Meet the adjustable Q club review: a dynamic club that replicates all clubs

How about completing the whole game with only one single club? Yes, it is now very much possible when you have an adjustable Q Golf Club, previously known as Urquhart. Just multiple single clicks and you get the desired loft to play your favorite shot. You can now skip the hassle of carrying 14 golf Clubs at the course and complete the whole session with only one club. If it looks like a dream, I have to tell you that it is quite possible right now. But you will only want to play with one club when you believe that this really works. That is why in this particular article, I am going to review the adjustable Q golf club. With protracting the intro much longer, let me introduce you to the Club

Adjustable Q club review

An introduction to Q Golf club

You surely have heard about Adjustable Golf Clubs. Q is also an adjustable golf club that lets you change the loft at different angles so that you can play a whole 9-hole game with only one single club. The club was previously known as Urquhart. But as it was quite hard to pronounce, the Q golf community changed the name to only Q. If you want to know details about why they have decided to do so, you can read this blog published on the Q golf website. From 5 degrees to 64 degrees, it is possible to adjust the loft up to 11 different angles, which makes it a complete solution for a golfer who wants to complete the whole session fast.

As Q Golf says, “Q club is not saying that everything that we have been buying in golf clubs for the last 50 years is wrong. This is about saying there is just another way to enjoy Golf”.

Review of Q Golf Club

A comprehensive review tells real facts along with explaining the technical details. This is what I am trying here to do. My review of this exciting golf club begins with the price-

The Price of Q is reasonable

For a club that frees you from the hassle of carrying 14 clubs in a golf bag, $299 is a great value from my perspective. Yes, you are hearing at all right. Q is available at $299. 

Some may say that a single club should not cost this much. I would say that the intelligent design and the creative construction of the club deserve much more than that. Therefore, from my POV, the price is reasonable for the wholesomeness it brings to your game.

What comes with the Q Golf Club?

The club comes in a huge nylon tube, which is kind of hard to the touch. The first thing that you will notice once you see the packaging is that the tube is pretty long compared to other golf club packaging. It is because the club itself is also pretty long. Once you unbox the club, you will notice that the case only includes the club; nothing else comes with it. C’mon! What else are you expecting to get with the club? It is usual, isn't it? But overall, for me, the packaging is certainly nice and pretty.

Orientation of the Club

Q is available both for left-handed and right-handed golfers. You can order the club based on your preference. Therefore, no worries for left-handed golfers who sometimes find it tough to find their specific type of golf club.

How to change the loft of Q Golf Club?

The club comes marked with different playing setups between putter and lob wedge. To change the setup or to get the right setup for playing, you need to push and twist the club head until you reach the right setup. A little indicator is also there so that you can reach the right setup for playing. No matter how naïve you are, changing the loft angle is as easy as drinking a glass of water.  

Variation of loft

As I mentioned earlier, it is possible to change the loft up to 11 different angles. The setting can be done between the putter and lob wedge. Here is the possible loft variation you will get from the club-


Loft angle






5 Iron


7 Iron


8 Iron


9 Iron


Pitching Wedge


Sand Wedge


58 Lob Wedge


64 Lob Wedge


Description of the shaft

The club comes with a long 38.5-inch Tahi shaft. This makes the club 39-inch, which is quite similar to a 3-iron length club. When you are using a club that acts like a driving iron on some holes and a putter on the green, this is what you actually need. The length of the shaft however can be a plus point for any individual having a height of 5.8 feet or more.

However, any golfer having a height of less than 5.8 feet can feel a little off while playing with the club. With a weight of 80 grams, it actually feels good when it comes to hitting the ball.

At hand, the weight of the club makes it feel more like a regular flex. The shaft is graphite made. This is what makes it more interesting when you play with the club.

The long grip of Q: Is it reasonable?

Where a standard golf club grip is around 10.5 inches, the grip that comes with the Q golf club is approximately 14 inches. This makes the grip 3.5 inches longer than a normal golf club grip. 

However, this is quite reasonable because you need to use the club in a different setup. While using the club as an Iron, it is natural to hold it on the top of the grip. But while using the club as a putter, it becomes essential to hold the club on the bottom. That is when the extended length of the grip gives more balance and comfort.

Q Golf Club feels great on the hand

This club is popular for delivering an exceptional feel on the hand. And I have no comments to make here after using the club for a couple of months except for believing what others are saying. No matter which lofts you are using to play your shot, Q Club definitely provides the ease and comfort you expect from the club.

Sharing my personal experience with the club

This club is all about making your time shorter on the course. Once you grab the club, you will notice not so much weight on the head of the club. The only creative factor about the club is that you can move the loft angle in different setups to complete the game faster. But this one surely does not feel as good as you feel with individual clubs.  What I am trying to say is that your individual iron will do better than this iron and your individual hybrid will do better than this particular club. I am saying this because the manufacturer had to compromise a lot of things for the sake of rotating the loft angle.

Who is Q Golf Club for?

Now comes the fun fact. Even if this club does not meet the standards of any other individual club. This is still an exciting and fun club to have. Q Club can be an exciting club when you are going on vacation and want to play golf there. This can also be an excellent element to keep in your car’s trunk without consuming a lot of space but still getting the opportunity to play a complete round of golf. At the same time, if you are golfing in the evening and need to complete it fast, Q is definitely for you.

Final words

This review is coming from someone who loves to play with Golf clubs and other golfing materials. The statement that a single club can replicate all other golf clubs excites me more than anything, which is why I have spent more than $300 to get the club.  After three months of experience, I would say it is worth spending the money on such a dynamic club.

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