What do women wear in golfing

What do women wear in golfing? Proper Golf Attire For Women

Golf is known as a game of prestige and maybe that’s why you need to have perfect attire while you are playing golf.

For both men and women, there are some restrictions that every golfer needs to maintain in terms of their clothing.

In this article, we will be discussing what a woman should wear in different golf courses particularly.

Well, there are two types of golf courses available in particular.one is private and another one is public.

Now, public courses are not that strict about their dress code but in case you are planning to play in a private or semi-private course, there is going to be some dress code for sure.

Down below we will be discussing everything that you need to know as a woman golfer.

What women wear private and public course

Private course

In case you are thinking about playing in a private course, there is going to be some rules and regulation about your attire for sure,

Now, you may ask, from where I will get the dress code they prefer?

Well, visit their website and there is a 99% percent chance that you will get the dress code on their website.

If somehow you wear anything against their dress code, they will not let you play for sure.

Private golf courses authorities are too strict about their rules and regulations.

These are our recommendation that you should try in a private golf course-

1.Topsin private courses, the most popular item that most of the women golfers tend to wear is polo shirts.

Whatever you wear collared shirts are the safest.

You may wear a long sleeve exercise shirt or a formal button-down shirt.

2.Pantsmake sure you never wear denim or jeans in a private course. for sure, you will not be allowed.

You may try colored khakis or capris. They are the best options available that most of the private golf courses allow. a few private golf courses may allow you to wear black exercise pants.

It is better to have four pockets in your pants. Two in front and two in back.no cargo pants with massive pockets on the sides are allowed.

If you are thinking about wearing shorts, make sure it covers your knees,1 hand above your knee may be allowed but make sure not too much short.

3.Shoesyou may wear snickers but golf shoes are a better choice.

Whatever you are wearing make sure your shoes have a perfect grip so that you feel comfortable while playing.

Public course

Public courses are more open than private courses. But that does not mean you can wear anything you want.

Here is our recommendation that you can choose if you are playing in a public course.

1. Tops- no denim or jeans for your jacket is allowed.

If you are not wearing a collared shirt you may get by in a public course.

Wearing a collared shirt is always an ideal choice.

But clean appropriate attire should not make any issue in public courses.

2. Pants- you may get by with two pockets pant on both sides.

In case of shorts avoiding cargo shorts would be an ideal choice.

Booty shorts should also be avoided.

3. Shoes- you may wear any kind of shoes in a public course.

But that does not mean you will go wearing sandals or sleeper.

You should concentrate on wearing something comfortable.

Final words

Not all the time you need to maintain the dress code. But in case you are thinking about playing in a private course, there will have a dress code for sure that you must have to maintain.

Whether you are playing in a private course or public course, the most important thing that you need to consider is your comfort zone.

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