callaway rogue vs rogue x

Callaway rogue vs. rogue x and Callaway epic flash vs sub zero irons reviews.

We are here to bring you some of the accurate comparisons with the Callaway products that maybe are confusing to you.

You maybe are hesitating about which product you should go for.

For making it easier for you to get the perfect Callaway product, we will be comparing six products with one another and will show you which one will be perfect for you.

Our first comparison will be Callaway rogue vs. rogue x individual iron.

Our second comparison will be Callaway epic flash vs. subzero driver.

 And Our third comparison will be - Callaway super soft vs. chrome soft golf ball set.

If you are hesitating about these products, maybe you can follow this article to find out the best one.

Callaway rogue vs. rogue x

callaway rogue vs rogue x


Callaway rogue

This individual iron comes with a 360-degree face cap making it easier for the player to strike better.

VFT technology is trusted for producing more ball speed.

If you are worried about the control of the iron, then the MIM’d technology used with the driver will provide more controlling power to you.

The tungsten weighting will provide maximum control over the club.

The urethane microsphere will provide great feeling while catching the driver.

Callaway rogue x

this one will also have a 360-degree face cap and VFT technology for ensuring more speed of the ball.

Rogue and rogue x shares some equivalent characteristics like 360-degree face cap, VFT technology, MIM’d technology.

The main difference between both of the irons is- rogue x will have a radical distance tech package, which will make it more lightweight, longer, and stronger.

Rogue x will be easier to launch than the rogue.

Comparison chart

Callaway Rogue

Callaway Rogue x

360 face cap

360 face cap

VFT technology

VFT technology


Radical distance tech package


Lightweight, longer and stronger than rogue

Callaway epic flash vs sub zero driver

Callaway epic flash vs sub zero driver

Callaway epic flash vs sub zero driver

Callaway Epic flash

This epic flash driver is available with a 50,60,70 G feature.

With this driver, you can have a loft variation of 12 degrees, 9 degrees and 10.5 degrees.

The flash face technology added with this driver will help to increase ball speed.

This is the first artificial intelligence implemented golf driver in the history of golf.

Light carbon crown for reducing the weight of the driver.

The adjustable perimeter of this driver will help players to have a perfect flight.

callaway sub zero driver

this driver is also available with 50, 60, 70 G features.

This driver will give you the loft variation of 10.5 and 9 degrees.

With epic flash technology, this one will provide advance MOI technology.

This epic flash driver also will have artificial intelligence technology that you will love for sure.

Another extra feature added on this subzero flash driver is the jailbreak technology for the fastest ball speed.

This one will again provide you the advance head shape technology for high MOI and low spin.

Comparison cart

Epic flash

Epic flash sub zero

50, 60, 70 G

50, 60, 70 G

12,9,10.5 degree loft

9,10.5 degree loft

Flash face

Flash face with advance MOI

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence


Jailbreak technology

Adjustable perimeter

Advance head shape

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Callaway super soft vs. chrome soft golf ball set.

Callaway super soft

This particular golf ball set comes with a variation of yellow and white color.

This is known as the softest ball made by Callaway.

Ultra-low 38 compressions used in this ball will make sure the ball goes the furthest distance possible.

The low spin capability of this ball set will maintain a perfect flight.

callaway Chrome soft

This chrome soft set will have two variations (white, yellow) of color.

This golf ball set is popular for maintaining perfect ball speed.

This ball will have pinpoint greenside control.

Besides, this golf ball set is expected to give you the maximum number of forgiveness, and you will feel the maximum softness in the ball.

Comparison cart

Super soft

Chrome soft

Yellow, white

Yellow, white



Ionomer cover material

Soft urethane cover material.

Best forgiveness

Best forgiveness

Ultra-low compression



Callaway products are always trustworthy and are producing golf equipment for a long time.

But players when buying any particular product feel confused about which one they should go for.

They look for the perfect comparison that would help choose their appropriate product.

These six products from Callaway seem to be more confusing, and people all over are asking for a comparison of them.

That is why our small effort was here to get you the perfect Callaway product and their comparison.

After comparing both of the products, you can now easily choose for which one you should go for or can pick up the appropriate choice of yours.

All of the six products are highly balanced, but when you compare each one with another, it can vary a little.

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