Can You Use a Hunting Rangefinder For Golf

Can You Use a Hunting Rangefinder For Golf

For hunting and golfing, there must need high quality rangefinder. While hunting anything, then the hunter needs a rangefinder as well as the golfer to measure the distance of the golf courses. There are mainly two types of rangefinders available in the market. One of them is an optical rangefinder and the second one is the laser rangefinder. Both work well for their particular jobs.

Now-a-days people use several rangefinders for their tasks. For example, they can now use a specific rangefinder for playing any game such as golf. In golf, they use a golf rangefinder. For hunting, they use hunting rangefinder, etc. People now use different types of rangefinders for their several activities.

But sometimes they can use a hunting rangefinder for golf. In this article, we will describe about the uses of a hunting rangefinder instead of using a golf rangefinder.

What is a Rangefinder?

A rangefinder is a measuring instrument to measure distance exactly. This rangefinder is used to measure the exact distance between the people and the targeted area. It is mostly used for hunting, golfing, hiking, observing, etc. Many adventure teams use this rangefinder while they are observing wildlife in any forest.

Can You Use a Hunting Rangefinder For Golf

Yes, you can use a hunting rangefinder for golf.

While golfing people can use any hunting rangefinder to measure distance on the golf courses. People can use a single rangefinder for both activities. But not all off hunting rangefinders offer to use for golf. There are some specific and high quality hunting rangefinders that can be used for also golfing.

Though hunting rangefinders are being used as golf rangefinders also, there are some significant differences between hunting rangefinders and golf rangefinders. We try to explain about distinguishes with some factors also so that people can understand about today’s topic.

Hunting vs. Golfing Rangefinders

Since a long time ago, laser technology is used for most of the rangefinder's measurement instruments. Laser technology is made faster and simpler with advance ranging modes. Though the functionality of the hunting and golf rangefinder is similar, there also more differences between hunting rangefinder and golf rangefinder. In the below, we try to explain in detail about these.

  • Target Mode: Usually, a golf rangefinder is used for mainly detecting and measuring closer objects. It is specially designed for measuring the distance of the closer objects perfectly. Golf rangefinder use "First Target Mode" to detect and measure the closer objects in the golf courses like flagsticks.

On the other hand, hunting rangefinders use "Distant Target Mode" to detect distant objects clearly. By using a hunting rangefinder, the hunter can easily focus on far away objects. They can measure also these object's distance from them.

  • Types Based on Measurement: Mainly, there are three types of common golf rangefinders available in the market. These all are different from each other.  We discuss about these with their master side of activities.

LASER Rangefinder: This is the most common type of golf rangefinder. Using this rangefinder, people should first target the objects and press the laser to focus the objects on the courses. In the meanwhile, they can see also the distance on the screen between them and the targeted object.

Optical: This is a type of golf rangefinder like binoculars. People can target the objects by seeing with one eye on the target to get the full reading perfectly.

GPS: This rangefinder has so simple functionality to use very easily. People should just wear this on their wrist.  They can select the target through it and measure the appropriate distance. The distances of them show on the screen.

There are also some types of hunting rangefinder. We put the top three hunting rangefinders.

Archery Rangefinder: For hunting, there needs some special functionality in the rangefinder to fix the aim. Using these archery rangefinders they can fix the angle of their bow properly so that they can get the final aim perfectly.

Rifle-Hunting Rangefinder: When people use any rifle for hunting, they can use rifle-hunting rangefinders to fix accurate aim. This will give 1000 yards range for hunting.

Precision Shooting Units: This is a special rangefinder which uses for measuring long distances while hunting. By using this hunting rangefinder they can get precise target and location for better hinting.

  • Magnification: Using a golf rangefinder people can get the closer distance object properly. They can only find objects less than 400 yards range. It covers a shorter range.

The hunting rangefinder can cover a long distance to hunt perfectly with targeting the objects. It can easily cover up to 1000 to 1500 yards.

  • Results of using both Rangefinders: At the last, by using any golf rangefinders people can get quick results. There is no need for accurate results while playing golf.

But for hunting, there must need accurate results targeting by the hunting rangefinders.

Hunting Rangefinder

Hunting Rangefinder

Golf vs. Hunting Rangefinder: Contrast of Features

There are so many features of both golf and hunting rangefinders. We put a table chart to explain some of these.

Hunting Rangefinders

Golf Rangefinders

This rangefinder operates with Distant Target Modes that give the far away distance objects.

It operates the First Target Distance mode that gives the results of closer objects.

In hunting rangefinder, there is a scan mode to target the moving objects. 

When the target is final and locked, then use vibration to confirm all.

This is a fully waterproof design thus it is being used in any weather conditions.

Simple design with more functionality.

It provides exactly accurate lenses.

It includes high quality lenses.

Multiple targeting modes for precise hunting.

High magnification strength.

How to Choose One Rangefinder to Use for Both Golf and Hunting?

There is a golf rangefinder to measure the distance on the golf courses and also hunting rangefinders for measuring the distance of the object while hunting. Both of these rangefinders have their specific characteristics. People should know something before using one rangefinder for both golf and hunting. We put some factors which should be followed by everyone if they want to use one rangefinder for both golf and hunting.

  • Distance Differences: First and foremost, people should consider distance differences. Usually, a golf rangefinder is used for targeting the closer objects on the golf courses. There is the internal function of the rangefinder to target and find the nearest objects such as flagstick on the golf courses. Using this golf rangefinder ignores distant objects such as another golfer, tress, or the fans crowds, etc.

The hunting rangefinder uses distant target priority mode to select and target the long distance objects. There are some internal functions to ignore the nearest distractions such as tress brushes etc.

So, people must concern about the distance first for using any rangefinder for their tasks. If they want to use a rangefinder for both golf and hunting, then they should use the rangefinder to have all function modes. They can use some high quality rangefinders which offer true target technology that allows targeting both first and distance modes.

  • Display Check: Keep in mind one thing that golf usually plays under the daylight, but hunting mainly occurs in the early morning or sometimes in the dusk’s time. So people should use high quality rangefinders for completing both activities by only one rangefinder. Both golf and hunting rangefinder offers LCD and LED displays.

Having a LED display rangefinder offers more benefits to use for both golf and hunting. The rangefinder which has an LED display is excellent to use in any cloudy weather on the golf course. So this rangefinder is really good for also hunting in the dusk time at the daylight hour’s end. There has also adjustable brightened settings to adjust the perfect brightness and colors.

So people can use this kind of rangefinder for both golf and hunting.

  • Weatherproof: Rangefinder sometimes needs to use in any cloudy weather or sometimes in rainy weather. So it should be weatherproof if you want to use a rangefinder for both golf and hunting. There are lots of benefits to having any weatherproof laser rangefinder for both golf and hunting.

Why Use Hunting Rangefinder for Golf; Pros & Other Facts?

It is not often seen to shift golf rangefinder to hunting rangefinder. But sometimes it happens to somebody. Some people like to use hunting rangefinders instead of using any golf rangefinder while golfing on the courses. There are some benefits too of using a hunting rangefinder.

  • Hunting rangefinders offer a more deep and precise target than other golf rangefinders. This kind of rangefinder allows for more yards and magnifications.
  • Golf rangefinder has a limited range or low range for targeting objects. So people shift to hunting rangefinders.
  • Golf rangefinder cannot give enough yards to focus the long distance objects. In the same case, a hunting rangefinder can provide a 900-1500 yards long distance targeting range.
  • Golf is known as so expensive and popular game in the world. All of the accessories are very costly for golf. But hunting rangefinder can be found in a low budget with high accuracy. So, people can save money using a hunting rangefinder for both huntings as well as golfing.

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