spiked or spike less golf shoes

Spiked or spike less golf shoes: which is the batter?

Which one is better? Spike or spikeless? Which one should you choose?

Well, spike shoes are shoes with spikes featured on their sole typically made off plastic.

On the other hand, spikeless shoes will have flat outsole instead of spikes. In the place of spike there may have dimples on the sole in a spikeless shoe.

Though spiked shoes are highly designed for wearing in sporting events because they provide more grip and lateral balance than spikeless ones, spikeless shoes can also be used in sporting events like golf.Because they are more authentic, versatile and convenient.

You can get off from your car, go to the course and after course, you can go to the clubhouse without changing a spikeless shoe.

But spiked shoes will not give you that freedom. You can only use them in sporting events for having perfect grip and balance.

Let's find out the differences between both these categories-

Spike vs. spike less golf shoes


Spike less

Feature spike on the sole

Flat outsole instead of spike 

Recommended for sports

Versatile and convenient (can be used everywhere including sports)

Grip, traction, support

Grip, traction, support, comfort, and flexibility.

Lateral stability

Less lateral stability

Suitable for every weather conditions

Not suitable for every weather condition.

Cant be used in a formal place.

You may wear spikeless shoes anywhere.

Now, what is your opinion? Which one do you think is better?

If you want our recommendation, then we would say that having both these pairs would be a greater choice.

This will allow you to choose wisely in different weather conditions and give you freedom wherever you want.

Our recommendations

In this article, we have discussed four shoes of two categories(spiked and spikeless).

All four pairs of shoes are made with rich synthetic materials.

The main differences between them are that the first two pairs of shoes will have spiked on their outsole, and the last two pairs of shoes will not have any spike on their outsole. That means they are spikeless.

Among all the four shoes Adidas Men's Tour360 Xt Golf Shoe is our best pick for the spiked category and Nike New 2020 AIR MAX 1 G Spikeless Golf Shoes is our best pick for the spikeless categories.

Both of these shoes will have a synthetic sole outline for giving you more comfort.

Besides, the premium leather quality of these shoes will allow you to have the perfect experience of wearing golf shoes.

Both of these pairs are promised to protect your shoe from water.

Now, its totally your decision whether you will go for a spiked shoe or for a spikeless one.

But having both a spiked and spikeless one opens up a lot more options to choose from.

Spiked golf shoes

1. Adidas Men's Tour360 Xt Golf Shoe

This spiked shoe from Adidas is available with five different color variations.

The synthetic sole of the shoe will produce more grip and stability.

The premium leather of the shoe will provide more comfort and durability.

This shoe is available with a responsive boost midsole.

This one will support every kind of stretch and wrapping force.

Key Feature
  1. Five color variations
  2. Synthetic sole
  3. Premium leather
  4. Responsive boost midsole
  5. Will endure every force including stretching and wrapping.

2. Under Armour Men's HOVR Drive Woven Golf Shoe

This pair of shoes from Under Armour is available with two different color variations (white/metallic silver).

This imported shoe will have a synthetic sole for giving you more comfort than ever.

The integrated lacing system of the shoe will ensure you get a perfect fitting.

This pair of shoes is 100% waterproof so that you can play with this shoe in any weather conditions. Even you will get a 2 years limited waterproof warranty.

The tornado spike of the shoe will give perfect traction and grip for your perfect comfort.

Key Feature
  1. Two different colors
  2. Imported and synthetic sole
  3. Lacing for perfect fitting
  4. Waterproof/2 years waterproof warranty
  5. Spike will produce perfect traction.

Spikeless golf shoes

1. Adidas Men's Codechaos Golf Shoe

Here is another product from Adidas and this one is available with three different color variations.

This one is lightweight and you will feel comfortable wearing this shoe.

A lace closure is available with this shoe for having a perfect fitting.

The synthetic outsole of the shoe will provide the perfect comfort of your wearing shoes.

This shoe will have a water protective layer so that you can use it in wet weather.

Key Feature
  1. Three different color variations
  2. Comfortable with a lightweight design
  3. Lace closure
  4. Synthetic sole, Chaos TRAXION outsole
  5. Water protective layer for water protection.

2. Nike New 2020 AIR MAX 1 G Spikeless Golf Shoes

This shoe from Nike will ensure perfect airflow inside your shoe so that your feet remain healthy.

This pair of shoes will have foam midsole for giving you the comfort of wearing shoes.

The integrated traction pattern of the shoe will provide a perfect grip for playing in any weather conditions.

This pair of shoes is also lightweight so that you feel comfortable while wearing the shoe.

The synthetic leather of the shoe will protect your shoe from the water hazard.

Key Feature
  1. Perfect airflow
  2. Foam midsole
  3. Integrated traction pattern
  4. Lightweight
  5. Synthetic leather.

Final words

Now many golfer use golf sandals for practice session and feel comfortable.

People become easily confused about which shoe they should pick up for playing golf. 

Whether it should be a spiked shoe or it should be spikeless?

Both of these categories will have some benefits and some demerits in some particular areas.

We have already discussed all these in the introduction panel. You may give it a look if somehow you have missed them.

Now, the final answer is obviously yours whether you will choose a spiked shoe or a spikeless shoe.

Our recommendation would be to have both one pairs of spiked and spikeless.

Having both types of shoes will allow choosing wisely in different conditions and circumstances according to your needs.

It obviously will depend on your total budget. If you can manage to bear the expenses then why not trying?

Spike vs. spikeless

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