Learning to play golf at 60 – easy tips to follow

Learning to play golf at 60 is not a daunting task. Instead, it expresses your inner strength. Many of the people start golfing at their 40s. They can perform very well at this time. So, when you want to make an over 65 golf swing, it might appear harsh for you at time. Golf for over 60 is not for all. There are people playing golf at 70. That is incredible too. Taking the right shots, sending the balls to the holes and others – all are amazing.

However, in your 60, you need to learn to play golf near me to get some basic lessons. Playing better golf is not so easy as it appears. So, if you want to play golf at this age, the following texts are for you.

9 pro tips about LEARNING TO PLAY GOLF AT 60

Get a health check

Before you hit the iron to your golf ball, you need a health check-up. You know what – golf is not a game for people with poor health. You might need to stand at the golf course for a long time. Sometimes, you need to drive the cart or take part in other jobs. Playing golf requires your physical fitness. Besides, taking a shot with also takes physical strength. Unless you are physically fit, you cannot make them happen. Thereby, get a health check-up in the beginning.

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Don’t rush

Many of the people are in a rush to have their over 65 golf swing. But this is not a good sign. If you make a rush, you may make mistakes. Finally, you might not have the desired shot. Remember, golf is a difficult form of sports unless you know it. If you are in a hurry to send the golf ball into the hole with a single shot, you are fooling yourself. Keep patience, get support from learning to play golf near me for playing better golf.

Know the basics

It may sound weird; you need to know the basics. As you are 60 or over 60, you need to know them again. Of course, you might have earlier experience, but with time, they are gone. Complete basic training is a must to start golf for over 60. Other than this, you cannot expect to have the best shots. Golfing needs particular expertise, and the necessary training will provide you with them. To have such training, you can reach to any of your local experts. Or you can get engaged in any professional academy as well.

Get some online lessons

Besides, if you cannot manage any local trainer, you can go through the online videos and lessons. They are truly helpful in teaching basic techniques. You can know more about the golf swing, using the irons, how to select the iron, holding the grip, measuring the distances, etc. When you learn all the techniques, you can get confidence to start over your golf journey.

Set your bag

This is a symbolic statement. Setting up your bag points that you need to get all your golf equipment. You need golf clubs, gloves, golf balls, tees, a golf bag, a cart (if required) and others. Many of the senior people make mistakes while selecting the tools. First of all, you need to focus on the quality of the products. Getting some online and offline reviews will help you overcome the obstacles. Yes you will not agree to spend after the items every week, will you?

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Set your posture

When you are on the golf ground, you need to set your posture accurately. Firstly, hold the golf club grip correctly. Making mistakes in holding the grip will fail your shots. Besides, the wrong grp may also hamper your motion. Moreover, you also need to set your standing position. Make sure your feet are bearing your bodyweight equally. Any inconsistencies will result in a wrong shot. You need to be comfortable.

Select your golf clubs

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Not all the golf clubs are suitable for over 65 golf swing. Playing golf for over 60 should be started with a lightweight club. Of course, you can move for a heavier club but not in the beginning. After getting accustomed to the clubs and their features, you can move to a higher one. Therefore, when you are playing golf at a senior level, start electing the club that comes with a handy feature.


A saying goes that aiming the target helps to complete 80 percent of the golf. So, this is a must for everyone playing golf at 70. Know to set your alignment to your aim. Keep your hip, arms, and legs parallel to your target –where you want to send your golf ball. If you are unable to set the aim alone, get support from someone. They can help you get the right direction. Please remember, you need to strike the golf ball less to win the game. But if you cannot set the aim, your strike rate will get a raise.

Hit the ball to the hole

This is the perfect time to bring an end of all your preparation. You now know how to aim and have also got familiarity with the other aspect. Now, please hit the ball. Make sure the ball gets hit with the right force. Besides, you also need to have the right swing. Rotate your body and arms accordingly for the perfect swing. Keep the golf club in the exact position – the middle part of the club should hit the golf ball.

You are now well aware of the fact of over 65 golf swing. In fact, playing golf at 70 or golf for over 60 requires excellent energy. And the people who participate are highly energetic. A regular practice will help them to turn into great golfers someday. With a sense of devotion, practice, and sincerity, they certainly will overcome the initial barriers. But they need to have a solid foundation from learning to play golf near me for playing better golf. Knowing how to play golf for beginners may also increase their skills.

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