Why is Golf so Popular A round the World?

Golf is a game that is played in a large open field where players strike the ball with various clubs. The average size of golf courses is between 100 and 190 acres. Golf is a game of every age. It is a popular game and can be played by men, women, children with enjoyment.

Golf is derived from Dutch word ‘kolve’ or ‘kolf’ which means club. It can be called an ancient game as it lasts many years. The modern golf game originated in Scotland in the 15 centuries. There are many debates about the invention of this game.

Why is Golf so Popular

Why is Golf so Popular

Why is Golf so Popular?

Whenever it is talked about golf’s popularity a name will shake on mind automatically, and that is ‘Tiger Woods’. He is one of the reasons why many people are attracted to golf. There was a time when people used to think that golf is the play of rich and white people buy in 21 centuries, he made golf popular among all classes of people and inspired them to play the game.

Golf is a game of choice and its availability makes it more popular. golf is found everywhere in most countries, especially in the United State. people can play in their leisure time as it is far from city life. There are many other reasons for the popularity of golf. Some rationality is given below.

Environment of Play

Usually, golf has a beautiful environment to play. Every golf course is an open field far from populated areas surrounded by trees, lakes etc. It automatically brings relaxation to the player and the audiences for the natural environment. Most popular golf courses are green, a place of leisure. Not only that, golf courses also have food, entertainment which makes people forget their pressure from work which make it more popular especially among the rich people.

Improve Business Relationship

Many successful and rich people play golf for relaxation and enjoyment. They play golf and talk about their business important issues and other matters which helps to improve business relationships with others. One can share their views with others to improve new movement to the step of success business.  It works as a network of build and improve relationships. People get many opportunities for business deals in golf courses as they play and talk with colleagues and other businessmen.


Golf is good for one’s mental health. An 18 round hole can be called mental exercise. Golf brings happiness by reducing the stress, depression which helps those who have panic attacks. People usually play golf for relaxation by environment, friend, family, etc. which make it popular among people and bring peace of mind. It helps to forget all the pressure as it brings full concentration on the game.

It can be Played in a Team or Individual: 

This game can be played solo or in a team. People can enjoy themself and challenge themself. people play it against themselves when they play solo. Also, they can team up with friends and family to play in a team. It can be played as a pair, three ball, four ball etc. as it has many varieties. So, its depends on the quantity of players.

People can Play it in Any Age: 

Any age, people like young, old all can play this game with pleasure. It can also play all your life as it has a strategy of mind. Tiger Woods started to play the game when he was two, and the oldest golfer is 103 years old. So, it clearly shows there is no age limit of the player whereas most of the games has fixed age limits.

Social Game:

It is a social game which is fairly played by players with friends, family. Husband-wife, parents-children also play golf together to have a good time and spend quality time. People also play golf or join golf clubs to make friends. They can meet with many people they never met before. People talk about life, work, etc. in the club which make it more social and popular.

Profession is longer:

In golf anyone's profession is longer than other sports as it can be played at any age and allows them to play on old age. Other professionals also come to play golf after their retirement.

Benefits of Golf:

Though Golf is a game, it has different benefits which makes it more popular. They are given below:

Helps People to Stay Healthy:

It helps people in physical activity by exercise which keeps them healthy. Regular exercise is related to its which helps a lot in different physical activities like: it keeps bone strong, reduces heart attack by keeping the heart healthy. Golf also prevents weight and most importantly helps to live longer. It is said that active people live 7 years longer than other people.

Help to Make New Friends:

As golf can be played in pairs and it is mostly played by friendly, interesting, successful people so it is easy to make new friends. Even people can go to different tournaments where they can meet new people who have many things in common.

The facilities:

There are many facilities after the game of golf. as players can eat and drink when they are playing. They can stay in the club, relax and can enjoy family time and each other's company. no other sports give such facilities in the game which is a great benefit and makes the game popular. Global business can connect with the whole world by advertising or make sponsor through this game.

Specialty of Golf:

Golf is a great game which has not only one but has many specialties, which made it popular among people. Such as:

It is a fair game

Anyone can play their own game

A game of respect

It makes a good hobby

It is a Fair Game:

Its an absolute yes, Golf is a game which is fair to play. Men, women, children all can play it with one another. After a long period of play, scores are the average of each player. It gives higher handicaps to weak players and lower to strong players which helps beginners to compete against every level player.

Anyone can Play their Own game:

People can play golf without any pressure with their own enjoyment. It can make man stress free and bring relaxation which is the main reason for its popularity. Moreover, It has a great discipline.

A Game of Respect:

Basically, Golf is a game of manner which is known as etiquette. This is unwritten rules of golf that everyone follows. It is maintained by everyone as everyone can play fairly without any destruction.

It makes a good hobby:

When anyone takes real interest in golf and makes it as a hobby it is beneficial to many that were talked about before. It keeps them healthy and stress free, helps to meet new people, spend quality time with family, friends and neighbors. Undoubtedly it is becoming  a good hobby in present time compare with past.

Golf is a play that inspires people to remove their pressure of regular time and spend a quality past time. It is running from years to years which makes it interesting to the people, they love it and it brings its popularity truly from age to age. Though it’s a costly game all over the world, all classes’ people can participate the famous game.

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