What is the 90-degree rule

What is the 90-degree rule/cart path only rule?

The 90-degree rule means driving your golf cart on to the golf cart path until the golf ball in the fairway and your golf cart gets even, and then to take a 90-degree turn to reach to your golf ball.

The term might look simple. But, many questions appear regarding the necessity of the 90-degree rules.

This article is what it is all about.

What does 90-degree rule in effect today mean?

Suppose, you are visiting a golf course, and suddenly, you notice a board that says 90-degree rule in effect today. What does that mean, right?

  • The first thing that the authority of the course or any resort is trying to explain is to keep your golf cart on the cart path as much as possible.
  • Another thing it might suggest is that the condition of the turf or the grass is not in good condition. As a result, driving on the fairway directly with your cart can be the reason for turf damage or deterioration. That is why it would be beneficial to drive your golf cart on the cart’s path as much as possible.

How to drive the cart when the 90-degree rule is in effect?

It is more than simple. Follow these procedures to drive your cart properly when the 90-degree rule is in effect.

  • If in any course the 90-degree rule is in effect, then you would find a cart’s path to drive your cart.
  • After hitting your golf ball from the tee position, suppose; your golf ball is now in the B position.
  • On any other day, you would drive directly through the fairway with your cart to reach in the B position. But, as now the 90-degree rule is in effect, you can’t do this.
  • You need to drive your cart on the golf cart path until the golf ball and your cart position get even.
  • Now, drive directly towards the golf ball by maintaining a 90-degree angle to reach your golf ball.

That is it! It’s that simple! From the next time, when you will see that the 90-degree rule is in effect you just need to maintain all these procedures to maintain the greenery of the course.

Is the 90-degree rule necessary?

You might question the validity of the 90-degree rule, but there is no doubt about the fact that the 90-degree rule is obviously for the betterment of the course and in some cases, it is good for you also.

Here are some of the facts for why the 90-degree rule is a great inclusion.

  • Who does not love to play in a green fairway, where the turf or the grass of the course is in a good condition? But, driving directly onto the grass greatly deteriorates the condition of the grass. When you abide by the 90-degree rule, you hardly get the chance to drive your cart on to the fairway. As a result, the grass remains protected.
  • Especially, if the weather is not dry, or if there is heavy rainfall going on, the turf of the course becomes so delicate that even slight pressure can make the grass look dull. Besides, the soil of the grass can also be damaged through the pressure of the cart’s tire. That is why, at that particular moment, it becomes mandatory to maintain the 90-degree rule to protect the beauty of the course.

Is the 90-degree rule official?

Nope, the 90-degree rule is not a kind of official statement or rule that any golf organization has provided, rather it is a rule that the authority of any course or resort imposes to maintain the balance of the course.

To make it crystal clear, we would like to mention to you again that the 90-degree rule is not a kind of rule that is assigned by the USGA or any other kind of golfing organization; rather it is something to protect one’s individual property.

Especially, when the condition of the course is not good or the grasses of the course are so delicate, the 90-degree rule gets certified. Many courses are also there that impose a 90-degree rule throughout the whole year.

Some etiquette or courtesy that you should maintain in the golf course

Whether the 90-degree rule is in effect or not, there are some etiquettes or courtesies that we all should maintain while playing golf. We all want to play on a green course with all the facilities possible. But, if you just carefully look at the hard work that every curator needs to do to maintain the balance, then you can't but appreciate them for their hard work.If we maintain some courtesy in the golf course, then at least for them it is going to be a great help. Here are some of the etiquettes or courtesies that we all should maintain.

  • We should not drive our cart through the mud, both on and off the course.
  • We should not drive the cart through the casual water of the course. If we do so, we are going to make serious damage to the beautiful turf of the course to a great extent.
  • Driving the cart within about 50 yards of the green should not be an ideal choice to make. The grass of the greenside area tends to be tender. Driving the cart there can make the condition worst. Be aware not to do so.
  • Driving the golf cart within the hazard boundary lines or within about 10 yards of the water hazards or bunker should also be avoided.
  • And, finally, avoid joyriding on the course. Doing so can create a serious cart’s accident.

Final words

The 90-degree rule or the cart path only rule is a great revolt against those who vehemently drive their golf cart through the fairway to reach the golf ball. Not in every course, the grass is going to be dry and straight. Driving the cart directly onto the course damages the blade of the grass making it look dull. Make sure you abide by the 90-degree rule for your own betterment.

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