How many golf courses in the US

How many public and private golf courses in the US?

How many golf courses in the US? Well, the answer is complicated. There are no specific estimations. The data from 2015 statistics show that there were over 15,500 golf courses across the USA.

The data has been gathered from different government bureaus to gauge the overall economic aspects. So, if you want to know how many golf courses in the USA, go through the texts below. They will also dig into some other facts for your convenience.

Number of US golf courses

The number of golf courses in the USA is enormous. They consist of a large portion of the global golf courses. So, when it is about counting the exact number, it turns tough to sort out them. In the US, now golf is not a seasonal game. It is available now round the year.

Back in 2008, there were over 12,000 golf courses across the US. In the year 2015, the number crossed the former figure. And now the approximate number of golf courses in the US is 15,500.

Golf courses Ownership

The state owns most of the golf courses. There are some private golf courses available too. Regardless of the ownership, anyone can have access in the golf courses. But troubles may appear when someone without a membership tries to get access. The golf courses will allow your access if you are a golfer and have their membership.

Among the public golf courses, the majority of them are run by either a city or town management. The private authorities take care of the private golf courses.


golf courses in the US

Best public golf courses in the US

1. Bethpage Black, Farmingdale, New York

No wonder that Bethpage Black is one of the leading public golf courses in the US. It comes with a five 18 – hole golf courses and located on the Long Island. The golf course held various championships and top events. Besides, it is also set to hold some other PGA championships in the coming days. The history of the course is fascinating. It began the journey as a park in the beginning and now serves both the roles.

The five gold courses hold over 200,000 rounds in a year while the black course length is 7468 yards with 71 pars.

web site: bethpagegolfcourse

2. Pebble Beach Golf Links, Pebble Beach, California

The other public golf course is located in Pebble Beach in California. This is one of the leading public golf course for its features, lush green environment, and outstanding facilities. It has held different special golf events. Besides, this is one of the leading golf resorts too in the US.

A notable number of people arrive in the resort to see and enjoy the golf championships. The scenic beauties make the experience remarkable.
The course has been used six times for holding the US Open Championship. 

web site: pebblebeach

3. Bandon Trails, Oregon

When you want to taste the real golf, you need to visit this public golf course in Oregon. It comes with the most excellent form of ground that is precisely needed for a golf round. The ground is also mastered with multiple options. The most impressive issue is taking the shots. When a golfer makes a shot, it goes in the desired way. The entire golf course is designed to comfort the golfers.

The holes are not difficult in the beginning, but gradually, they turn challenging. The length of the golf course is 6732 yards while the number of par is 72.

web site: bandondunesgolf

4. Whistling Straits, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Whistling Straits is the other public golf course in the US that has special terrains. The golf course is near the Lake Michigan shoreline and a great one in the history of US golf. The resort of this course is also adorable. On this 7790-yard-long golf course, it has 72 pars. The grass fairways, hills, dune styles – all are perfect. So, it holds a notable number of rounds annually.

The number of holes is 36 while the number of par is 72 and the golf course length is 7790 yards.

web site


golf courses in the US

Best private golf courses in the US

1. Pine Valley Golf Club

Pine Valley Golf Club provides a moderate range of golf course length. The entire length is around 6999 yards while the number of par is 70. Being a private golf course, it comes with some unique design and architectures.

The views of the stunning landscape are the other reason to make it a destination for the golfers. The distance is moderate, which helps to make the shots perfect. So, it gained a respectable reputation and often termed as a magical place.

2. Augusta National Golf Club

The 7,435-yard lengthy golf course is the other one that draws attention from everyone. It’s a sanctuary for golf and golfers. The number of par is 72 and useful for every type of golfer.

The golf course is most famous for holding competitive tournaments for the advanced level golfers. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you can spend time here with satisfaction. The risks are more here, and so do the reward.

3. Oakmont Country Club

The length of this golf course is around 7255 yards while the number of par is 71. The golf course has hosted a number of significant events and gained popularity. Earlier, there were lots of trees, but now the course has been remodeled. So, the entire course is visible now. Besides, there are variations in designs. The design of the holes, bunkers, and ditches are unique.

4. Sand Hills Golf Club

A simple golf course in terms of outlook. But the length of the course is over 7000 yards. So, it is different from the other course and looks more natural. The silence, surrounding environment, and calmness make it like a chapel of golf. The golf course design and expansive greens help to set your shots and come back here repeatedly

So, this is not a matter that how many public golf courses in USA. The thing that matters most is the features and flexibilities that they offer to the golfer. Both the public and private golf courses in the USA provide the best experiences. Hence, golfing has boomed in the country.

How many golf courses are in the US infographic?

Nowadays, the interest in golf among the US people is rising. Therefore, the number of golf courses is also increasing day by day.

Research shows that there are approximately 16,752 golf courses in the US. Among these, 75% of the courses are accessible by the public. 43% of the golf courses in the world are situated there.

Number Of Golf Courses In The World With Top Country List

If you are a golfer and have been playing golf for a long time, at some point in your life you have wondered how many golf courses are there in the world. Well, luckily this question will give you the answer that you have been looking for.

According to a golf statistic, the total number of golf courses in the world is almost 40,000. However, some research says that the number is 38,864.

The below table has the exact number of golf courses of the top 10 countries with the most courses.

Country Name

Number of Courses















South Korea






State With The Most Number of Golf Courses in the US

The number of golf courses in the US state is not the same. Some states have a huge number of courses and some have few. Therefore, golfers in the US want to know where they will have the highest possibility to play without traffic.

Here is a table of the number of courses in US states with the most courses.


Number of Courses







New York








If you live in one of the listed states, you are a very lucky guy.

Which country has the most golf courses?

Most of the golf courses of the world are situated in the US. The total number of US golf courses is almost 17,000. According to a statistic, more than 40% of the total golf courses are in the US.

How many golf courses in the US infographic

How many golf courses in the US

How many golf courses in the US

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