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What size tires can I put on my golf cart with chart?

If you are an amateur in the field of choosing a golf cart tire, then it can be so much intimidating almost in every sphere regarding the reading of the diameter and choosing the perfect tires. If you are also in that situation, then don’t worry, We are here to help you out to decide better.

Whatever kind of cart you own (EZ-GO, Club Car, or Yamaha), following this article is going to help you better when it is about choosing the cart’s tire.

Types of the tires

Most of the tires in the market are available in two different types. Either they are a low-profile tire or a high-profile tire.

  • Low-profile tire-This type of tire tends to be thinner. The sidewall of this type of tire is going to be shorter. The aspect ration of this type of tire is, again, going to be lower. This type of tire comes with a tire size like 205/50-10". They are available in different sizes like 8’’, 10’’, 12’’, and 14’’. All types of golf carts including Club Car, Yamaha, and EZ-GO are bound to fit this kind of tire.
  • High-profile or all-terrain tire- this type of tire tends to be thicker. With a higher side-wall and aspect ratio, this type of tire is suitable to fit anywhere. They are also available in different sizes like 8’’, 10’’, 12’’, and 14 inches. You will find this tire for any kind of golf cart you have including Club Car, EZ-GO, and Yamaha.

Golf cart tire size

As we have mentioned in the previous section of this article, that you would find two different types of tire for your golf cart in the market. They are the low-profile tire and the high-profile tire. Depending on the size and variation of your cart, you should choose your cart’s tire. Down below are the charts that you can follow to install both for high-profile or low-profile tires.

Low-profile tire size chart:

This is the low-profile tire chart that you can follow to choose your appropriate tire…

Tire Size




18" Tall

8" Wide


20.5" Tall

8" Wide


17″ Tall

8″ Wide


17.1" Tall

8.5" Wide



8.5" Wide


18.5″ Tall

8.5″ Wide


20.5″ Tall

8.5″ Wide


19" Tall

8" Wide

High-profile or all-terrain tore size chart

This is the size chart that you can follow in case you are looking for a high-profile tire for your golf cart…

Tire Size




20" Tall

10" Wide


22" Tall

10" Wide


22″ Tall

11″ Wide


20" Tall

10" Wide


22" Tall

10" Wide


23″ Tall

10.5″ Wide


23″ Tall

10″ Wide


23" Tall

10" Wide

Reading the size of the tire

As we have mentioned earlier that there are two different types of tire that you would find in the market. Both of them come with two different measurement types. The low-profile tire comes with a measurement like 205/50-10, and a high-profile tire comes with a measurement like 20x10-10. But, if now I ask you to differentiate the meaning of both these two types, can you decipher the meaning? If not, then this is the section for you.

Low profile tire reading:

A tire that comes with a size like 205/50-10 means-

  • 205 is the tread width of the tire in millimeter.
  • The second number, which is 50, suggests the aspect ratio of the tire.
  • The final number, which is 10, suggests the complete length of the tire. The third number measures the length in inches.

High-profile tire reading:

A tire that comes with a size like 20x10-10 means-

  • The first number, which is 20, means that the length of the tire is 20 inches.
  • The second number, which is 10, means that the complete width of the tire is 10 inches.
  • And finally, the last digit, which is 10, means that the length of the wheel is 10 inches.

If you have scanned through this whole section, then, we believe, from now on, you will never miss the reading of any tire size.

Things to consider while choosing a tire

Few things are there that you should consider in case you are thinking about buying a new tire. Follow the discussion down below to gain some better insights…

  • The first thing that you need to make sure is the width of the tire. If you want the stability of your cart, then you should choose a tire that has great width.
  • The next thing to look at while choosing a new tire is the length of the tire. The taller the length of the tire, the more ground speed you are going to get. But, keep in mind that choosing too long a tire can reduce the engine or tire torque to a great extent.

Brief tire suggestions

If you are still procrastinating choosing your carts tire, then we have three best tire suggestions for any kind of carts that you own including EZ-GO, YAMAHA, and Club Car…

  • The first recommendation from our site is the 14" VAMPIRE Machined/Black Aluminum Wheels and 23x10-14" DOT All Terrain Golf Cart Tires Combo - Set of 4
  • The second recommendation from our site is the ARISUN 215/35-12 DOT Low Profile Golf Cart Tires.
  • And, finally, we have brought for you the EZGO 28757G01 18-Inch golf cart tire.

Consisting material of a tires

If you look at any tire, then you would find that a tire mainly consists of two main items. The first one is the tire itself and the second one is the wheel. The wheel stays in the middle to provide balance to the tire. The wheel of the tire works as a center of the tire.

Final words

Having a quality tire greatly gives you the freedom to run in any kind of terrain including on and off the course. But, before you choose, many things are there to consider. We hope the things that we have discussed throughout this article are going to benefit you if you have a slight knowledge of the golf cart or any kind of car’s tire.

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