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All about Arrowood Gold Course locations, cost and membership

Arrowod is a fair and nice Golf Course to play is what most visitors and guests say after playing on the fairway. With fair pricing and lots of facilities, Arrowood is more than a Golf course. Arrowood is a par71, 6,721-yard golf course situated in Oceanside, CA. I call it more than a golf course because this course also hosts events and weddings. At the same time, the Fairways kitchen and staff are always busy to bring the best experience one can expect while visiting the Course. I know you are here to know more about Arrowood and this is what I am here to explain. If you are interested, let me begin the discussion from the beginning-

Arrowood Gold Course cost

Where is Arrowood Golf Course located?

According to the website, ‘’Arrowood Golf Course is located in Oceanside, adjacent to Camp Pendleton and only 35 miles north of San Diego, Arrowood sits on a scenic hilltop by the San Luis Rey Valley, only about 10 miles from the coastline.’’ Located in the northern region of San Diego County, Arrowood Golf Course offers visitors terrific views of the nearby scenery. The course's raised vantage points offer wide-ranging sights of undulating hills, abundant valleys, and glimpses of the Pacific Ocean. These striking views establish a tranquil and astonishing setting for an exciting golfing encounter.

How much does it cost to play golf in Arrowood?

As of I am writing the article, the Green Fees at Arrowood Golf Course from Monday to Thursday is $80, including cart. However, the cost increases a little during Holidays. One needs to pay $100 as Green Fees to play Golf in Arrowood Golf Course during Holidays or more specifically on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This also includes the cost of the cart. As Holidays bring more visitors, the cost in general increases during holidays. If you want to play golf at a lower rate, an afternoon session might turn out to be a better option. The afternoon session begins at 12 p.m. daily. The Green Fee for the afternoon session is $60 on any normal day with the cart included. However, during Holidays, one needs to pay $80 for the afternoon session.  In case you are thinking about using your own golf cart, a fee of $10 will be incurred from your budget.

Here is a little table that guides you toward the Green Fee you may have to pay while playing  Golf at Arrowood Golf Course-

Green Factors

Estimated Fee

Early Morning Tee


Morning Tee


Afternoon Tee


Twilight Tee


Weekend vs. Weekday

+ $10-$20

Note: For the current rate, you may visit this page

Membership at Arrowood Golf Course

Arrowood Golf Course offers a range of pricing options to suit different preferences and budgets. The cost of playing golf at Arrowood is influenced by factors such as tee time, membership status, and amenities chosen. For those seeking a tremendous golfing experience at Arrowood Golf Course, taking a membership can be a pleasant option. For those seeking membership, Arrowood offers a couple of options. These are-

  • Individual membership
  • Family Membership
  • Junior Membership
  • Senior Membership

Individual memberships offer unlimited access to the course, practice facilities, and clubhouse amenities. Members can enjoy the freedom of playing at their convenience, honing their skills, and participating in various club events. Family memberships extend access to the entire household. This is ideal for families looking to share their love for golf. The Junior memberships provide aspiring young golfers with affordable access to the course, allowing them to develop their skills while experiencing the joys of the game. Finally, the senior memberships offer a golfing haven for seniors looking to stay active and social. With discounted rates and a welcoming atmosphere, Arrowood becomes a place for seniors to enjoy the sport they love.

Arrowood Gold Course image

How much does it cost for the membership at Arrowood Golf Course?

The membership cost at Arrowood also varies like all other prices. But do not get fret. I am here to provide an estimated amount that will give you a hint about the amount one has to pay to get a membership at Arrowood Golf Course.

Membership Option

Estimated Cost

Individual Membership


Family Membership


Junior Membership


Senior Membership


However, members often enjoy exclusive events, discounts on guest fees, priority tee times, and the chance to partake in tournaments that celebrate the sport's competitive spirit. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer to the game, Arrowood's memberships offer a pathway to deepen your passion for golf while building lasting connections with fellow golfers.

Arrowood Gold Course sign

Facilities you will find in Arrowood

Arrowood is not just a golf course. This place offers more than your imagination. In addition to its exceptional golfing opportunities, Arrowood Golf Course provides a range of facilities and amenities to ensure a well-rounded and enjoyable experience for visitors. These include-

  • Clubhouse facilities
  • Dining and refreshment
  • Opportunity for practices
  • Lessons and Clinics
  •  Fitness and recreation
  • Community events
  • Golf Shops

The clubhouse serves as the central hub for visitors, offering a welcoming space to relax before or after a game. It often features comfortable seating areas, dining options, and pro shops where golfers can purchase equipment, apparel, and accessories. You can also dine at Arrowood. Whether it's a casual lunch, a hearty dinner, or simply a refreshing drink, visitors can enjoy a satisfying culinary experience without having to leave the course. Beyond the golf course itself, Arrowood often boasts practice areas where golfers can hone their skills. These include driving ranges, putting greens, chipping areas, and bunkers for practicing various aspects of the game. At the same time, Arrowood offers lessons and clinics for golfers of all skill levels. Professional instructors can help beginners learn the basics or assist experienced golfers in refining their techniques. Interestingly, this Course often has event spaces available for special occasions. From weddings and corporate events to private parties, the scenic surroundings and well-equipped facilities make it a popular choice for hosting memorable gatherings.

Are the visitors satisfied with Arrowood Golf Course?

There is no doubt about the fact that the facilities and amenities at Arrowood Golf Course are up to the mark. The Course has consistently earned praise from golf enthusiasts and newcomers alike. But despite having a good infrastructure, this place has both some good and bad reputation. Let me now introduce you to the good aspects of the course. Later on, I will be pointing out some of the facts you need to keep in mind before you visit the Course. Here are my good points as to why the Course is a better option-

  • The scenery and the scenic beauty
  • Well-designed and maintained layout and infrastructure
  • The Course provides a community atmosphere
  • The staff are professional
  • You will get varied amenities
  • The Course offers memorable events
  • Finally, a positive overall experience

Visitor feedback and reviews consistently emphasize the unique blend of natural beauty, well-designed facilities, and a welcoming atmosphere that make Arrowood a standout golfing destination. While individual experiences may vary, the prevailing sentiment underscores Arrowood's commitment to providing an exceptional golfing experience that leaves visitors eager to tee off again.

Some drawbacks to keep in mind

While Arrowood Golf Course has garnered positive acclaim from many visitors, it's important to provide a well-rounded perspective by acknowledging some of the drawbacks that a minority of visitors have encountered. Some visitors have mentioned that the pace of play on the course can vary, occasionally resulting in longer rounds. This can be attributed to factors such as busy tee times and the layout of the course. I have also heard a few visitors commenting on maintenance activities taking place during peak playing hours. While maintenance is essential for keeping the course in top condition, scheduling it during times when fewer golfers are on the course might help mitigate any disruptions. The most considerable aspect before visiting the Course is for sure the rates. Visitors may find the pricing to be relatively higher compared to some other courses in the area. It's worth noting, however, that the stunning views, well-maintained facilities, and exceptional service contribute to the overall value. Apart from all these, the distance between holes and the availability of tee times can be two other minor issues one should keep in mind while visiting Arrowood Golf Course.

Final words

In conclusion, Arrowood Golf Course offers stunning views, well-designed fairways, and a friendly atmosphere. While a few minor concerns exist, most visitors enjoy their experience and look forward to returning. Arrowood listens to feedback and aims to improve. It's a place where golfers create great memories on beautiful greens.

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