Average Golf Course Length – What You Need To Know

Wondering about the average golf course length? Well, the average golf course length of an 18-hole course is around 6600 yards(3.75 miles). But the length may vary based on the types of games it holds.

The length may be reduced to some extent or may also get an extension. All the issues depend on several situations. Some of the golf courses come with a length of over 7000 yards. If you count the distance in other formats like kilometers, it stands as over 8km.

Though many of the people play golf, few of them know the exact measurement of a golf course. There are specific other issues which need your attention. So, some of the essential facts about golf course length are explained here. They will add some values to your existing knowledge about the golf course.



Golf Course Length

This is one of the most important fact to know. When you are playing golf and do not know its length, it is unusual. So, the best idea is to get some ideas about the golf course, its parts, and lengths.

As it is said before, the average length of 18 hole golf course is 6600 yards. But the length may vary based on golf types. However, almost all the courses have the following structure and challenges.

Parts of a Golf Course

- Tee:  The beginning of the holes. It is located on the tee box. You can also find several tee boxes in a golf course.

- Fairway: The small grass area that lies between the green and the tee box. Most of the golfers take great shots from the fairway.  

- Rough: This is the larger area crossing the fairway and green. Most of the golfers try skipping this place as it takes more efforts to hit a golf ball from here.

- Green: A beautiful looking spot where the holes are. The golfers use putters in this section of the golf course.

- Hazards: they are the obstacles that make the game enjoyable. They include artificial lakes, ponds, or other areas. They are always marked with colors like red or yellow.

All the elements make the golf course longer.All the elements make the golf course longer. 

Parts of a Golf Course

Parts of a Golf Course

Golf Course Fairway Grass Length

In a nutshell, the surface grass of fairway should not be more than half (0.5) inches. Unless the golf course fairway grass length is up to the mark, you cannot expect to have a comfortable play. So, it needs to mow the grass, and this should be a regular practice.

The golf course management needs to focus on this particular issue. When the surface grass is over the measurement noted above, it causes trouble for the golfers. The mowing height should be the same round the year. But to a certain extent, the grass length could be one or one and a half inches (1.5 inches).

Experts believe that if the grass leaves are smaller, it is better for the golf ball. The surface becomes tighter. And it is easy to take shots on a tighter surface than the softer ones. But if the grass length is over 1.5 inches, taking shots from fairway becomes a challenge even for the pros.

The average length of 18 hole golf course

This is another important aspect to discuss. The average length of 18 hole golf course has been extended. At present, the length is between 6500 – 7000 yards. It begins from the tee boxes. The golfers need to walk around the golf course to end their missions. However, sometimes the length is over 7000 yards as well. It happens during the tours.

The increase of length is the outcome of the better performance of the golfers. Now, the golfers can take longer shots than before. Besides, they drive the golf balls using special techniques. As a result, the balls go far away. So, keeping pace with the golf ball distance has increased the golf course length. Earlier, it was tough to send the ball 200 yards, but now the golfers can send the ball over 250 yards.
Thereby, the average length of an 18 hole golf course has been increased. 

Golf course length 7 letters

Well, this is another interesting issue to discuss. There are seven letters in golf which you can use to answer different crosswords. Using the golf course length crossword clue, solving the words is not a big deal. For instance, you can check the following words frequently used in golf. They are as below. 

Yardage- it points about the golf course length
Semester – it refers to the course length
Fairway – this is the short grass on the beginning part of a golf course
Teetime – it is about the line that needs to be followed on a golf course schedule
Bunkers – they are the sand traps lying on a golf course.

If you look closely, check all the words have seven letters. You can get the meaning of the words using the golf course length 7 letters or golf course length crossword clue. 

Foot golf course length

Foot golf is a relatively new term in the arena of sports. And the length of the foot golf course is around 190 yards. The length range may vary too. It may begin from 45 yards.

Despite being a newer form of sports, this is almost symbolical to playing golf. But the critical difference is the way of playing. The players here try to send the ball to the holes using feet instead of a golf club. The holes are symbolical to the holes used in original golf. Many of the golf courses host this sport. Besides, it has pars too.

The players are to take less number of shots to send the ball to the hole. Instead of using golf balls, the players use a football to end their rounds. There are separate foot golf courses available across the world.

What is the necessity of measuring golf course length?

Measuring the golf course length is highly necessary. If you are not aware of the length, it would be tough to select your shots. Besides, a golfer needs to estimate his shots to cover the distance. But if you are unaware about the distances to cover, you may not have a perfect shot. Simultaneously, the ignorance will cast a negative impact on your overall performance.

How long it takes to cover average length of 18 hole golf course?

Usually, it takes around four hours to complete the length of an average 18 hole golf course. During the phases, the golfers take different shots. Alongside the shots, they need to walk across the golf course. In an average, they walk over 6 kilometers at a time when they are on the golf course.

Is there any benefit of the lengthy golf courses?

Of course, there are some impressive benefits. Golfers need stronger shots to win the round. Playing slack shots is not possible on a golf course. If you want to win the round, you need to take fewer shots. But if the golf course length is shorter, you may not have the strong shots. As a result, the overall number of shots will get a hike.

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  1. It’s good to learn that it takes around 4 hours to complete an 18 hole golf course. My brother and I are wanting to get into a new sport and we were wondering how long it takes to finish a typical 18 hole course. I’ll be sure to tell him that an 18 hole course takes a few hours to complete.

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