what are the four majors in golf

What are the four majors in golf and most majors won in golf list

Golf is a prestigious game to play and majors are even more prestigious.

Every year a large number of Golf tournaments take place, among all of them, four great tournaments are marked as majors.

They are-

  • The Masters (April)
  • PGA Championship (May)
  • U.S. Open (June)
  • The Open Championship (July)

Winning one major tournament can give you such a reputation that it would be legendary.

Till now, only one player (Bobby Jones) has managed to win four majors in a calendar year.

If you believe that you have all the potential to achieve at least one major, strive for it...

maybe you are going to be the next legend in this game of golf.

Majors History

When majors started is not well known. Now, for us majors are the four great championships, but previously it was not the same as now.

There were two British tournaments and two American tournaments that were known as majors.

But then in the late 1940s and 1950s, the game started to evolve.

Maybe in 1960, after winning the Masters and U.S. Open, John Palmers opines that if he manages to win the rest of the two tournaments, he will be able to open his grand slam by comparing him with the great Bobby Jones.

From then, there is a chance that the present majors started to take place.

The Masters (April)

This is the first major of the season and prestigious of all.

This is the only major that played on the same course every year.

The masters first took place on March 22 in 1934 and from then are being played on the same course every year.

Every year the winner of the tournament is presented with an iconic green jacket that they can wear anywhere throughout the year. But after the course, they have to return the jacket.

During the course, strict disciplinary rules needed to follow.

Running, lying on the green, and using any kind of electronic device is highly prohibited.

Another interesting fact about this Championship is every year all the past champions gather for dinner and the defending champion commences the ritual.

PGA Championship (May)

This tournament is organized by the Professional Golfers Association of America.

This tournament is held on two bases, in America and outside America.

The prize money for the tournament is huge.

The prize money is near 11 million in recent days.

The motive of this Championship is to produce a high profile tournament.

There are 12 criteria that you need to have for participating in the PGA championship.

  1. All former PGA Champions
  2. Winners of the last five Masters
  3. Winners of the last five U.S. Opens
  4. Winners of the last five Open Championships
  5. Winners of the last three Players Championships
  6. The top 15 finishers at thePGA Championship
  7. The top 20 finishers at the PGA Professional Championship
  8. Year-to-date PGA Championship Points leaders
  9. Ryder Cup team members
  10. Winners of PGA Tour-approved tournaments
  11. Special invitations
  12. Completing the field

U.S. Open (June)

U.S. open or United States Open Championship is one of the most famous major championships of all the four majors.

The first edition of the U.S. Open took place on October 4, 1895.

This Championship is organized by the USGA or United States Golf Association.

The prize money for this Championship is near 12.5 million dollars.

This Championship aims to produce quality golfers and thus every professional and amateur golfer has the opportunity to participate in this Championship (except you have a handicap index more than 1.4)

This is the statement or criteria from USGA that you need to have for joining U.S. open championship-

Entries are open to professional golfers, amateur golfers, and applicants for

reinstatement. Amateurs and applicants for reinstatement must have an up-to-date Handicap Index based on ratings for men not exceeding 1.4 under the Rules

of Handicapping. A Handicap Index must be issued from a “golf club” (as defined in

the Rules of Handicapping book) that is authorized to use the Rules of Handicapping.

The USGA accepts an up-to-date Handicap Index issued from the international body

of golf that would be equivalent to a Handicap Index within the prescribed limit for

entry into the Championship. For this Championship, any reference to gender

applies to all genders.

The Open Championship (July)

This is the fourth major Championship of all the four majors.

This one is regarded as the oldest major golf tournament ever.

This Championship is also known as the open or British open Championship.

The first open or British open Championship took place on October 17, 1860.

This is also a major tournament that is open for everyone who would like to participate.

There are as many as 40 criteria that you need to follow for participating in the British Open Championship.

We are here trying to highlight some of the criteria-

  1. Former Open champions under the age of 60
  2. The last 10 Open Championship winners
  3. The top 50 in the Official World Golf Ranking
  4. The top 30 in theDubai final standings
  5. The last 5 U.S. Open champions
  6. The last 5 Masters champions
  7. The last 5 PGA Champions
  8. Players who have passed the qualifying session across the world.
  9. The last 3 Players champions
  10. Players on the U.S. and International last years Presidents Cup teams
  11. And many more…

Most majors won in golf list

winning any major is a kind of dream to any golfer. But some legends have managed to win many of them.

From the very beginning to now, the list is not that long who has managed to win a couple of major championships.

Here is the list of the players who have managed to win majors for maximum time-


Majors won

Jack Nicklaus


Tiger Woods


Walter Hagen


Ben Hogan


Gary Player


Tom Watson


Bobby Jones


Arnold Palmer


Gene Sarazen


Sam Snead


Harry Vardon


Nick Faldo


Lee Trevino


Seve Ballesteros


James Braid


Phil Mickelson


Byron Nelson


J.H. Taylor


Peter Thomson


Willie Anderson


Jim Barnes


Ernie Els


Raymond Floyd


Brooks Koepka


Bobby Locke


Rory McIlroy


Old Tom Morris


Young Tom Morris


Willie Park Sr.


Jamie Anderson


Tommy Armour


Julius Boros


Billy Casper


Henry Cotton


Jimmy Demaret


Bob Ferguson


Ralph Guldahl


Padraig Harrington


Hale Irwin


Cary Middlecoff


Larry Nelson


Nick Price


Denny Shute


Vijay Singh


Jordan Spieth


Payne Stewart


If you are a dreamer and you have a dream to make it that far then they should be our idle.

If they can make it possible, why can't you?

You just need to have a big dream and thrust for being champion.


Winning any major is not a kind of task for everyone. The momentum needs to be built and the courage should be in the Apex.

The difficulty of winning four majors in a calendar year is quite high.

From the very beginning to now, only one player has managed to acquire this prestige.

Even the modern-day legends tiger woods could not achieve that prestige so far.

But we are not hopeless, maybe one day there will be someone who will be able to redeem the prestige in his achievement list.

Majors tournaments are kind of great opportunity for the professional and amateur golfers to prove their skill.

Maybe it's now your turn to participate and show the world that you have great golfing skills too.

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