How long does it take to play 18 holes of golf

How long does it take to play 18 holes of golf? Average time explained!

Take to play 18 holes of golf? Well, the best idea is to ignore the notion that golf is framed in time. Though it may take around or over four hours to complete a round, it may vary. The variation appears considering specific grounds and factors.

Generally, golf is a game of relaxation. But there are specific factors that make the players rush at times. They need to count the moments either to win or to reach any particular goals. Hence, knowing the average time of playing 18 hole maters to some extent. Some of the key factors are explained here to help you out about the timing of golf. They are here.

The average time to play 18 hole golf

Of course, it will not take over four hours to complete the 18 hole golf round. The duration is from the beginning to the end. In these hours, the golfers follow all the standard procedure to play golf. 

They also have to wait for their turns, find out the ball, keep the records, carry their bags and more. All the tasks need time to complete. The summation of the activities results in around six hours or less or more.

Some other factors have contributions to the timing issue. They are noted below.

Size matters

The length of the golf course matters most in this case. If the course is over 7000 yards, the time may vary. Not all the players are skilled. There are some beginners too. A beginner will not play like an expert. In the end, the average time will get an increase. But this is not an issue to worry. This is natural. If you are unskilled, it will take time for you to complete any task. The similar approach is applicable for golf.

Number of competitors 

Besides, the number of competitors also play a role here. The average playing time may increase or decrease based on the number of competitors. If you are playing solo, you may easily cross over 6000 yards in the next four hours. But when there are other players, you need to wait for them. In the end, the average timing will rise.

Are you walking slow?

As it is told earlier, not every golfer is the same. Some may walk slow while some prefer a quick walk. Considering this ground, the time to play 18 hole golf may vary. The average time may increase. Usually, the times raise around one or half an hour. You can use golf push cart for batter feel in golf courses.

Engagement of the golf course

At the same time, you need to count on the traffic of the golf course. The courses which are popular remain busy round the year. Playing on such an active ground is another fact that may change the average time. If a couple of games are on the same ground, there might be some delays. This is not to get worried as it may happen naturally.

Nine hole rounds

But the scenario may drastically change in other cases. Have you ever wondered why the game ends early in 9 holes? It happens as the game is cut into half. But it may take similar average time if you play the 9 holes twice. Please share your thoughts at our comment box regarding the issue. We can have some productive discussions about the 9 hole rounds. 

Hitting skills

Playing golf takes several skills. Hitting the golf ball rightly with the perfect club is one of them. When a golfer hits the ball appropriately, it will cover the distance. In contrary, if you have poor shots, you need more time to cross your targeted distance. Besides, you need to ponder on the barriers on the golf course. The average time might see a climbing trend with your hitting skills.

Not every shot will be the perfect one. It takes years of skills to stroke the golf ball correctly. Getting worried about the increased time will not bring any positive outcome. Focusing on the enhancement of hitting abilities will do.

Golf course design

Have you ever stumbled on the golf course? If ‘NO,’ you are lucky and nobody does. It’s a symbolic question. Some of the beginners may wonder why they would stumble. It happens for the design. The golf course design casts a significant role in the average time. When golfers are unaware of the obstacles, they may feel uncomfortable. As a result, there would be a hike in your average time.

Selection of gears

On the flip part, if you select the wrong gears, they will contribute in the time fluctuation. Playing the 18 hole golf might not take over four to five hours. Using the wrong club, imperfect golf ball, mistakes in iron selection, etc. may bring a delay. The best idea is to map the golf course and select the gears in prior. The right choice may lower your timing to a moderate extent.

Using golf carts reduces time

Applying a golf cart helps the golfers to shorten the game playtime. As you are riding a cart, it will take you to your next shot in a short time. In contrary, if you walk to reach for your next shot, logically that will consume a good chunk of your time. Thereby, many of the wise golfers use the golf push carts when they are in a rush.

Climatic condition

Have you ever played golf amid torrential shower? In fact, this is not possible to continue the shots. Obviously, you can get a single shot in the rain before taking a break. But if you plan to keep the show on, that is foolish. Climatic conditions, thus, cause some impacts on the golf. On a bright sunny day, you can enjoy the game. But amid rain, you must take a break and start over again once the storm is gone. There might be an increase in the average time.

Now you are aware of  how long does it take to play 18 holes of golf and why there are delays. This is not possible to cut down the average time in half. And the golfers are aware of it. So, they never try to reduce the average time of playing 18 hole golf. If you have something else in mind, share the ideas on the comment box.

Completing an 18-hole course can consume a lot of your time. Here is writen about how much time it can take in 18 holes in golf.

How long does it take to play 18 holes of golf with a cart?

In general, to complete an 18 hole course with a cart is going take around 3 hours and 30 minutes, whereas playing without a cart might take around 4 hours. But, depending on the par score and the tournament type, this is never going to be the same all the time.

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