5 Best Women’s Golf Irons Review -2020

Playing golf is not a big deal if you have the right tools. Many of the women are now seen in the golf course. They dominate the golf courses with the Best women's golf irons like their male counterparts. Besides, a notable number of championships are there for the women. The numbers of women champions are also noteworthy in this present scenario while it was almost nil earlier.

All the changes are taking place as women now have the women's golf irons. Without the women's golf clubs irons, it would not be possible for them to have the right stroke. Alongside the women's hybrid irons golf clubs, they are now using several other types of clubs.

All the things are making their presence in golfing visible. Using women’s individual golf irons, they can make the desired scores. And the scores lead them toward success.

However, before entering into the golf grounds, this is wise to select the perfect golf club. This is more important for women. So, few of the standard women's golf iron reviews are here. They will guide them to have the solid and perfect one for the next flawless stroke on their golf ball. Here they go.

Best womens golf iron sets - Callaway Golf 2019 Big Bertha Iron Set

Best women’s individual golf irons - Callaway Rogue Individual Iron

Best Budget irons - Callaway Steelhead XR Individual Iron


1. Callaway Golf 2018 Women's Rogue Individual Iron

Callaway Golf 2018 Women's Rogue Individual Iron, Left Hand, Synergy, 60G...
  • 360 Face Cup + VFT for more Ball Speed
  • MIM'd Internal Standing Wave for Optimal Flight and Control
  • Urethane Microspheres for Great Feel
  • Designed For Women

If someone is looking to have a right shot, this Callaway Golf 2018 Women's Rogue Individual Iron is for her. The iron comes with a great combination of the necessary features. The most impressive part is the construction of the iron. It comes with multi-materials. The manufacturer has taken great care of the product so that it can be used at the right moment. The design is for women to have their solid long shots on the golf course. Undobitably Callaway Women's Rogue was thr switable women's golf irons 2018  and still now.

Feeling a sense of vibration is common while taking a shot. But with this particular product, women will not feel so. It has happened due to the implementation of some technical aspects.

Callaway Women's Rogue Key features

  • Wider sole for a more significant shot coverage,Comes with lightweight
  • A large cavity for smoothness while taking a shot,
  • 360 face cup ensures smooth movement
  • VFT for more ball speed,Slower swing for better head speed
  • Urethane reduces the vibration impacts
  • Offset ranges between .3”-.105”
  • Versatile features make it accurate
  • Sub 50g shaft design ensures comfort,Torque comes with 5.90 – great for women


  • Extraordinarily precise for optimum launch
  • Intricately shaped for smooth shots
  • Superior feel while taking long shots
  • Performance maximized for the practical technological effects.


  • No visible cons are available for this product so far

2. Callaway Golf 2019 Women's Big Bertha Iron

Taking some long shots is not easy, particularly for a woman. When you are on a golf ground setting of over 400 yards, the long shots are competent to reach your goals. But without a specific club, this is not possible to have a perfect shot. The Callaway Golf 2019 Women's Big Bertha Iron is the gadget that will make the shot happen. If you consider Callaway Golf 2019 Women's Big Bertha Iron vs. Callaway big bertha ladies gems, the earlier one will sand on the crowd.

The features and flexibilities are great. The manufacturer has taken great care to transform the club for extensive use.

If you want to have some easy shots, there are fewer alternatives to this iron. This is a distance iron that comes with efficient technology. It helps to pass the ball into a long-distance without investing fewer efforts.

Callaway  Women's Big Bertha key Features

  • 360 Face Cup for comfortable traction
  • Suspended Energy Core attached for extra support
  • Tungsten floating weight makes movement easier
  • Thinner construction increases speed 
  • 3-piece iron construction for better positioning
  • Product dimension comes with 39 x 4 x 5 inches
  •  Graphite Shaft for heightened ball flight, Product weight is only 12 ounces.


  • Great for beginners who want to learn like a pro
  • Easy launching process,Flexible rim for a great shot
  • The iron comes with different lengths
  • Stylish look with smoked PVD finish, Less noise while making a stroke
  • Less weight for a better comfort, Long consistent distance for lengthy golf courses


  • The manufacturer has no discount policy as it comes with some outstanding features

3. Titleist 718 AP1 Single Iron

As a female golfer, if you are looking for a combination of comfort, perfectness, and style, this Titleist 718 AP1 Single Iron is for you. If you consider Titleist ap1 718 specs vs. Titleist 718 ap1 price, there would be fewer differences. The iron has been designed to provide the perfect explosive shots. At times, the golfers need to have a dangerous shot to send the ball near the pocket. This iron will reward you with the right thing you are looking for.

The classical look of the gadget also makes it more preferable to every woman golfers. Besides, there are no harsh feels at all. Sometimes, the sharp feel of the club or iron removes the concentration. But you are free of such issues with this one.

At the same time, you can cover a wide distance with this iron for its hollow0body feature. You will not feel pressure on your arms during the shots while the views are opposite with the other irons.

Titleist 718 AP1 Key Features

  • The entire set can cover a wide distance
  • Refined tungsten weighting makes comfortable carry
  • Consistent contact during shots for better turf interaction
  • Less weight for relaxed shots (95g)
  • Torque ranges between 2.1°-1.8°
  • Flexes are R300, S300


  • Thin in shape and size – ensures perfect shots in the green
  • Mid or high launch features
  • Mid or high launch features
  • Red shaft for the extra launch of the golf balls
  • Suitable for everyone – beginners to pro, Reasonable pricing 
  • The improved weighting comes with an inspiring look


  • Availability of the product is not ensured

4. Tour Edge Golf Women's Hot Launch 2

Tour Edge Women's Hot Launch 2 Iron-Wood (Ladies, Left Hand, Graphite,...
  • Available individually or as a complete set
  • Thin forged face delivers maximum spring effect for unsurpassed distance
  • Heavy sole and hollow body create a low cg to increase launch angle and added forgiveness

Sometimes, the women golfers need a couple of gears together. But the scenarios are tough when you cannot decide the suitable one. Getting the right clubs or woods together is a matter of luck now. Amid hundreds of varieties, you have to select the concise one that will fit your golf course needs. So, if you make a comparison between tour edge hl3 vs. tour edge hot launch 2, the latter one fits more. Usually, they come as a set of women's hybrid irons golf clubs for the benefit of the female golfers. So, applying them on the golf course helps a lot to them.

Besides, the thin structure makes it comfortable for the women golfers to take each of the shots ideally. The striking design of this series is also attractive. The distance will never make you worried again.

Tour Edge Golf Women's Hot Launch 2 Key Features

  • Steel body with variable thickness
  • Hollow body for specific launching angel
  • Advanced design for high-flying effect
  • Hybrids come with 450 SS hyper steel
  • Irons made with 431 stainless steel design
  • Moderate weight – 9 lbs
  • Shaft material made with graphite
  • Shaft material made with graphite, Product dimensions are 48 X 5 X 5 inches


  • The spring-like effect in each shot
  • Heavy sole for better performance
  • Solid sole for better performance
  • Both hand orientation
  • Undercut cavity design for accurate strokes
  • Powerful stroke each time


  • This hybrid is heavier

5. Callaway Steelhead XR Individual Iron

Callaway Golf STEELHEAD XR 6 Iron, Graphite Shaft, Ladies Flex, Left
  • The next generation of our industry-leading 360 Face Cup technology increases ball speed on both center...
  • Our soft, steel-infused Shock Eliminator Technology absorbs unwanted vibration for great feel, and helps...
  • The new Hollow Bore-Thru hosel design saves significant weight that's strategically repositioned in the...
  • We've positioned the CG to promote easy launch and more carry in the long irons, keen control in...
  • Stock Steel Shaft -- True Temper XP 95 Stepless; Stock Graphite Shaft -- Matrix F162

Why many of the experts can close the game? Well, this is a mystery no more. They use the speed and their expertise. With the combination, they become successful. But with this Callaway Steelhead XR Individual Iron, their success accelerates. The combination of this iron is great. It is durable while the design is up to the standard mark.

Why many of the experts can close the game? Well, this is a mystery no more. They use the speed and their expertise. With the combination, they become successful. But with this Callaway Steelhead XR Individual Iron, their success accelerates. The combination of this iron is great. It is durable while the design is up to the standard mark.

Callaway Steelhead XR Key Features

  • 360 Face Cup technology added for better performance
  • Thin body with elegant design
  • Steel-infused polyurethane layer
  • Vibration absorbing feature
  • Steel shaft ensures smoothness of the game
  • Center of Gravity for higher launching of golf balls
  • Configuration comes with the setting of 3 4 5 6 7


  • More extended blade size for smooth strokes
  • Strategic design for high-flying of golf balls
  • Right-hand orientation
  • Gray color brings a majestic look 
  • Combination of speed, forgiveness, and distance


  • Only large size available

FAQs About women's golf irons

Golf is an expanding type of game. A large number of golfers around the world are participating in this game. They need various kinds of the instrument before starting the game. So, few frequently asked questions are answered here for the betterment of the readers and potential golfers.

1. What is the perfect golf iron for you?

This is a bit complex issue to deal with. Not all golfers share the same experience. So, the use of iron differs from golfer to golfer. If you consider the golf clubs for the money vs. golf irons ever, the results would not be the same.

You need to experience which iron suits you the most. There are different sizes available, while the weight levels are also different. Thereby, when it is about getting a golf iron, this would be wise if you check them properly.

Unless you are aware of the features or if your skills do not match with the iron, you might be in trouble during the rounds.

2. What is the perfect iron for beginners?

Before you get any golf iron, make sure you are habituated with the instrument. There are ample issues to deal with when you are playing golf. And when you are on the golf ground, you need to care about them consciously. So, if you are beginner, you need to start with the lighter one.

The iron that comes with less weight is more powerful to take shots. They also reduce the distance within a short time. So, you will need fewer strokes to reach your pockets. Hence, the learning process will be more natural.

Besides, as beginners, you also should check the best ladies golf irons for beginners available around you. They are filled with numerous features and flexibilities.

3. What is the suitable iron for intermediate golfers?

If you are an intermediate golfer, you will need a compact iron. The iron should come with a compact feature. Usually, the other ordinary irons come with a solo feature. But as you are a bit skilled and in an upper range than the beginners, you will need a smart iron.

Many of the manufacturers like Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue X Individual Iron or the Taylormade Men’s M2 Golf Iron Set may suit perfectly. Those are designed for the perfectness of the intermediate golfers.

If you are a female golfer, you may select Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete or the TaylorMade M4 Irons may suit you more than anything. They come with diversified features and flexibilities. Besides, the prices are also reasonable.

4. What is the most suitable iron for advanced golfers?

The experts need something special while they are on the golf course. Each of their shots is perfect, and they reach near the pockets with the shots. Therefore, they need some better irons to make the strokes perfect. So, they are picky and do not get the irons unless they are happy with the manufacturer’s description.

For the expert women golfers, the Callaway Golf 2018 Women's Rogue Individual Iron would be a better solution. Besides, they can also pick the Tour Edge Golf Women's Hot Launch 2. This hybrid piece of women's golf irons arrives with the latest technologies. They can provide a better swing and right shots each time.

Moreover, the experts can also check on some other golf irons. But they need to be selective in this process of getting the irons. Some pre-checks will result in a better purchase.

5. Which is better for women –mid-iron or small iron?

Both the irons are better for women. But in specific points, they need to focus on the distance. If they need to cross a considerable distance, in that case, they will be in need of a large iron. The large iron is greater than the mid and smaller irons.

But if they are near to the pockets to hit their golf balls, they can use the mid irons. The mid irons have a moderate stroke. They have a special swing and distance coverage. Besides, the women golfers do not need to stroke with huge power. Using a moderate stroke, they can reach near the green and to the pockets. 

With the support of the smaller irons, they can place the balls into the holes and claim their victories. But to do this, they are to select the top class irons with smaller size.

Therefore, it appears that both the mid and small iron suit women. They have to use them, considering their needs.

6. When to choose a new iron?

After playing a number of tournaments, a golfer needs to change the iron. Usually, an iron lasts for a notable period of time. Majority of the irons lasts for over one or two years. But there are certain conditions.

You need to pause during the rounds. If you use the same iron for all the tournaments or rounds, the iron will get damaged. But if you periodically use the irons, you will get better durability. The main way is to check the irons after each of the shots. If you see any marks or damaging spots, this is time to change it.

Remember, you can clean some of the marks. So, do not interpret them as damaging marks. Instead, a cleaning will do the rest and make them look shining. Thereby, when there would be damage or potential damages, you need to choose a new iron.

7. What is the distance?

Distance is the measurement of golf ball thrown in the course. To make the matter precise – you hit a ball from the tee. The ball reaches 50 yards far from you. This is 50 yard is the distance.
Each of the irons is made to cover such distances. The sole aim of the golfers is to cross the distance with fewer shots. The winner is the person who can reach the holes on the green (the place which holds the holes is known as green) with fewer strokes is the winner.
Therefore, every golfer aims to cover a good portion of the distance. 

8.  how long should golf iron be for women?

Well, the standard length that a golf iron should take for a woman is 38.5 inches if it is steel made. And if the iron is graphite made then the length should be 39 inches.
This measurement is true for iron1.if the number of iron increase then the length will increase for 0.5 inches each.

Women's Golf Irons Buying Guide

Getting golf irons is a time-consuming task indeed. Besides, it needs expertise too to find out the suitable one among the hundreds. Few tips below will help you get the right way to get your golf iron. Here they are.

Know your type

First of all, you have to know the type of iron you need. When you are on a beginner level, certainly you will not need the iron that the experts prefer. Similarly, when you are an expert, you will not need an iron that the intermediate people use.

Therefore, the most preferable way is to know your skills and get iron accordingly.

Mind the shaft

Remember, the shaft of the iron also plays a vital role in covering the distance. When you are selecting a multi-materials shaft, it will ensure comprehensive coverage. Usually, the shafts that come with graphite or steel cover a moderate distance.

So, the experts suggest getting the shaft that is made with multi-materials. When you are in the shop, try to get a shaft that meets the recommendation of the experts. Besides, you also need to check the thickness of the shaft. If the shaft is more massive, it will create trouble while taking the shots. The smart way is to get one that comes with a lightweight. 

Budget matters

Many of the golfers are unable to get the perfect iron due to budget. They cannot set their budget. Accordingly, they waste their times in browsing or visiting shops. The smartest idea is to know about the irons in prior. When you are browsing the irons, you will get some notions about their prices.

Once you end the research and set the budget, it would be easier to get the best one. You can know about the types, features, and other aspects of the iron. So, setting up the budget becomes simpler for you.

Last words

Getting the perfect women's golf irons would be easier if you go through the reviews. Usually, having the women's golf irons is not beyond your capacity. As a woman golfer, you have to get the golf tips for women's irons in order to get the right one. You know what – without the right iron, this is not possible to make the right stroke. Of course, you will have to spend your energy and efforts. But at the end of the day, it would be of no impacts. If you get the wrong women's golf clubs irons, you cannot send your golf balls to the holes. 

So, the reviews here will guide you to get the perfect iron that matches all your needs. Besides, you also need to go through some additional women's golf irons reviews. They will provide you with a better idea about the entire process. Once you are done with them, the golf iron selection process would be more comfortable.

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