what hand do you wear a golf glove on

What hand do you wear a golf glove on- know how gloves wear and clean

Some people prefer wearing gloves and some people find it comfortable playing without any kind of gloves in their hands. If you are a beginner and would like to play with a glove in your hand but don’t know in which hand you should put the glove on then, you can follow this article.

If you are a right-handed person, then you should wear your glove on your left hand, and if you are a left-handed person, then you should wear your glove in your right hand. For wearing a glove, you need to follow the opposite rule theory.

Another thing that you should remember is you should wear the glove on the top hand in your golf grip.

How to wear golf glove?

Wearing a golf glove on your hand is not a tiresome work that you should fear about. It’s quite an easy task that you can learn within five minutes.

For fitting a glove perfectly in your hand you need to choose the perfect glove with the right proportion of your hand. Before you buy a new glove, you need to make sure that the glove is firm and snug in your hand.

There are different types of gloves available in the market. Small, medium, medium-large, large, extra-large are the kinds of glove available in the market.

Choose which type of glove fits your fingers the best. Another type of glove is also possible for those who have a smaller finger but a long hand size or small hand but long fingers.

For wearing the glove properly at first put all of your fingers well into the glove so that they fit in your hand perfectly. Make sure it is firm and gentle in your hand. Now you have to pull the Velcro tab. Remember one thing that you should not pull the Velcro tab completely across. Because, when you are using a glove for a long time the glove will stretch. That is why you should not pull the Velcro tab full across. You need to pull it after it starts stretching. When you will cover the full length you need to buy another new glove for your hand.

See, it’s quite easy. You just need to choose the perfect glove for your hand then you can put it on your hand without any difficulties.

How to clean a golf glove

You are using a glove for a long period and you feel about cleaning the glove. But the problem is you don’t know the appropriate method of cleaning a glove. Not a great deal at all.

Cleaning a glove is easy. If you are using a leather glove then for cleaning it you need to keep in mind that you need to be gentle as much as you can in time of cleaning the glove.

Washing a glove with water is not the perfect choice all the time. Not all types of glove can afford to be washed in water.

For washing a glove with water at first collect a firm towel and then pour water on to the fingertips of the glove and to the hill pad of the glove. Then rub the fingers and hill pad gently with the towel for cleaning the dirt and perspiration of the glove.

Washing a glove in your washing machine can be too risky. If you are thinking so- use a mild detergent. Never or ever use bleaching powder for cleaning any kind of glove.

After cleaning the glove it's about drying out the glove. It is mandatory to dry the glove in the air instead of any kind of dryer.

The suggestion that we can provide is never buying a white glove. White glove tends to collect more dirt for its color.

Don’t wash a glove very frequently. Washing a glove too much can be the reason of losing grip.

What are golf gloves made of

Three common types of gloves are available now a day. Leather, synthetic and hybrid are the types of glove that we see in golf.

Leather gloves, are made with rich quality leather. For making leather glove they use Cabretta leather which is a top quality material. Leather gloves are popular among the professional golfers because of its balanced grip production.

A disadvantage of having a leather glove is you need to replace the glove with a new one frequently and that can cost you some more money.

Synthetic gloves, on the other hand, tend to provide more flexibility and durability than a leather glove. People very often find it more pleasurable and comfortable playing with a synthetic glove than a leather glove.

It is long-lasting and less expensive than a leather glove but you may not all the time find the perfect grip from it. Recent players are claiming that synthetic glove offers more grip than a leather glove. It is your choice whether you will go for a leather glove or a synthetic with the perfect balance of your playing style.

Hybrid gloves are a combination of leather and synthetic. Hybrid gloves are quite popular among beginners and new players. Professional players are also using hybrid gloves at a large number. In hybrid gloves, leather is used in those areas which you use for maintaining the perfect grip like the hill pad and the fingers of the gloves. The rest of the part consists of synthetic material.

Hybrid gloves ensure both flexibility and durability. If you are trying to be accustomed with using gloves in time of playing golf, then hybrid gloves can be the perfect choice for you.

Before buying a golf glove

Buying a new glove should not concern you the most. But if you are a beginner and trying to be accustomed to using gloves, or you are playing golf for a long time but don’t know how to choose the perfect glove then you can follow this passage.

Before buying a glove the very first thing that you need to consider is the material of the glove. Is it made with leather or is it a synthetic glove? Or is it the combination of both or a hybrid glove?

Leather gloves tend to offer more grip, synthetic gloves will offer you flexibility as well as durability. Hybrid glove will be the combination of both.

Try which types of glove offers you the most spontaneity and choose what you need the best. Try glove with the perfect proportion of your fingers and the size of your hands.

Titlest,Mizuno, Finger Ten, Callaway, MG, bionic are some of the brands that you can follow for buying a new glove.

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