True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 vs. S400 shaft, which one will be helpful in which situation?

X100 vs. S400, this is a great conversation to have between two of the best gold dynamic clubs. They are widely known for their performance on the golf course. With some notable similarities, they share quite serious differences.

Specifically, one shaft is weightier and the other one is lengthier. Moreover, one shaft is good with distance and the other one is not. Therefore, the readers will have to have a look below to find out more details.

X100 vs. S400 golf shafts

True Temper X100 Vs S400

The renowned gold dynamic aggressive X100 and S400 shafts from True Temper are legendary. When switching wedges or irons, a golfer must be extremely careful when choosing their club's shaft. Because variations in shaft length, weight, and feel will significantly alter the game. The renowned gold dynamic aggressive X100 and S400 golf shafts from True Temper are legendary. When switching wedges or irons, a golfer must be extremely careful when choosing their club's shaft. Because variations in shaft length, weight, and feel will significantly alter the game.

The variations in the wedge shaft aid in dealing with various trajectories, a statement of the renowned wedge designer Bob Vokey. It is possible that with the same shaft individual players experience a different result. Because the choice of the shaft will vary depending on one's height, weight, and grip style. One might believe they have a terrific spin and better feel with the same shaft. Another golfer may experience stiffer playing with the same shaft and on the same course, though. It is crucial to consider factors other than brand when selecting a shaft.

They are specially made for golfers who either have fast swing speeds or need more club control. They will aid the golfer's pace because of how heavy the shaft is. Since it makes it easier to practice with the ball, several PGA players utilize this shaft in the official competition. In the next section, we will be presenting the possible differences between these two shaft shares. So that the golfers can separate them according to their features and their styles.

Table: X100 Vs S400







Extra Stiff

Extra Stiff







USGA Legal



In the appearance of the shaft, there are not many differences. Even the pro golfer will misunderstand one shaft as another. However, once one holds the shaft, they will surely recognize which one is that. It is because of the weight difference of the shafts. Specifically, the variation in the weight between these two is the most important thing to consider.

In detail, the X100 is 130 grams while the other one is 121 grams. There is a difference of 9 grams which is huge according to the golf club features. That variation makes these two completely different for individual styles and circumstances.

Usually, a heavier types shaft will slow down the swing speed. That means the shaft will force the ball to be slowed down which will cut some distance. However, there are some benefits of the heavier shaft like stabilizing the swing. That means one will get a more accurate shot. This helps when one does not need much of a distance but a great accuracy. So, if one is looking for a heavier option then s400 is their pick otherwise X100 and this shaft also similar and some specification also similar with True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 vs. S300.

Another difference between these two shafts is the length of the shaft. When the S400 is 41 inches long, the other one is 45 inches long. That means the X100 is longer with 4 inches extra length. Well, the length of the shaft highly depends on the playing style of the golfer. However, most golfers choose the 45-inch shaft. Mainly, the men golfer the longer shaft because of their height.

Moreover, the pro golfer also likes the longer shaft since they already have skills of great control. With a longer shaft, they can have increasing swing speed which means more distance. However, if one is not used to the long shaft then they will get an inaccurate shot. So, the beginner or golfer in the learning process avoids a longer shaft.

Both of these shares a lot of similarities such as the stuffiness of the flex and the bounce of the ball. Both of these features apply positivity to the game. Let us put all the features of the S400 and X100 to find out more about them. It will help the readers mainly the beginners to sort out things.



-Controlled ball flight

-Lower launch shafts

-It makes an excellent wedge shaft

-Built for moderate tempo golfer

-Easily found as a custom shaft option for golfers

-Suitable for the professional and not for the beginners

-Golfers having great control will get an excellent distance.

-Stiffer than S400 shafts for the fastest swinging player

-Available in the Tour Issue model

-Very low vibration and great feel at impact

-Good option for a beginner to a pro golfer.

-Swing speed is not much

-Extremely accurate even with less control

Now, one can decide what shaft will be a good fit for them according to the information above. In short, golfers having less control and less skill should go for the shorter shaft. That means the X100 will be a perfect fit for them. Moreover, the golfer in such a situation that requires more accuracy and less distance can directly choose the S400 club.

Overall, the choice will depend on the level and style of playing of the golfer. Also, the different situations on the course will point to the different clubs between these two.


Hopefully, the readers have got all the answers on X100 and S400. Using all those information they should pick the right wedge for them. Since it is crucial and has a great impact on the game, they must match all the requirements with their current situation.

In case they are confused about their condition, they can simply try those clubs before selecting a specific one. they can also bring two of these if they have the money because they are perfect for the separate situation. 

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