golfing during COVID-19

5 Tips for golfing during COVID-19 (Corona)

Well, if you are living in the present world, you probably know that it is totally forbidden to go outside to play any kind of sport.

During this pandemic situation, things are getting harder and harder gradually.

You need to measure a lot of things for going outside including your safety and the safety of other people around you.

Although most of the sports events are closed now,there is one game or sport that you can actually play during COVID-19.


Golf is a kind of game that can be played by maintaining social distance and safety measures.

But then again the risk is always here.

As long as any vaccine or treatment doesn’t appear, maintaining the precaution would be the ideal choice.

Here are the top 5 tips that you can follow for playing golf during COVID-19.

5 tips for golfing during COVID-19

1. Using sanitizer

Sanitization is the first thing that you need to keep in mind while playing golf during COVID-19.

Sanitize everything near you including all the clubs, golf bags, and golf balls that you need to use while playing golf.

If you are thinking about going to the course with your cart, make sure the sits of your cart are also sanitized.

Remember, sanitization is the only way of prevention because no other treatment method has yet been established.

Use a mild sanitizer and sanitize everything including your hand that you will come in contact while playing golf.

The Corona Virus has a crown shape layer which is the most toxic part.

A good sanitization helps to remove that crown part so that the virus can’t affect the sensitive part of our body.

That is why it mandatory for you to sanitize everything that you need to use while playing golf.

2. Maintaining social distance

Any contact with a COVID-19 patient can spread the disease among other people.

That is why maintaining social distance is the most important thing you need to follow if you want to be safe during this pandemic situation.

A common statistic shows that many COVID-19 patients can show no symptoms at all.

That is why you never can say whether a person is COVID affected or not.

Better you keep the social distance for your own protection.

As you never can say-whether the friend you are playing with is asymptomatic or not.

Stay at least 3 to 6 feet away from any person. This will greatly help you to be safe during this pandemic situation.

You need to maintain social distance while playing golf and also when you will be outside at your home.

And playing golf does not require any physical contact with other players.

3. One cart per golfer

Another safety measure that the golf authority should take is allocating one cart per golfer.

Golf carts can be another issue for spreading the disease.

That is why many golfers should not use a cart.

It can increase the spreading rate dramatically.

Even in some cases, it is better to avoid the golf cart.

If you can manage to walk through the course you should walk instead of using a cart.

If you own a golf cart, that’s better. Use your property with your own risk.

But if you are thinking about hiring a cart for roaming around the course, be very serious.

Maybe it will lead you to a situation that you would never like to see in your life.

4. Using a mask

The Coronavirus mostly spread through the nasal tract. That is why it has become quite mandatory to use a mask if you are thinking about going outside or playing golf.

Using a mask will reduce the chances of getting or making affected.

Besides, using a mask will prevent you from touching your face or nasal part quite often which is our basic instinct and we love to touch these parts unconsciously.

A research done by the experts shows that using a mask can reduce the chance of Corona Virus infection to 95%.

That means you will be 95% safer and there is only a 5% chance of infection with a mask.

It’s your decision whether you will use a mask or remain in the 95% danger zone.

5. Dont linger around

As long as the game is over, don’t stay too long at the course.

During this pandemic situation, it is ideal to stay at home.

but as you are out, it would be ideal not to stay long.

The more outside you will remain the more the chances of getting infectious will be.

For maintaining the safety of yours and the safety of others, don’t linger around for no reason.

The world is not having a great time, and for the betterment of the world, you need to be cautious.

The better the world's health will be the better you and your future generation will remain.

It’s quite natural, you love to roam around in the course or to have a conversation with your friends.

But for the sake of safety, avoid roaming around if you don't have any special thing to complete.

Final words

The world's greatest scientist and researchers are trying their best for finding out a solution of- COVID-19 pandemic.

But instead of their great effort, it is not easy at all to invent a vaccine within a short period of time.

It takes time and patience and several trials need to make for a final outcome.

That’s why your patience is highly required.

But golf is a kind of game that can be played by maintaining social distance.

But maintaining all the safety measures can reduce the chances of getting affected.

We have discussed the safety measures of COVID-19 that you should take for playing golf in this article does not mean that we are encouraging you to play golf during this pandemic situation.

We are just suggesting you the tips that can avoid the risk if you are very much determined about playing golf during this pandemic situation.

And obviously, staying home would be a better decision than going outside.

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