How to clean a golf ball

How to clean a golf ball-Proper way to know

Do you know that a large number of golf balls are found every year in the California coast?

What do you think? Are they usable?

Yes! They are. But you need to go under some processing for re-using all these golf balls.

In this article, we will be showing you the best ways that you can use for cleaning the dirty golf balls that get dirt after using, or maybe, you have found them in the course and now you want to re-use them by cleaning.

Whatever reason be it is, cleaning golf ball is not a mystery that you should fear about.

Before we show the procedure that you should choose to clean your dirty golf balls, let's find out if it is really necessary to clean the dirty golf balls?

Is it really necessary?

Look, the reason a golf ball gets too much motion is the implementation of the dimples on the golf balls.

All these dimples on a golf ball let the air pass smoothly instead of blocking the speed of the ball.

Even if you are using the best golf balls available in the market but with dirt or debris, chances are you will not get the best service out of it because all these dirt and debris of the ball let the air to block the speed of the ball.

When you are playing golf, a lot of things went over the ball. The ball needs to endure all the pressure of driver, ironhybrid, putter, and as well as the different hazards of the course. .so, it is very common that it will get dirt and all the things that it passes by.

When a golf ball remains underwater, with the help of a golf ball retriever, you may recollect them. But, then again, you need a proper clean-up for re-using them.

Now, as you know all the things about why you should clean your golf ball, let us get into the main procedure…

How to clean a golf ball?

Remember, according to the USGA rules- you will not get the opportunity to clean the golf ball once you are in the putting area.

You need to start with a clean golf ball and whatever it gets during the game; you have to continue with it.

Now, all the time it is not necessary that you need to clean the ball. Sometimes, only rubbing the golf ball on your pants may clean the ball if the ball does not get enough dirt or rough dirt that is hard to clean.

But, if your golf ball has some debris or dirt on it, and you find them obtrusive to clean with rubbing on your pants or with a dry towel, then you may follow the procedures down below…

1. Using mild detergent-

Yes, this is true. You should not use any rough chemicals for cleaning your golf ball. Only using mild detergent would do the trick for you that you use for cleaning your utensils. If the dirt is so adamant, you may use white vinegar for cleaning your golf ball properly.

When you use a rough chemical for cleaning your golf ball the smoothness of the ball may damage, and you will not, as a result, get a perfect speed and balance of the ball. Although it may look brighter.

On the other hand, cleaning with a mild detergent or white vinegar would not make any harm to the ball. It is better to play with a dim ball than a bright ball with a lower quality.

2. keep all the balls in Luke warm-water for about thirty minutes

Take a bucket and pour Lukewarm water into the bucket. If the number of the ball is so high, you may take a large bucket, and if the number is not that much then a medium bucket should be enough.

Add detergent with the water and keep all the golf balls into the water for about 30 minutes.

In the meantime, all the debris and dirt of the ball should be loosened so that you can easily clean that up.

You are halfway there to have your clean golf balls.

3. Use a dishwasher or sponge for deep cleaning

After keeping all the golf balls for about thirty minutes into the Luke-warm water, most of the golf balls with minimum dirt should clean up automatically.

But, for sure there will remain many with hard dirt and debris on them.

With the help of a towel or sponge, rub them properly so that all the dirt falls off form the ball.

You are nearly there right now. Just one more step and you will get your complete clean golf ball.

4. Drying or soaking the water of the ball

On the last stage, you need to dry the ball up. For doing so you may use a dry towel that has the power to absorb water properly.

If drying all the balls with a towel is a tiresome activity for you, then you may keep them overnight for soaking up automatically without any further effort.

That’s it, now you are ready to take them into your beloved golf course for having another round of golfing with a clean and new golf ball.

 Precautions that you should maintain

  1. Don’t use rough chemicals for cleaning up the golf ball. A mild detergent or white vinegar should do the trick.
  2. Don’t keep them under the sun while you are cleaning.
  3. Not all the time a hard cleaning is necessary. Decide whether the ball you are using needs cleaning or not.
  4. You may use hand gloves while cleaning.
  5. Golf ball cleaning solvent can also be used instead of detergent.

Final words

As we have said earlier that cleaning golf ball is not a mystery at all. Anybody can do the cleaning if he knows the procedures that he should maintain.

Maintaining all the steps that we have discussed in this article should be enough to provide you a clean golf ball that you can re-use for having another round of golf ball.

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