How to Adjust Brakes on a Club Car Golf Cart

How to Adjust Brakes on a Club Car Golf Cart?

Without a proper brake golf cart also can cause accidents. Though a golf cart would not cause very serious accidents, it can cause some injuries to the cart and the passengers. So maintaining the cart is very necessary.

Some modern carts are designed with auto adjustable brakes which do not need any brake adjustment. But for those persons who do not have auto adjustable brakes cart today, we will discuss how they will be able to adjust the brakes of their cart. In this article, we will discuss how one will be able to adjust the brakes on a club car golf cart.

How to Adjust Brakes on a Club Car Golf Cart?

Method of Adjusting Brakes on Club Car Golf Cart

To adjust the brakes on a club car golf cart one will need some tools to make the process complete. Here are the tools that one will need to start the process.

  • Two 1/2” wrenches
  • Electric screwdriver

Once you have these tools you can engage with the process.

Step 1- The first step is the safety of both the person and the cart. So make sure to put the key off from the cart and turn the run tow switch off. The run tow switch is situated under the seat. These will ensure that the cart would not move at the time of adjustment.

Step 2- After turning off the run tow switch and removing the key now, one has to remove the floor mat. The floor mat is secured with 4 screws 2 screws on each of the sides. Use an electric screwdriver to remove the screws with the help of a T40 Torx bit. Removing these screws will ensure that one can pull the rubber mat out.

Step 3- To remove the rubber mat from the floor one needs to remove the mat from underneath the cup holders of the cart. After removing the sides of the rubber mat underneath the cup holders now simply pull the mat over the pedals. But the pedals will obstruct the way of the mat. To make the process easy one can release the parking brakes so that one can easily pull the mat out of the floor. Then keep the rubber mat in a safe place and keep the screws beside the mat so that you will be able to find them easily when needed.

Step 4- After removing the mat one still would not be able to access the brakes to adjust because there is a trapdoor in the way. The trapdoor is made of plastic. There is a hole in the plastic trapdoor. Simply put a finger inside the trapdoor and pull the trapdoor out so that you can easily access the brakes for adjustment.

Step 5- Removing the plastic trapdoor will enable one to access the brake rod. The rod is connected to the brake pedal. Check the brake pedal by pushing the pedal with a hand. If the pedal is very easy to push then one needs to tighten the brake rod. If there is more thread on the top side, then one needs to adjust the top side. To adjust the top side, one needs to use the wrenches. Simply use one wrench to hold the rod and use another to release the nut from the top side, which is closer to the brake pedal. Rotate the nut wrench counterclockwise to release the pressure.

Step 6- Then use your hand and rotate the middle rod counterclockwise to tighten the pedal. While rotating the middle rod check the amount of play to make sure you get enough play to the brake pedal. Make sure not to over-tighten the brake rod. Because over tight brakes will produce strain to the brake shoe. If the brake pedal produces enough amount of play, then simply tighten the nut that you have to loosen to adjust the brake rod. Simply use the wrench and rotate the nut clockwise.

Step 7- This step is an alternative way. One will need a measurement tape. To adjust the brake following this step, one needs to loosen the nut which is closest to the rear wheels. Then set the tape on top of the equalizer and check if the measure is 2 inches from the top of the equalizer to the cart body. If the measurement is not 2 inches, then one needs to insert the thread further into the brake rod.

To do that, rotate the thread clockwise. Rotating the thread will increase the height of the equalizer. Measure the height again and check the brake pedal is getting tighter. If the measurement reaches 2 inches, then the brake is good. After that, now, one needs to tighten the screw back up again. Use one wrench to hold the brake rod, then use another to rotate the nut. Make sure not to use too much pressure on the nut, or else the thread can be broken.

Step 8- After getting enough play and adjusting the brake now, it is time to put back everything as it was. First, simply put the trapdoor in its right place. Then put the rubber mat back in. Make sure to attach the rubber back underneath the cup holders. Then use the screws to mount the mat. Tight the screws on both sides of the mat to make sure that the rubber mat is secured.

Now go for a ride to check how the brake works. If the brake pedal is too tight then one must adjust the brake again to reduce the strain over the brake shoe.

Can you Push an Electric Golf Car?

Electric golf carts do not have any gear system. This makes the electric golf carts very easy to push for moving. Electric golf carts have a freewheel system. So if the electric cart gets out of the charge in the middle of a game, then one does not have to put the cart in neutral as like a gas-powered golf cart to move it. Also, one can move then gas golf cart by simply putting the cart into neutral.

Final Words

Maintaining the brake of a golf cart ensures that the cart is safe from any accidents. Also, it is essential to adjust the brake to increase the durability of the cart. Here we have described how one will be able to adjust their club car brake. We have described the process in the steps so that one can understand the process easily. Also, one will be able to do the task easily with the help of these steps and without calling any mechanics. They also would not need any knowledge about the cart to adjust the club car golf cart brake with our described steps.

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