How many times did Obama play golf

How many times did Obama play golf? Obama or Trump?

Playing golf is not a matter of luxury rather a habit and the way to relax. So, this is interesting to know how many times did Obama play golf while president. In a nutshell, he played around 306 rounds of golfs during his office in the White House.

Considering the rounds, this is really amazing while his performance is beyond any confusion. Despite the poor bunker shots, his average in golfing is up to the mark.

If you want to know how many times did Obama play golf while in office, you need to through some statistics. He got involved in golfing during his 30s. And it was the alternative of basketball which took more preparations and physical activities.

But the question still remains - how many times did Obama play golf in 8 years? Did he cheat on the games? Well, the answer is a big ‘NO.’

Despite being the president, Obama never went out of the rules. Though he had the opportunity to break the rules and get some favors, he denied all them.

Who were his opponents in golf?

When Obama was in Oval Office, he used to play golf with his political opponents. He had ideological differences with other political rivals. But on the golf course, he was a perfect gentleman. Besides, he also played golf with some other political opponents, and it was a way to discuss bilateral issues. During the rounds, he used to address different matters that were not suitable for formal discussion.

How Many Times Did Obama Play Golf during his presidency?

As it is said earlier, he played around 306 rounds. The figure is more for the former US presidents and successors. In most of the cases, Obama played golf on local military bases. Besides, he also played golf across the country. The reasons for selecting the military bases is the lower costs. Moreover, the military bases are more secured than external golf courses.

How much did Obama spend on golf?

If it is about the calculation of total costing that Obama has spent throughout his presidency hour playing golf, then it would be around 114 million. Though it seems huge, with the comparison of Donald Trump, it is going to be a slight budget for sure.

Obama as a golfer

How many times did Obama play golf while president, is a silent question. In fact, it was tough for him to manage time for the time-consuming sport form. But as a golfer, he overcame all the matters and continued his rounds. During his presidency, he also had an essential commitment to the improvement of the golf industry. The rate of his success is not always admirable, but he tried to win fairly.

306 rounds – shorter or moderate?

To analyze how many times did Obama play golf in 8 years, we need to scan his rounds. He played 306 rounds so far. But the other presidents have crossed the number significantly. For instances, former US President Woodrow Wilson played 1200 rounds. When Wilson was in his office, he played all the shots with care. Since after taking office in 2017, Trump has played around 220 times so far. And if he is on the second term, the rounds will rise.
Average rounds in a year.

So, if we consider how many times did Obama play golf while in office, we can find the average. He played 306 rounds while it stands as 38 rounds for a year. However, the average is smart. The proportion of rounds for Obama is above the national average. The National Golf Foundation in the US sets the national average as 19.3. Under that consideration, Obama is above the mark.

An avid golfer

The former US President Barack Obama is an avid golfer. To make the issue clearer, avid golfers are those who play over 25 rounds in a year. Except for the professional golfers, this is tough to reach the goal. Estimates say that less than 3 percent of the total US citizens can achieve the rank. But with his perseverance, Obama has reached the status. But he is not crazy and knows where his limit is.

Geared-up rounds

In the first session of his presidency, Obama had fewer chances to spend on the golf course. But when he was re-elected as the Commander-in-Chief, his rounds were geared up. The average rate of rounds increased to over 47 rounds. But the figure was poor in his earlier term as president.

Time of playing

Former president of the United States Barack Obama was a serious golfer. But he was a skilled administrator as well. So, his priority was to take care of the state, and he did that correctly. So, when you want to know how many times did Obama play golf in 8 years, check his schedules. He spent most of his vacations and weekends on the golf courses. As he evaluates the time, he spent it leisurely. And he had plenty of vacations during the presidency.

The percentage

If we consider all the rounds and estimate the time, it appears Obama spent 3 percent of his time for golf. The remaining 97 percent of the time he spent for the country and his family. This is a great job, indeed. Managing and balancing all the issues perfectly and bring out time for recreation is hard undoubtedly. However, despite all the drawbacks, former president Obama did it.


Nothing is fair in the world, and every coin has two sides. So, many of the critics have delivered their remarks. The existing president Donald Trump is one of them. Trump repeatedly criticized Obama on Twitter for the latter’s golfing habit. Trump might believe himself as superior in golf as he owns several golf courses in and out of the USA.

Who is better – Obama or Trump?

Well, this is a controversial issue to discuss. The performances, skills, and expertise are almost the same. The critical difference is that Trump had the option to practice golfing more than Obama did. So, he is slightly above the margin. On the other part, Obama always had fair deals. Of course, he is weak to some points, but he loves golfing from the heart. TRUMP AND GOLF- REALLY TRUMP IS HE A GOOD GOLFER?

To wrap up

Now, how many times did Obama play golf matters less than before. But the US people always had a fascination with this sport. When they see their Commander-in-Chief in action with a golf club, they want to know the fundamental facts. Former US President Barack Obama might not have championship status, but he has won the hearts of his people with golfing.

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