cover more distance with it. And for that, you need to hit a perfect shot.

How to compare the distances between these two products?

If you talk about comparing distances cover, then everybody needs to admit that big head drivers have more capacity than others. The big head driver has a big hit spot. Which will help most of the users to get a perfect shot? Yes, it will. When you try to hit the ball, it moves with power. And this bag has bigger power than other products. So we can say that after comparing the facts, big head drivers contain the best quality and power to cover more distances.

How to compare the accuracy of these two products

If you want to compare the accuracy between these two then you can choose a big head driver. This driver has good quality inside it and able to hit in the perfect place. A big head helps it to do it. But sometimes players use the small one to attend the closer shots. But in the end in the term of accuracy, the big head driver is best for use.

Which one is best for Handicappers?

Handicap is the toughest rule of golf till now. Many of our experts said they need to take at least 2-3days to learn that. But you want to make a choice then you can choose big head drivers. And you need to choose a club which has an error inside it. And for great handicap, players should use 460cc clubs. You can also use three kinds of wood products for handicaps if the customer doesn’t want to use them in golf.

What size is allowed for using a driver?

The size of drivers depends on the player’s size or intentions. Sometimes players get frustrated because of the rare size of drivers. And there are rules that you can`t use more than 460cc club driver for playing golf. But for many players, it is a small golf club to hit with. They made customized golf club drivers according to their needs. And they can`t use it on professional tournaments. They can use it on personal games. But the sad part is the organization of golf in America will not increase the size of the driver. Those who want to use a custom driver can use it very easily.

After reading these parts of the article people want to know about the best products list. Now we are going to give you some list best big head drivers and short head drivers.

Best Large Head Drivers

There are many large head drivers available in the market. They are different in price, Manufacturer Company, and size limitations. Our team searches the entire head drivers market and makes a shortlist about it.

1. Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver

This product is made with great forgiveness and higher launch. It is very easy to use because it has a perfect shot shape. It contains a 17g slide weight which is very suitable for golfers. It has considered the longest golf head driver of all time.


  • This product is easy to hit.
  • Contain good launching.
  • Easy to carry to the course.
  • Have a good accuracy rate.


  • Price is a little high.
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2. TAYLORMADE SIM max driver, Fujikura VENTUS blue 6 Shaft

This is a product from Taylormade golf driver , which is famous for manufacturing golf products. They have made a lot of drivers before it and they are very useful. But this product is different because it has a great price which is affordable to most people. With some great features and an eye-catching look, this product is as good as previous SIM drivers. Golfers love to use this because of its durability and accuracy


  • Have twist face technology.
  • Contain speed injection.
  • Carry a higher rate of MOT
  • It has a 2-degree loft sleeve.
  • These products multi-material constructions in them.


  • Not as good as their previous products.
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Best small Head Drivers

Small drivers are used for getting extra accuracy and movement. These types of drivers increased the ball control quality. Due to their thin weight, they can easily control the ball. They have a sharp turn inside the product and also can change angles.

1. Taylor Made r7 Quad Driver

It is a driver with a versatile and unique design. It is very easy to use and golfers love to play with it. It is a product Taylor made which is one of the best companies for producing sports items


  • It has an adjustable weight in it.
  • The swing of the bat varies on weight.
  • It contains a 410cc surface so it is easy to carry.
  • It has a custom fitting on the shaft.


  • Prices are a little high than other drivers.

2. 14° GX-7 “X-Metal” – Driver

It is another product from GX which is very little different from other golf drivers. It is extra little in size and contains heavy durability inside it. This product is famous for its accuracy.


  • It has a very small head.
  • Contains much more accuracy than most drivers.
  • Having great strength with durability.
  • It has a reasonable price.


  • Much shorter than maximum drivers
Bighead Drivers

Which golf driver is the best amongst them?

After over viewing the two drivers our team decided that Bighead drivers are better than small drivers. It has more accuracy than small drivers. When a golfer hits the ball with a big driver, he will get enough accuracy due to the size of the driver. Then if we talk about the distances, big drivers cover more area than the small driver. You can hit a medium range of shots by the big driver and you will get a healthy distance cover by it. And also for handicappers, a big driver is a better option because of its dimension.

So after all discussion, we can say that Bighead drivers are far better than small head drivers in maximum ways.

Which driver you should buy?

There are various drivers available in the market. Some of them are big and others are small. There are some differences between these products. They are different because of size, materials, and many more reasons. We have considered one specific product which will fulfill the requirements of our customer. And that product is Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver. With great durability and efficiency, this product is the best one we have found. So we can assure our customer to buy this product before considering others.

Final thoughts

In the end, we can say that in this article we try to give you enough information about golf drivers. We have added some products to compare with each other. And compare two types of the driver by many criteria. After all discussions, we decide that Bighead driver will consider among two types of drivers. We hope that you will like our article and it will help you to choose the best driver in the market.

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