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Golf is an outdoor game, played on a very big course. The average distance of a golf course is over 100 acres. People can’t walk that much, because golf is an active game. Golfers need to move one corner to another while keeping the strength. So walking that much is not a good idea. So, in golf sport golf cart is necessary.

A golf cart is a luxury car that is made especially for the golf course but people can use it for another purpose. The golf manufacturing company are manufacturing many types of golf carts, like gas and electric golf cart. Here, we will discuss which is better electric or gas golf cart?

Which is better electric or gas golf cart?

A golf cart is an essential car in golfing as well as people use it for a small ride, in a deserted area, and so on. The golf cart manufacturing companies are manufacturing golf carts for decades with quality and style. They offer different types of golf carts with many different useful features. Mainly. There are two types of golf carts that people love to use, a gas golf cart and an electric golf cart. Before going any further lest see two of the most popular company offer what type of feature in their gas and electric golf cart.

Yamaha Golf Cart

If someone picks the top three golf cart manufacturing company Yamaha will be one of them. They manufacture several gases and electric golf carts with useful features. All of their carts are very popular because of their amazing design, durability, and features.

Yamaha Gas golf cart

This company manufactured some amazing gas golf carts with the look and best performance. There gas golf cart can be used in of the course and even uneven roads. Their gas golf carts balance comfort and performance. The cart can run at high speed having over 10 horsepower.

Yamaha electric golf cart

Yamaha manufactured high-performance electric golf carts. They used PowerTech AC electric solution to make this golf cart. The electric golf cart of this company includes two types of high-performance batteries,  Toyota industrial-built motor control unit, best acceleration that ensures smooth ride in the uneven road, Delta-Q charger for the golf cart battery health, and so on.  This cart has premium shock absorption quality and increased stability due to weight balance. This cart has more to offer.

EZGO Golf Cart

This company is a subsidiary of Textron Company which made the world's best golf cart. This company offers both electric and gas golf carts at an affordable price with so many useful features.

EZGO Gas Golf cart

The gas golf cart of ezgo has a faster speed featuring over 13 horsepower and over 19 mph speed. One can carry heavy loads on it. More powerful while climbing hills or something like that.

EZGO Electric Golf cart

Ezgo’s electric golf cart is very popular because they produce less noise and zero emissions. The cost of this cart is much less and cheaper to operate. But not good in the uneven road because it has only 4.4 horsepower.

In case of which golf cart one should choose, gas or electric one must look into some key points before choosing one. Now, we will stand a difference between gas and electric golf carts based on some essential related terms.

gas golf cart

gas golf cart

Golf Cart Cost

The major golf manufactured companies are Yamaha, ezgo, and club car. Three of them manufactured the best golf cart. Normally, both gas golf carts and electric golf carts share an almost similar price range. The only difference made when customers customized the golf cart with the latest expensive technology. For example, using a lithium-ion golf cart battery can increase the price. The price difference can be over 500$. As we said if the customer customized the golf cart the price can go high or low. The price will vary according to the customer's wish. Overall both golf carts can cost over 2000$.

Maintenance Cost: The maintenance cost is the cost of changing parts or repairing the cart, etc. during the lifetime of the cart. Parts that need to replace are tier, driver belts, spark plugs, filters, and sometimes batteries. For the gas cart, one needs to refill the cylinder from time to time this will cost much than the electric cart.

In the case of changing motors, the gas cart costs more than the electric cart as the electric cart has fewer moving parts in its engine.

On the contrary electric golf carts battery don’t require changing after 3 or 4 years that cost less and increase the lifetime of the cart, unlike gas golf carts. 

Speed: Normally, gas golf carts are powerful than an electric golf cart but some of the electric golf carts are faster than gas golf carts. The gas and electric golf cart of Yamaha can run at the same speed having 19 mph. However, club car golf carts are faster than Yamaha. The electric golf carts of the club car company can run with 23 mph speed and the gas golf cart can run with 19mph speed.

The fastest electric golf carts are manufactured by EZGO, they can run at 25mph speed. But the gas golf cart has the same speed as others.

Range: Typically, gas golf carts cover more range compared to electric golf carts. If the range is a concern then one should choose the gas golf cart. For example, a Yamaha gas golf cart can cove more than 261 miles. With this range, one can easily have a day tour with their family near some beautiful places. If there is an available gas station on the way then there is no issue, one can have a long tour. But it's not possible with the electric golf cart.  The range of an electric golf cart is between 35 to 45 miles. The range is very little for a day tour. But one can use it for shopping in the nearby market or anything that requires only the available range.

Strength and durability: These two features depend on the model and brand. Normally, people consider a gas golf cart as the powerful one as it can carry a heavy load at the same time can run at speed. But if one chooses an electric golf cart having more than a 36V golf cart battery then the statement will not be appropriate. The electric golf cart having a more powerful battery is strong compare to the gas golf cart as well as durable.

In case of the durability of the body part one can customize it, they even can use a less expensive frame that will not be very durable and one can use an expensive frame that will be durable. The durability of the body parts doesn’t get much affected by the type of the cart.

Environment Pollution: The gas golf cart is extremely harmful to the environment. They produce carbon monoxide that pollutes the air. These golf carts burnt oil also pollute the environment. The electric golf cart is safe in this regard.

Comfort: Comfort is an important issue in everything. If one is not comfortable with anything they shouldn’t buy it or keep using it. If someone doesn’t like noise then for them electric golf cart is the best option as a gas golf cart makes a lot of sounds. The noise gets worse when the gas golf cart becomes old. With an electric golf cart, this will never happen.

Besides the noise gas golf cart create a weird smell of gas and burnt gas. Not everyone can tolerate this smell. So, an electric golf cart is an option in case.

Gas Golf Carts

Some golfers and people prefer gas golf carts because they want high range coverage, fast speed, and heavy load capability. They prefer gas carts because they can run at speed with a heavy load and can go faster on uneven roads which are not possible for the electric golf carts. However, gas golf carts are not suitable for those who don’t like noise and odder. Also, gas golf carts are not good for the environment.

Electric Golf Carts

Being friendly to the environment as well as producing almost no noise and odder this electric golf cart is the best choice for people who want a low-range golf cart. Most electric golf carts cost less than others but it depends on the customer. As well as the maintenance cost of the electric golf cart is little. 

However, electric golf carts are not a good choice for those who often go for a long ride. Because it's hard to recharge the golf cart middle of the road if it gets out of power. This golf cart runs on a battery and not able to carry a heavy load. As well as these golf carts are not suitable for the hilly area.


In the case of choosing a golf cart between a gas golf cart and an electric golf cart, the decision will depend on the customer's choice or on the person who wants to use it. One needs to consider their budget, in which work they going to use it, where they will use the cart, how much range they want from the cart, and so on.

We tried our best to give a detailed idea about the gas and electric golf carts. Therefore, we believe people can decide which is better electric or gas golf cart will be best for them.

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