Strap a Cooler on a Golf Cart

How to Strap a Cooler on a Golf Cart?

With the chance of giving exceptional quality golf cart, coolers contain welded liner inside it. Coolers in golf carts are made with eye-catching designs and the capacity of containing drink cans inside them. You can easily open it. Many carts cooler made with deep fridge designs. These products are made of good interiors and zipper-less lids. These coolers are very useful for golfers. After spending a long time on the course, players feel exhausted. These carts help them to drink immediately.

In this article, we are going to talk about how can someone straps a cooler into a golf cart? Our team researches a lot about this and they gathered some information about this. Now we are going to tell you that information in this article.

What is a Golf Cart Cooler?

Golf cart coolers mean a bag with drinking materials inside it. The maximum golf cart cooler is made for unisex. It is portable and enhanced with durability. Most of the coolers made lightweight and these are easy to carry. You can keep all kinds of the beverage inside it. These golf cart coolers are made with strong materials and can use for a long time. With straps, these products can carry by you too. It can give you great performances. It is very lightweight to carry and the prices of this product are affordable. These coolers can keep your drinks cool and perfect for a long time. Players love to use these carts. It helps them to get refresh by drinking between the games. There are many types’ cooler carts available in the market.

List of golf cart coolers:

1. EZ-GO Golf Cart Hitch Cooler

EZ-GO golf cart hitch cooler is one of the best coolers of all time. It has no toxic materials inside it and contains improved quality. It also has weather-maintained quality in it. It can keep your product cool for a long time.

2. STRIPEBIRD Golf Insulated Cooler

It has a very compact design inside it. You can operate it easily. These products are thick and have cell foam. It will give you maximum performance.

3. OGIO Chill Can Cooler

It is a good product with two side accessory system. It also has an expandable pocket in it and a good grip handle. It has a good manufacturer's design.

4. Arctic Zone Zipper less Hard body Cooler

It has two different sizes with a deep-freezing look. This contains a zip less lid and a removable shelf. Also, have a hard body liner inside it. This product is resistant to water and other materials. So it will help you from unwanted facture in the bag.

5. Bev Pod Ultra Slim Cooler Soft Bag

With good capacity inside it, this product considers one of the thinnest cooler bags of all time. In the golf cart, anyone cannot whether it is a golf cart or not. Because it can easily fit with the cart.

6. Pro Active Sports 6 To Go Beverage Cooler

Have various colors of this product. It is easy to carry. Contains bigger space inside and slide in process inside it.

How to strap a cooler to a golf cart

A golf cooler is an extra instrument added to a golf cart bag for helping golfers. It is very easy to use and you can strap it very easily to the cart. First of all, you need to buy a cooler set with mount accessories. After that, you need to mount the bag/casket with a screw into the cart. And for this work, you can choose either side of the cart. This will be a portable cooler added to the cart. These kinds of carts are easy to use. The reason is you can easily dispatch them and clean them or replace them. Fixed coolers can`t be dispatch so easily. A normal cart can carry 12 bottles of cans/drinks inside it. Normally these bags are very light in weight. So it will give no pressure to the cart. Most of the cooler set besides the wheeling steer for sake of easiness to get the drink.

How can you choose the best golf cart cooler?

There is any way by that you can choose a golf cart cooler among all the products. You need to consider some certain things for that.

Durability: Most important things are the durability of the product. If your product is durable and can last for a long time then it will be beneficial for you. For cooler durability is a necessary thing. A long-lasting can save your time and budget. So you should look after these things before buying a cooler for a golf cart.

Design: There are many types of cooler available in the market. They have manufactured from various brands. Most of them have similarities in design and looks. But some differences available too. So you need to check out all the designs to choose the perfect cooler for your cart.

Size: Size is an important part of buying considerations. You need to sure about which size you want to buy for your cart. And you need to choose it according to your need. Size is not only about the bag size, it also includes storage size inside it. You need how many drinks can carry in your bags. Will you use it for professional reasons or personal reasons? These things must be checkable before buying a cooler.

Compacts: Cooler bags have certain compacts on the course. You can use it but sometimes you need to get permission from the authority.

Effective storage: It has good and big storage inside it. It has a capacity of 16” in height and 6.4” wide. Golf coolers also added an extra zipper bag to it for further use.

Portability: These golf cooler bags are very portable and easy to carry.

Resistance: These cooler bags are water-resistant. And also it can take various types of pressure.

Price: Last but not the least; you need to check the prices before buying it. Prices depend on product dimensions, design, capacity, etc. You need to choose the cart according to your desire and need. But most of the golf cooler cart is inexpensive.

Golf Cart Cooler

Golf Cart Cooler

Why should you use a golf cart cooler?

A common question from our customers is why we should use a golf cart cooler. It has various types of usages. First of all, coolers are used for carrying drinks inside the course for golfers. They are mounting with a golf cart hub and easy to carry. And for that sometimes golfers carry it themselves. After a tough day at the course, golfers feel dehydrated and tired. At that time golf cart cooler help them to drink. It is tearing up with the wheel. So besides golf, you can use this cooler with your cart on various occasions. Occasions like touring with friends, relaxing at the beach or outing for a hunt, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of golf cart cooler:

Every product has some good facilities with lacking. The golf cart cooler is no different. There are few disadvantages available in golf carts cooler too.


  • Golf cart coolers have folding coolers and which is made Giga tent.
  • It has a stool backpack inside it and it is made of nylon.
  • Coolers bag contains foil lining which will help them to keep the drinks cool.
  • Portable and lightweight product. And for that, it is easy to carry.
  • Have a gripping portion on it.
  • Big storage inside. It can carry at least 12 cans inside it.
  • Prices are suitable for everyone.
  • Easy to use.
  • Have an eye-catching design that attracts customers.


  • Most of the time coolers can cover individuals' demands only.
  • Golf cooler carts have little external storage system.

Is it legal to strap and carry a cooler with a golf cart?

This question has various types of answers. Some maybe say it is legal, on the other hand, others will say it`s not legal. So there are some specific rules for it. First of all, you can carry a golf cooler inside the course. You need to take permission for that. You carry your drinks inside it. But you can’t take any kind of beverage through it like beer, whisky, etc. It is illegal to carry. So if you want to carry these kinds of the product without the consent of the authority then you need to keep them undercover. You can put your bag aside or hidden. Or you can convince golf carts volunteer to help you. But if you want to follow the legal way, you are not permitted to carry this thing on the court.

Final thoughts

After over viewing the whole article we realize that a golf cart is a very important part of the golf game at this time. Golfers love to use this bag. This bag can carry various types’ drinks inside it and keep them cool for a long time. So strapping a cooler on a golf cart is a very important thing and you need to know it perfectly. So we hope that after reading the article you will be satisfied and get enough information about it.

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