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If you are a beginner, you may find it baffling to choose your putter.

Maybe you are thinking about choosing a blade putter and one of your friends has suggested you go for a mallet putter.

Now, you are confused about whether you should go for a blade putter or a mallet?

Or should you try both the two?

For your concern, we would like to say that the mallet putter carries some advanced technology than the blade putter.

But then again blade putter is also famous to many advanced players.

Obviously, mallet and blade both share some different characteristics for which they both are useful and malefactor for different purposes.

Choosing the perfect putter for you is obviously your decision or choice, but if you would like to know more about them, the differences between them and for which purpose they fit the best then maybe tuning this article can help you out.

Mallet vs. blade putter

For making it easier for you we have made a chart that maybe can help you to find out the differences between a mallet putter and a blade putter.

Mallet putter


Blade putter

Larger putter head

Smaller putter head

Different shapes

One particular shape

More forgiveness

Less forgiveness

Helpful for strait stroke

Helpful for angular stroke

Good for beginner and advanced player

Preferable to advanced player

More weight

Lighter than mallet

Advanced technology

Less advanced technology

Perfect alignment


You may think like we are enforcing more pressure to choose the mallet putter because they are more advanced and easy to handle.

But the thing that we have not told you yet is that if you can be an expert with blade putter then putting with any putter would be easier for you.

Preparing yourself the hard way possible is the only way to do better in the real field.

So if you would like to be a more efficient player then you may give it a try putting with a blade putter.

Another fact is also true about choosing putter is that many of the players find it easier to play with blade putter than mallet putter.

That is why we suggest you look for which type fits you the best. Before buy a putter you must should know measure putter length see.

Blade putter

Blade putters have been using from the very beginning of golfing and putting.

They are quite old and trustworthy to many of the advanced players.

Blade putter comes with a very smaller putter head, which is more like a blade.

If you are a beginner, you may find it tough putting with a blade putter because of its thinner head.

They are very much lighter, and that is why they tend to be less forgiving.

As they are kind of blade shape, they tend to produce more loft.

So, if you are trying to make a putting which needs more arch or loft angle then blade putter can be of great help.

It is tough putting with a blade putter, but if somehow you manage to be perfect with a blade putter, then I can assure you that putting would be easier for you.

Most of the advanced level players still now love to make putting with a blade putter.

Mallet putter

Mallet putter tend to come with larger putter for their larger output they tend to have more weight than a blade putter.

Because of their weight, they are more forgiving than a blade putter.

Another major characteristic of mallet putter is that they come with different shapes.

You may find rectangular, spider shape, larger, medium, and even small mallet putter in the market.

Because of their forgiveness and more weight, they are more accurate and easy to play with.

If you want to make a straight stroke for your putting, then this type of putter can be helpful.

A beginner will find it easier to play with a mallet putter because they are more advanced and recent invention than the blade putter.

The technologies implemented with mallet putter has made it easier for the beginner to cope with them.

It does not mean that advanced players don’t love to play with a mallet.

 They are even gaining popularity among professional level player.


choosing the perfect putter should be your main should not gain your concern that mallets are more advanced and thus you should go with a mallet.

It's better to try both if you can afford it.

If you are only playing with a mallet then maybe you are ruining your chances of being an expert with the blade.

Or who knows maybe you can better with a blade than a mallet or with a mallet than a blade.

Choosing the right fit putter is your decision but helping you out to choose is our motto.

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