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What is the Best Golf Grip For Driver 2023?

Participating in a golf tournament becomes smooth if you have the best golf grip for driver. It helps to make the shots better and smoother. However, if you do not have the correct golf grip for drive, the shots may be short or unpleasant. As a result, you will not have the chance to win the tournament or at least make a better score. So, the correct golf grip for driver plays a crucial role here for your success. Getting a golf driver grip is simple, but you need to be careful as lots of unnecessary drivers are out there.

So, it is better to know the facts and features beforehand. The review below will help you decide to have the perfect one.

Types of Golf Grips

The grip of a golf club is very important to consider. It influences the performance of the golfers a lot. The grip determines how well one will be able to hold the club in wet conditions. Also, grip determines the comfort of a golfer. One has to choose the grip type for their club very cautiously to ensure they will have full control over their swing.

Basically, in the market, one will find 4 basic types of golf grips. Choosing from those grips mostly depends on the golfer’s taste, feel, and comfort. Let us know about the advantages and disadvantages of these grips types.

1. Rubber- Rubber is the most used material in golf grips. However, the manufacturers do not only use rubber. They use a rubber blend in order to make the grip durable and soft. The rubber grip is very comfortable to grab. It produces a great feel and traction on the hand which enhances the performance of a golfer. And the use of blend improves the traction of the grip in wet conditions. The rubber grip is not so rough and keeps the hands moisture-free. No matter how hard one grabs the grip, the grip will continue to provide a soft feel.

However, rubber grips become slippery in wet weather. Golfers have to provide a bit extra effort in order to keep a stable hold on the grip.

2. Corded Grip- One of the most use grips is the corded grip. Most advanced golfers seem to use the corded grip because of their great friction. Basically, the cord is wrapped around the grip in order to provide superior control. One will have an enhanced grab on the club in harsh wet weather. Along with all-weather control, the corded grip provides great durability.

However, the only drawback of the corded grip is the roughness. Due to the corded construction, this grip is very rough, and grabbing it bare hand for a very long time can cause hand fatigue.

3. Multi compound Grips- This grip is often known as a Hybrid grip. The multi-compound grip is the best grip of all. This grip provides great control and feels all day long. Multi compound grips are constructed with rubber and cord materials. That means the grip has the good side of both materials. Different brands use these materials differently.

However, most manufacturers use the rubber in the lower part of the grip which increases the soft feel and features great response. On the other hand, they use the cord in the upper area of the gloves to improve control and performance in any weather situation.

4. Wrap Grip- Wrapped style grip is mostly used by senior golfers who are looking for an old-school feel. Generally, the grip is designed by wrapping a leather strip around the shaft of the golf club. This glove style features a soft feel with a stiff hold.

The wrap grip is not suitable for wet weather conditions at all. Also, it is not as durable as the above 3 types.

Best Golf Grip For Driver





1. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grip

2. Golf Pride MCC Plus4

3. Winn Dritac Standard Golf Grips Dritac

4. Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

5. Winn Dritac X Standard Golf Grips

1. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grip

Many of the golfers look for the driver golf club grips for a smooth operation. So, this Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grip is for them. This particular grip comes with a great sense of comfort. When it is all about a comfortable golfing, you need to have the proper hand grip for golf driver. Unless the driver grip is up to the mark, chances are higher that you can miss the perfect shot. Thereby, you need the top class grip that will meet all of your needs and also should come with the top-notch technology.

The grip should also come with a unique design for holding firmly during the tournament. The surface should be non-slippery as well. This is the sole responsibility of the grip manufacturers to take of the issue. The golfers should feel confident right after holding the golf club driver grip.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Key Features

  1. All weather control makes it great for use
  2. Rubber blend helps to hold firmer the grip
  3. Consistent traction assists in great strokes
  4. Simple swing release the tension of hands
  5. Moderate diameter brings a comfort in grip holding
  6. Different sizes brings equality for every player


  1. Soft touch makes it smooth, Comfortable hand alignment for a better shot.
  2. Exceptional quality brings confidence inside players
  3. Customizable for different types of users,All condition grip suits different seasons
  4. Velvet touch feeling energizes the golfers
  5. Reasonable price makes it loveable to every golfer 
  6. Easy installation on the shaft makes the game enjoyable
  7. Non-slip surface help golfers to hold the grip for long
  8. Stylish look matters as well , User-friendly pattern is the other way of holding grip


  1. Less suitable for professional tournaments

2. Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip

When you are looking for something different, the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip is there for you. If you love colors, this is the perfect golf grip tips driver for you. It comes with a blend of color that attracts attention. There are several golf driver grip size available with this one. The grip has brushed cotton cord for comfortable use. Oftentimes, the users are in trouble with the grip. It turns loose while taking the round. Or there might be moisture. But this one prevents all the matters which can worry a golfer.

As you have extensive coverage, you have complete control over the driver. So, the shots become perfect, and chances of your victory increases. So, it could be a great one for your next tournament.

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade Key features

  1. Extensive diameter is a plus for the golfers 
  2. Maximum surface texture smoothens the grip holding
  3. Lighter grip pressure reduces tension of hand
  4. Hybrid grip makes it stronger
  5. Built-in stability ensures the perfectness of each stroke
  6. All weather control allows to use it regularly


  1. Rubber cord creates positive performances of players
  2. Suitable for different climatic conditions
  3. Immediate responsiveness of the grip, Promotes fluidity in hands during shots
  4. Softer rubber establishes a sense of comfort for users
  5. Comes with several sizes for different types of players
  6.  Moderate weight for a stable balance,  Creates high traction for the lighter feel
  7. Widely used grip for golfers , High-performance materials


  1. A manufacturing defect may appear suddenly

3. Winn Dritac Golf Grips Dritac

Golf is not a game of moments. It takes time to complete the rounds, and you have to be happy with the grip. So, Winn Dritac Golf Grips Dritac would be the right one if you want a great comfort. The manufacturers have added some distinctive elements to make the grip anti-slippery. The grip is secured, and you can spend time in the course without your gloves as well with this grip. The grip also water resistance. So, you can use it in all the seasons of the year without a second thought.

When you are looking for the right ram golf club driver grip within your budget, you can consider this one. The cushioned feel will never let you know that you are carrying a grip. Instead, a soft feel in your hands will make the shots flawless.

Winn Dritac Golf Grips Dritac Key features

  1. Absorbs shock instantly which makes the strokes great
  2. Less weight (49g only), easy to carry anywhere anytime
  3. Texture in pressure points to set you the pressure of the shot
  4. Non-slip performance ensures accuracy of the stroke during rounds
  5. Polymer material makes it durable than ordinary grips
  6. 600” core size fits everyone


  1. Usable in different weather conditions
  2. Different sizes for different player groups
  3. Easy to adjust with clubs during the rounds
  4. Polymer grip technology makes the performance better
  5. Provides firmness while taking shots
  6. Suits anyone – beginner, expert or advanced golfers
  7. Produces less hand fatigue to golfers
  8. Long-time playability ensures your chance of success
  9. Cushioned feel reduces the stress of hands
  10. Classic design brings a special look ,Top ranking in popularity


  1. Some of the products are less durable than expected
Best Golf Grip For Driver

4. Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip

Not all golfers are the same. Some of them prefer adjustable drivers and this golf pride driver grips is the right fit for them. The grip is usable in hybrid clubs as well. The design of this particular piece is exclusive and alluring. This 360-degree design brings some changes in the game. The look is critical, and it is useful in the rounds as well. The golfers and other users can adjust the grips based on their needs. If you are not familiar with shaft orientation, it will make the process smoother.

At the same time, the rubber blend will provide a sense of comfort when you take the rounds at the field. The non-slip feature will help you keep the grip firmly in your hand. So, you can play as long as you want. Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 makes Improves scores with every stroke and Rubber blend compound helps to hold it strong.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Key features

  1.  Special surface pattern ensures strong grip
  2.  Consistent traction helps to measure the accurate shots
  3.  Firm rubber grip brings a confidence in holding the grip
  4.  Adjustable with clubs – so you can Adjust with any clubs you want
  5. Moderate weight (50g) helps golfers to carry it easily


  1. Comes with a professional look
  2. Fashionable colors available
  3. 60 round core size, Standard size fits for all
  4. Standard diameter fits almost every golfers
  5. High performance for every type of users
  6. Water resistant feature allows to play round the year
  7.  Widely used by professionals
  8. Double-dash rings help bring consistency
  9. The ‘+’ sign removes surface moistures


  1. Standard size smaller than other grips

5. Winn Dri-Tac X Golf Grips

Golfers who want to have a bold style, this Winn Dri-Tac X Golf Grips is for them. The grip comes with a modified design for specific performance and use. It will add a special appearance in the game. The performance is exclusive while the outlook is elegant. Besides, the shock absorption feature has made it the right one for different golf courses. While using the grip, the golfers will experience extraordinary confidence inside their mind. The polymer grip technology is not a new invention, but its implementation on the golf driver grip is a unique event.

Therefore, when you are looking for a slip-resistant grip, this one is the perfect one for you. As an ordinary user, this is not unusual to use it in your daily rounds.

Winn Dri-Tac X key features

  1. Medium firmness which is the key to success
  2. Core size is .600” that meets the needs of stroke
  3. Less weight (48g) turns it invincible
  4. Shock absorbing function reduces stress from hands during strokes
  5. Variant pressure points help to decide the power of the stroke
  6. Core size comes with 60 rounds


  1. Soft grip brings comfort for golfers
  2. Non-slip performance makes better strokes
  3. Applicable in all seasons as it is water resistant
  4. Strategic tread pattern to select while taking shots
  5. The classic look makes it more attractive to everyone
  6. Suits any types of golfers
  7. Different colors can meet your style needs


  1. Too much soft for regular use
Best Golf Grip For Driver


1. Is there any difference between driver grip vs. iron grip?

Well, this is all about the performance. When you are using a driver grip, the performance will be better as those are comfortable. But the iron grip is for the professionals. They can play better or can have the right shots with the iron grip. So, it is wise to select the iron grip once you cross the beginners; stage.

2. How to grip a driver not to slice ?

This is an important issue that will decide your swing path. You have to measure the grip and then hold it. For that, you can draw a dot on your thumb and then to the inside of index finger. Then, hold the grip and align the dots. It’s done. somtimess this grip need to clean then you get full performance.

3. What is golf grip size standard vs midsize ?

It is all about the diameter of the grip. This is also based on the size of your hand or palm. The standard size is that one which fits almost everyone. If your hand is smaller in shape and size, you can use that too. But the mid sizes are for those who have a mid-shaped hand. In a nutshell, the hands are not larger or middle in size.

See: Golf grip size fit

4. Can a woman use the grips?

Certainly. The grips are designed for everyone. So, no matter if you are a female golfer. Based on your height and weight, you can select any of the suitable grips for your tournaments or rounds. This is not a big deal, indeed.

5. How many grips are there in a pack?

Basically, it depends on your order. If you want, you can have a complete set of grips of different sizes and shapes. On the other part, you can also get some individual grips based on your preference or urgency. There are no specific limits or restrictions.

6. How to buy a golf driver grip?

If you want to get the solid shot using a golf grip, you need to have some internet researches. Besides, you can also get some ideas from the professionals who are skilled and been playing for long. However, this is tough indeed to get the correct golf grip for drive. If you make a mistake in the selection of the proper golf grip for driver, you are to regret at the end of the day. Therefore, if you want to have a flawless golf driver grip, you need to go through the remaining part of the texts. They will guide you to have the suitable golf club driver grip. The tips are here.

5. How much are golf grips?

It depends on which clubs you are aiming for adding the grip. On average if you are thinking about adding a grip then it should cost you around 5 to 15 dollars.
If you are playing regular golf, then you should change your grip in every six months.

6. Driver grip replacement

To replace an old grip, you need to follow four basic steps. These are-

  1. In the first step, remove the old grip and tape.
  2. In the second step, add new tape
  3. In the third step, apply the golf club grip solvent to make it easier for you to install the grip.
  4. Finally, add the new grip and make the perfect alignment to play with your driver.

You need to keep in mind that if you know to add a putter grip, you are also going to be able to add a driver grip. All these things are going to be the same.

7. Most popular golf grips on tour

These are some of the best golf grips on tour-

  1. Golf Pride Tour Velvet
  2. Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound
  3. SuperStroke S-Tech
  4. Arccos Caddie Smart Grips
  5. Lamkin Sonar Tour

Buying Guides

Mind the size

Remember the saying – one size not fits all? Yes, this is true that not all the size will suit you and particularly for golf driver grips, this is truer. Hence, the great idea is to know the measure of your hand. According to the hand measures, you need to get the impeccable one. If the golf driver grip is more extensive than your hands, you cannot have the desired strokes.

Check the features

At the same time, you need to check the features of the grip. Because of various types of golfers, the manufacturers add multiple kinds of functions. So, when you are planning to get a grip for your club, you have to check the suitable feature. Among the elements, you need to check the water resistance, anti-slippery properties, comfort, weight, among others. Besides, do not forget to ask if the grips are adjustable with different types of clubs or not.

Your budget matters

Although the prices of gold driver grips are reasonable, you need to fix a budget. The idea that a higher budget will always result in better grips is not right all the time. You can have some top quality products in a lower budget too. But you have to keep searching for that perfect one.

Focus on grip material

At the same time, never forget to focus on the grip materials. Considering the needs of the golfers, the manufacturers produce different types of grips. Some of them are made with polymer while some others come with rubber. However, the grips with rubber are more durable. But if you have any other preference, you can check the presence of the material on the grip.


The weight of the grip also plays an essential role in golf. If you want to have a smoother swing, the weight should be moderate or around 40- 60 grams. If the grips come with more weight, then it would be tough for you to deal with. However, when you are using jumbo grips, the weight might increase to some extent. And you need to remember the fact when you are on the ground.


A large number of golfers are concerned about the durability issues. Many of them have a usual complaint that the grips last less as they expect. This is true to some extent. Many of the golfers prefer to save their bucks. And so, they get some cheaper products which last for a few days. But it would be wise if you check the features and prices rightly before you get that.


You are getting a grip, not a full club. So, the grip should come with the feature of alignment with different types of clubs. At times, you might need to adjust your favorite grip on a specific club. But if you fail to do that, it may bring mental distress, which will result in a bad round. So, the grip should also come with adjusting feature so that you can use it in separate clubs. Golf grip solvent is must necessary equipmnet to attach a golf grip in your driver.

Easy maintenance

On the flip part, the grips should come with easy maintenance feature. If the maintenance process is more stringent, you should discard the idea of getting that grip. Usually, the golfers do not much time to spend on the maintenance of the grips. So, if the upkeep is not more relaxed, they will not prefer the grip.


The installation process of the grips should be hassle-free. Many of the grips take time to complete the installation. But a standard grip should not take less than a few moments for the setup. Therefore, this is a must to check the installation process. If it takes time than usual, you should discard the grip from the list. It will only waste your times and energy. Instead, try to get something which comes with easy installation feature.

Last words

Getting the golf grip for driver is not a matter of luck. You need to have some experience and insights in order to have it. The review here has explained all the potential aspects to have the correct golf grip for drive. The explanations here will help you know more about proper golf grip for driver and golf driver grip. Follow the guidelines above to have the perfect grip and blaze your round with the best strokes.

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