Interesting facts on Tiger woods

Interesting facts on Tiger woods – the best golfer of the age

In the global golf arena, the name Tiger Woods is quite a familiar one. In fact, he is one of the living legends. This US golfer is considered as one of the bests of all time for his extraordinary skills and performance. Since an early age, his talents in golf was discovered. And now his contributions to golf are widely admired too. Born to a Thai mother and African-American father, this athlete is globally famous for his exclusive golf records.Some of the Interesting facts on Tiger Woods are explained here.

However, specific facts about this magical performance-holder are unknown to many. Some of the critical and impressive events are explained here. Hope, they would add some additional knowledge to your existing one.

13 Interesting facts on Tiger woods


Tiger Woods – one of the most famous name. But his real name is Eldrick Tont Woods. There are some interesting facts – the first part of his name symbolizes his dad while it ends with the initial of his mom. Later, his father addressed his as Tiger in remembrance of his friend in the army who was known as Tiger. Gradually, he is now set with the name as Tiger Woods.

Tiger woods achievements

The achievements of this legend are glorious. So far, he has won 14 majors with over 70 PGA Tour titles. He had to struggle a lot to bag the victories. Thanks to his non-stop efforts and stamina. Besides, he is trying to regain his fame as the top golfer of the world.

Personal life

After his introduction with Elin Nordegren, an ex-model, in 2003 they got married in the next year. They have a daughter together named Sam Alexis Woods. She was born in 2007. His son with Nordegren is known as Charlie. However, the couple got split in 2010 for several reasons. Now Woods has a girlfriend named Erica Herman while both of his children live with him now.


Like the other top celebrities, Tiger Woods is not an exception. Scandals and rumors are always after him. He was alleged for an extramarital affair with a nightclub manager of New York City. Besides, allegations were found that he was a careless driver and received tickets for the immature driving. Following the scandals, he suffered a blow from his sponsors. Gradually, everything went under control, and he got back the sponsorships.

Arrested for drug-driving

Besides, the local police of Jupiter Island in Florida had to arrest this golf-genius. They brought charges of drug-driving against Tiger Woods. The allegations said that he fell asleep during the drive of his SUV. The incident happened in 2017 while Woods later said he took prescribed medicines without knowing the impacts. 

The Jupiter Island home

With his former wife Elin Nordegren, he got a property in Florida’s Jupiter Island. The 12-acre property took around 40 million USD. The beach view from the house is striking while the small golf playing ground adds a beauty. The residence is covered with greeneries and a beautiful place indeed!

Weird color selection

There are no particular reasons, but he is seen with a redshirt. It has become a signature for Tiger Woods. He loves to wear red on the last day of each tournament. Some say that this is a sign that brings his fortune in the competitions which he got from his mother. But no views of this golfer about the preference available so far.

A billionaire athlete

Woods is one of the billionaires among the athletes considering the age range. He became the billionaire in 2009. Now the net worth of this Afro-American golfer is around $640 million. All the fortunes were brought to him by his hard work and devotion to golf. If the legacy runs, he would be the number one athlete billionaire in the days ahead. The massive sponsorships and prize money helped him to climb in this position. 

A record holder

Tiger Woods is one of the Guinness Record holders. He is mostly known for 17 Guinness World record in several categories. First of all, he has the most exclusive earning as a golfer while he won several major golf tournaments in a series. There are few athletes who can reach his position.

A former basketball player

Earlier in his life, particularly in his college days, Woods was a basketball player. When he was at Kansas State University, he used to participate in basketball for his institution’s team. However, he did perform very well as he does in golf. 

The man of big heart

Alongside his performance in golf, he also renowned for his charities. Several charitable organizations run after his donations. The Tiger Woods Foundation is one of the leading foundations for children that help in their education and training on golf. It was set in 1996, and the number of beneficiaries crossed 10 million. Besides, he also won the heart of millions by donation to Haiti for an earthquake back in 2010. 

Writer in disguise

In line with the golf club success, Tiger Woods is also successful with a pen. The book titled “How I Play Golf” turned one of the bestsellers. The book is on instructions on playing golf. Beginners who want to shine in this sport always follow the directives from this book. Besides, he used to play the role of a columnist for Golf Digest too.

Loves movies, music

Like ordinary human beings, he has a never-ending taste for film and music. He passes his leisure hours by enjoying movies. Alongside the other languages, he prefers Hollywood movies most while James Bond series is his favorite one. Moreover, he has a strong sense of music and loves to listen to various music genres.

The transformation from amateur to the best

At the beginning of his life, he started his golfing career as an amateur. He won the US Amateur Championship thrice consecutively. And luckily, none could break this record so far. It was the foundation for this great golfer to secure the apex he is today in the history of golf.

In the end, this is obvious that he is a human being. He loves to be usual while his fame is the other thing that he enjoys much. This undergraduate professional golfer has won the hearts of millions of people with his love for golf and love to humans.Hope you enjoy the Interesting facts on Tiger Woods above. 

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