What is the difference between teen and ladies golf clubs

What is the Difference Between Teen and Ladies Golf Clubs?

Golf is a socio active game. Almost all age people play golf. Unlike other games, there is no age limitation or gender limitation in this game. It is a game of peace, harmony, and friendship. Though it can be played by any gender and any age people most of the time it can be seen that males are very active than females.

Therefore, the most seen golf clubs in the market are usually for males. However, there are some manufacturers who produce clubs for all ages. That means one can find clubs for males, females, adults, and also for teenagers. However, some people say that the teen golf clubs and the ladies golf clubs are the same and some say there are differences. So in this article, we will discuss what is the difference between teen and ladies golf clubs.

Ladies Golf Club

What is the Difference Between Teen and Ladies Golf Clubs?

Basically, the teen golf clubs and the ladies golf clubs are almost the same. However, there are some minor differences between the teen and ladies golf clubs. We will discuss about the differences by the features of the clubs so that one can easily understand the differences.

Length of the clubs- The club length is the basic difference between the teen and women golf clubs. Generally, the manufacturers produce a ladies golf club 1 to 2 inches shorter than men's golf clubs. The driver length of the women can be at most 43 to 44 inches where the driver club length of a men's golf club is 45 inches. Because the average height of women tends to be a bit short than men. Therefore, with the men's clubs women would not be able to play properly.

On the other hand, the teenager's clubs are available in various sizes because of their height and size. One can find a club that is as short as 40 inches and as long as 45 inches according to its length. That means a teenager can use a women club if the club size feels suitable for the teenager.

Grip of the club- The grip is the only part of a golf club that gets in the contact with the hand of a golfer. The women's golf clubs grips seem to be thinner than men's golf club grips.  As we know that women's hands are smaller than men's, therefore, with a thinner golf club, women feel very comfortable swinging the club. Typically, women's golf club grips are made of rubber and also from leather.

On the other side, the teenager golf club's grip can be both thinner and thicker depending on their ages. Teenager age above 17 seems to use thicker grip than ladies golf grip. Because a teenager boy age above 17 has bigger hand and strong hand than a lady golfer. However, some of the teenager golf club grips are also made of velvet. These are for those teenagers who are below 15 years old.

Shaft flex- Both for teenagers and ladies the shaft is a very important consideration. The shaft of the club depends on the golfer’s abilities like swing speed and control. Both the teenager and women need a shaft that can be accommodated with their skill level. Shafts are made of two different materials and these are steel and graphite. Sometimes manufacturers use titanium for the shaft as well.

For the ladies, the best shaft material to choose would be graphite. Because graphite is more flexible than steel. The graphite shaft is less solid than the steel shaft. These shafts will provide the necessary flex that will help the ladies to achieve the desired distance with ease. But the only problem with a graphite shaft is that these are less controllable than steel shafts.

Some women seem to tend to cut down men's steel-shafted clubs to save the cost which is not ideal at all. Because the weight of the club would not be as same as a graphite shaft. Also, it would be as flexible as the graphite shaft. So a woman should not come up with these kinds of ideas because with the male golf clubs women would not be able to have the right amount of flex, swing speed, and control for the weight of the club.

On the other hand, the teenager club shaft also should be made of graphite. The graphite made shaft are best suited for teenager. However, if a teenager has more muscle and more energy than an average teenager then the person can choose a shaft that is made of steel for more control than distance.

A suitable shaft flex will increase the performance of both teenagers and ladies.

Custom size- While choosing a set of clubs for a teenager it would be wise to choose a suitable size club set. Because it would not be as easy as pie to find a set of clubs that is the perfect size for a teenager for their different ages and height. Therefore, a teenager under 15 years should try to get their own customized set to get the proper size, weight, and flex to match with their play level.

On the other hand, women also can get their own customized set if they do not feel comfortable with regular clubs. However, most ladies use the regular clubs instead of getting customize sets.

Some Exceptions

There are some women golfers who like to use men’s golf clubs. A woman taller than 5 feet 9 inches should use 45 inches drivers instead of 43 or 44 inches. Also, some women golfers find themselves comfortable playing with steel shaft clubs. There are some skilled golfers who seem to use steel shaft clubs instead of graphite to have more control over the ball flight.

Some teenager boys above 17 use 45 inches drivers. Also, they seem to use steel made shaft clubs. Basically, in the junior division golf tours, most teenager golfers seem to use adult clubs.

How Much Shorter are Ladies Golf Clubs?

On average, the ladies golf clubs are 1.5 to 2 inches shorter than adult's or male golf clubs. However, depending on the manufacturers the size can vary. Some manufacturers produce 1 inches shorter club for women also. Though ladies golf clubs are 1.5 to 2 inches shorter than men a lady can find customize size golf club. Also, there is no rule that women cannot use men's golf clubs. So if one feels comfortable with men's golf clubs then she can play with men's clubs without any worry.

Are golf Clubs Unisex?

Yes, golf clubs are unisex. Both males and females can use the same club for playing. There is a lot of golf clubs in the market that are gender neutral.

However, instead of using man golf clubs, women should try to find the ladies golf club. They would not get the right amount of control, swing speed, and accuracy with man golf clubs as the man golf clubs are more weighted. But if a woman feels comfortable then she can use the male golf club.

Ladies Golf Clubs

Ladies Golf Clubs

Senior Flex VS Ladies Flex

Old golfers have lacked in energy because of their age. They are not able to create the right amount of swing speed to drive their ball further away which hampers their score. For this reason, the golf club manufacturers produce clubs with senior flex. The senior flex clubs are appropriate for those people who can shot the ball from 180 yards to 200 yards. In other words, those old golfers who have a swing speed of 70 to 90 miles per hour should choose the senior flex golf clubs.

On the other hand, ladies flex golf clubs provide way softer flex than senior flex clubs. These are appropriate for driving the ball to cover more than 200 yards. That means the ladies flex is suitable for women golfers who cannot cover 200 yards with their regular club.

Final Thoughts

The golf club manufacturers produce clubs for all ages people individually. But it seems that the teen and ladies golf clubs are mostly the same. However, there are some major differences among them. For this reason, today we have discussed what is the difference between teen and ladies golf clubs. This article will help both a teenager and a woman golfer to choose the proper club according to their skill level instead of using each other clubs.

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