why is golf so expensive

why is golf so expensive – Is golf really expensive?

One of the common questions about golf, among the common people, is -why golf is so much expensive?

Well, is the statement really true?

Golf is a prestigious game, and people are playing golf for a long time, and for sure, they will continue playing golf.

But, in recent days, we are hearing a hypothesis about golf is that it is becoming costly every single day.

We are not taking this supposition for granted. Instead, in this article, we will discuss some of the matters that support this hypothesis, and also some of the things that will be against this hypothesis.

Our intention here will be to find out the actual causes of golf being so expensive and is it really worth of everything or not.

Why golf is so expensive

You can’t deny the fact that golf is really expensive. But there are some obvious reasons behind it.

Let’s discuss all those things first and then attach some reasons to support our hypothesis.

Commenting without making any discussion would not be a great choice.

These are the top five things that are mainly responsible for golf being so expensive.

1. Equipments cost

Well, if you are preparing to play golf, then probably you know that you can't play golf with only a stick and a golf ball.

You need to have different materials and elements to ensure the perfect momentum of playing golf.

You need to have different types of clubs, at first, for playing in different positions.

And golf clubs are not cheap that you can afford so easily.

You need to spend, at least, around 500 dollars for buying your golf clubs.

After having all these clubs, it’s not enough yet, you need to buy a driver for starting the game.

Buying a driver would cost you around 200 dollars. Now a days hybrid golf clubs are much popular beginners to advance golfer.

So, it is very much certain that for only buying clubs you need to spend around 700 dollars.

Spending 700 dollars, for buying clubs, is not the easiest task that an ordinary person can afford, at a time.

After you own your precious golf clubs, you need to buy golf balls.

If you are thinking about buying a dozen average golf balls, you need to spend at least 10 dollars.

But, if you are thinking about buying some premium level golf balls, the cost will definitely increase.

Wait, not yet finished. There are more things that you need to think about.

You need to buy a golf bag for carrying your golf clubs or for protecting them.

These are the basic things that you need to have for starting playing golf.

But there are more. You can buy golf GPS for tracking your courses, golf rangefinder, simulator for practicing at home, golf mats, flags, etc.

So, we are estimating that, only for equipment, you need to spend around 1000 dollars if you want to start playing golf.

Seems expensive?

Wait wait!!! There are many more coming.

But don’t panic, we have a section at the end of this article that can give you some consolation.

But, for now, let’s continue with the fearful budget that you need to spend for playing golf, at least.

2. Sharpening the saw

This is one of my favorite things from the seven habits of highly effective people.

You can’t start playing golf without having any practices or coaching.

There are many things you need to learn if you are thinking about golf.

 You need to learn how to make a better swing, how your gesture should be while you are playing golf.

For honing these skills that playing golf requires, you need to hire a coach, or, at least, you need to get yourself admitted into any professional training center.

That is how you are going to start playing golf.

But, I am sorry that I need to make you sad again, but yes, you need to spend a great amount of money here also.

For starting your amateur career, you need to complete at least 10 professional training courses.

If one of the courses costs you around 100 dollars, then we can estimate that completing 10 courses will cost you around 1000 dollars. You may complete all the courses lower than the price of our estimation. This should not be the reality all the time.

Oh my Jesus!

Should I stop dreaming about golf?

No! not at all.

We are not here to demotivate you. Instead, we want you to play golf.

But these are the harsh realities you are going to face. But, wait for our consolation section where we will be discussing some of the things that should give you some courage about why you should continue playing golf.

Now, let’s explore another field where you need to spend money on playing golf.

3. Golf Course

You can’t play golf all the time in your home yard unless it is only for fun.

If golfing is only for fun, you may create a simulator inside your home and start enjoying your time online.

Technologies have done it easier for us.

But, professionalism requires more. If you have a passion for golf or if you want to enjoy the real taste of this beautiful green game, you need to play golf in any golf course.

Unless you own a golf course, you need to pay.

And, if you are reading this article, probably you don’t own a golf course. Am I right?

If yes is your answer, then-No worries! I also don’t own a golf course. But, I pay, as you do for playing golf.

If you are thinking about playing in an average public golf course, you need to pay around 40-50 dollars for 18 holes.

And, if you are thinking about playing golf in a nice public golf course, you need to pay around 100 dollars for 18 holes.

Pretty expensive, right?

For being a part of this prestigious sport, indeed, you need to spend more…

4. Golf Clothing

Another field that is getting expensive in recent days is golf clothing.

Though, all golf courses do not require clothing conditions, but there are some private courses where you need to maintain strict rules for clothing.

Anyways, whether in public courses or in private courses, whether required or unnecessary, most of the players prefer using golf clothes.

But, these days, the clothing industry is getting more expensive, so as golf clothes.

For golf shoes, shirts, shorts, or golf pants, you need to spend around 300-400 dollars.

5. Membership

This is our last segment where you need to spend for playing golf.

If you want membership in any golf club, you need to pay a minimum number of amounts according to the types of membership.

Depending on the type of club, you need to spend around 300-1000 per month or, 3000-10000 per year.

It's like, if you want to spend, you can spend as much as you want.

Golf is a type of game that is like an addiction for many players.

There are many examples of people who have gone bankrupt for playing golf.

We don’t want you to be like that, that is why the next section is for you that can give you some consolation and will provide you some reason why you should continue playing golf.

The reason why you should continue golf

1. Most of the cost is for one time

If you can manage to buy all the equipment at a time, you need no thinking about making such an investment again.

You can continue playing with the equipment for a long time.

If you are too much passionate about golf, and you believe that you have some potential, then never stop!

This investment of yours can bring out great possibilities.

2. Golf equipment’s hardly damage

there is a minimum chance that your equipment will be damaged after certain days of use.

If you take good care of your equipment, there is a high chance that you will be able to play with them for a long period.

You just need to be cautious, that is how you are going to make progress in this beautiful game.

3. Many tournaments available

whether you are a handicap, amateur, or professional level player, many tournaments are happening every year for providing you enough opportunity to show your skill.

If you believe that, you have opportunities and possibilities then you should not stop.

Who knows if you are going to be the next Tiger Woods or not?

4. Prize money is high

If you own a professional mind setup, then you should know that the prize money for any golf tournament is pretty high.

If you can manage to win any tournament or at least can reach the final round,

You need no thinking about the money that you have spent on buying all of your accessories.

Many players have had nothing, but they have gained everything possible with hard work and consistency.

That is why we believe that it is all about motivation and consistency.

Talents never fade away. You are here only to shine.

5. Minimizing the amount

you can also think about minimizing the total cost by taking some precautious steps.

The amount that we have estimated here should be the reality all the time.

You can minimize the total amount of budget at any time by following some procedures.

There are many second-hand good quality products available in the market that you always can choose to buy.

It’s always about making a start. If you can’t afford to buy all brand new products, start with the second-hand accessories.

And, there are many coaching companies available that will provide you a scholarship if you can’t afford to pay.

It is the skills that you need to have and the courage to continue.

We believe that, once you make a start, you will get your own ways to continue.

Is golf dying?

A common question among the people that we are hearing, but we don't want to hear-is golf really dying for its greater cost?

The answer is obviously a big no!

We can assure you that, it is evolving every single day as it should.

But, this is also true that the number of courses that are opening every year is far lower than the number of courses that are closing every year.

But there are many reasons behind this concept.

Instead of playing outdoor, indoor golfing is gaining more popularity in recent days.

That is why the demand for golf simulator is increasing rapidly.

As people can easily afford to set up a simulator inside their house and they can enjoymultiple numbers of courses sitting at home, the emotion for outdoor golfing is reducing for sure.

But. The passion for golf is not dying at all.

It is just taking another turn. We don’t know still if it is good or not. But, surely, we prefer playing golf in the green golf courses.

I wish, as you wish, the prices of golf equipment were lower than usual.

We don’t want this beautiful green game to fade away.

Final words

There is no doubt about the fact that golf is the most expensive sports that are available.

You need to think about golf equipment, training, course fee, membership, clothing, and many more for playing golf.

You also need to pay a high budget of money for affording all of them. Can you imagine any other sports being this much expensive?

But, whatever it is, golf is like an addiction. Once you start playing golf, you forget all of these.

The only thing that starts brainstorming inside your brain is- you need to put the golf ball into the hole. That is how you will be count as successful.

But, it is also true that the increasing amount of golfing is becoming a concern for every player.

Many dedicated players are thinking about quitting golf for its greater budget.

But we don't want that. We want consideration and enough opportunity to carry on.

Providence and cautiousness, only, can help us to achieve this great feat and to continue playing golf.

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