How to hit a golf ball

How to hit a golf ball – the basics to know

Playing golf is fun if you know how to hit a golf ball correctly. You can be the winner of the day. However, if you do not know how to hit a golf ball straight, there might be troubles. The ball may not reach the destination. The sole aim is to send the golf ball to the hole. So, it is essential to know how to hit a golf ball from tee to green where the holes are. Most of the beginners are unaware of the facts. So, they do not know how to hit a golf ball far. As a result, they lag in the race.

The basics here will help the readers to know the facts.

How to hit down on a golf ball

This is the primary query of the beginners while some advanced players are also confused often. Shall they stroke from the upward direction or use a swing for better coverage? Well, this is no more a problem now. You need to know the key facts. When you are looking for covering a distance, you need to have a swing during the shot. Many of the beginners are unaware of the point. They start hitting the ball based on their arms instead of a swinging mode. You have to adopt the swing mode in this case.

Take the right position

The position is the most crucial issue if you want to know how to hit a golf ball for beginners. Most of the shots turn into failure due to wrong positioning. Some of the beginners lack the idea to stand before hitting the ball. The best thing is to stand in a bending position based on your knees. Make sure your shoulder comes with the natural alignment of your feet. Place a foot closer to the golf ball. And rest on the remaining foot before the shot. Rotate the foot that supports your body weight while you hit the golf ball (wikihow).

Gripping matters

How would you feel if the golf club moves around the shot or slips down from your hand? Well, the situation is embarrassing. This is another issue to focus on. Make sure you have a firm grip over the golf club before the shot. Use both of your hands. Interlocking the fingers will result in a firmer grip. It is better to use your left hand to hold the club first. Then place your right hand at the end where your left-hand fingers end. Interlock the last fingers of both the hands. Now you have a great grip.

Set your aim

This is the other aspect that needs attention. If you want to hit a golf ball far, you need to aim. Besides, your position also should be facing to the targeted distance. This is all about measurement. You need to gauge the tentative distance. After aiming the range, you can hit the golf ball. Many of the beginners have turned into experts in this way.

A natural swing

Remember, you cannot swing if you force on the golf club. A swing is a must for every golfer to send the ball into a distance. But if the swing is not natural, you cannot send the golf ball even 20 or 30 yards. Secure a natural grip and set our posture. Now bring the club on position. Rotate your body accordingly with the swing.

The major mistake that some of the golfers do is relying on the arms. They use the arms which do not bring the right amount of swing. But if you rotate the body with your shoulder, you can send the golf ball to around 50 yards by a single shot.

Make adjustments

Besides, you might need to adjust your postures. It is wise to remember that not all the shots are the same. They need different positions during the shots. So, when you are for a long shot, your body posture should be changed. And for minor shots or placing the ball into the hole, the shot should be lighter. Application of force is not always preferred while hitting the ball. Further, you need a larger golf club for a long shot while the club would be shorter for small shots.

Consider the wind velocity

When the wind is stronger, the golfer needs some adjustments on the shots. Usually, a strong wind diverts the flight of the golf ball. So, if you aim to any specified point, the golf ball course may get a deviation. The perfect way is to re-adjust the position and take the shot a bit right or left. This is a complex task that many of the beginners are unskilled at it. If you take a wrong move, you might need to play some extra shots to get back in the course.

With or without tee?

This is important to know the use of tee if you want to learn how to hit a golf ball from tee to green. Usually, you can use the tee with a driver in the first shot to send the golf ball to a distance. But once the ball reaches the green, you need not use the tee. You can use the club only to it the ball. At the beginning of the shots, the golfers want the ball to cross over 50 yards or more. But when you are near to the holes, make sure you are not using the tee.

These are the basics when you want to know how to hit a golf ball straight. Reaching the green is always possible from the first couple of shots. The amendments in the postures, selecting the driver, holding the grip- all will help you know how to hit a golf ball far. Besides, as a golfer, you should know to use your senses to learn how to hit a golf ball from tee to green. Success is yours if you can hit accurately with the right force.

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