Callaway apex pro irons vs titleist ap2, which one is more performative?

Apex Pro vs. Ap2, these two are the most performative irons in the PGA tour history. Because some renowned and expert PGA tour golfer was directly involved with the design, engineering, and manufacturing of these two iron.

However, they do share some differences which will be helpful for the golfer to decide on one. but it is always will provide controversial performances depending on the style of the golfer. Moreover, one can read through the whole article to find out more.

apex pro irons vs titleist ap2

Apex Pro Vs Ap2

In golf, the golfer gets introduced to many types of golf clubs, Iron is one of those and one of the important clubs. When one chooses to buy a golf club, they normally go for the set of 11 to 16 clubs together depending on the level of the player. However, it is not surely possible that all the clubs of that set will perform well. Moreover, some serious golfers like to have an additional club like an iron in their game.

For such a selection they choose two of the best brands in the golf industry, Callaway and Titleist. Here the Apex Pro is of the Callaway brand and AP2 is of the Titleist. Choosing the iron for any specific golfer is tricky. Because unlike some other clubs like Drivers, the iron is of handicap categories. Each of the specifications and styles of the iron will be suitable for different levels and playing styles of the golfers.

When one is buying the iron, they will have to look for more than the brand and more than the popularity. Because if a specific iron is best for a specific golfer, it might be a disaster for another golfer. That is a universal truth of golf. One golfer may make a breakthrough with a club on the same course and another one give the worst shot.

Let us discuss every possible feature and distinguish the clubs. So that the readers or the golfers can decide on one specific club according to their level and style.

First of all, the Apex Pro of Callaway is one of a kind which is the first forged tour performance irons. Also, this club features advanced distance technology that shows the best performance in the course. One can say that this one is the pinnacle of the Callaway iron range because of its innovative design and unique techniques.

Specifically, this iron will provide an incredibly soft feel and improved distance. Also, the carbon steel head of the club provides a soothing sound. Significantly, the urethane microspheres consist of over one million tiny air pockets that successfully absorb every vibration. That feature will not slow the head but provide a comfortable feel. Besides, it features the face club technology which helps to get a shallow and flexible rim to promote a fast ball speed. This will provide maximum power to achieve maximum distance.

Moreover, this iron is designed and manufactured in such a way that it will provide visual confidence and a stylish feel. The golfer will feel the edge holding and playing with this iron. Specifically, the tour player loves this iron in both practice and competitive tournaments.

On the other hand, the AP2 of Titleist is renowned as the number one iron in the PGA tour since 2005. This brand never compromised with the quality and always provided the best tour quality iron. They have always put importance on the performance and appearance of the club.

They have specifically designed this club to gain ultimate efficiency and forgiveness in the course. The perimeter tungsten weighting and unique co-forged construction of this iron make it stable and forgiving. This unique combination of features is responsible for the breathtaking performance. it will provide unmatched stability and forgiveness for almost every golfer. Offering consistent distance and control over the ball, the golfer will get the best feel of golfing in any situation. The manufacturer has manufactured this iron with the help of PGA tour golfers and Titleist golf ambassadors. They have thoroughly researched the game and the style of the golfers. then designed the iron to match the best possible outcomes.

As a result of their hard work and pure intention, the Iron become one of the best iron of history. It will match the physical and aesthetic needs of every tour player on the course. Golfers will get efficient turf interaction and a pure feel throughout every shot they take.


Now, let’s observe these two iron, in a nutshell, to distinguish them more clearly.

Apex Pro


-Hollow body design

-Urethane microspheres

-Fully forged

-Soft 1025 steel

-Excellent short game control

-Excellent workability

-Extremely Soft Feel

-Optimum Ball Flight and Control

-Premium Craftsmanship and Components

-Very forgiving

-Hollow body construction

-Tungsten weighting



-Better for mid handicappers

-Slightly larger profile

-Good forgiveness on low-face shots

-Brushed leading edge

-Extremely performative

According to all the information above, one can say that both of the iron two of the best. So, picking one from them will be a hard decision. However, the best thing a golfer can do is to have a trial with these two irons. Practical experience will be more effective to select rather than a discussion on which one will be better.

Golfers can physically experience the club and its overall performance according to their gaming style. This will help them decide with which one they feel more comfortable and confident to hit the ball. Also, they will find out which club is more performative for them.

Overall, it will depend on the golfer to decide which club or iron between these two will be more performative. We have already mentioned that the same iron will perform differently for different golfers. However, both of the iron are top-notch with the best performance.

One will get the best feel, control, performance, flight, and distance with these iron.

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