How to measure golf club length

How To Measure Golf Club Length?

How to measure golf club length – it’s not a million-dollar question now. You know what – there is no precise standard for a golf club length. The length stands between 36 to 39 inches. And may not cross 48 inches. That is the truth. So, if you want how to measure golf club length for man, you need to have some adjustments. Similarly, if you want to measure the golf club for women or juniors, a similar theory will go.

Many of the golfers are tired of searching for the perfect golf club for them. They do not know how to measure golf club shaft length. Tons of info is there. But none of them can solve the puzzle or can lead you to the in-depth of the measurement. Hence, the best thing is to measure the club by yourself. A brief explanation of the measurement process will help you a lot. Here it is.

The Ruler Technique

If you want to learn how to measure driver length, there are several ways of measuring a golf club. But the easiest ‘Ruler Technique’ is explained here. This is the most proven way to do it at home. And it takes less time too. So, what you need are:

  1. 1
    A ruler of 48 inches or larger
  2. 2
    Or a measurement tape
  3. 3
    A golf club with or without the clubhead

Position the club

First of all, you need to position the club. Many of the beginners might hold the golf club horizontally or vertically, which is ineffective to measure. You must keep the club in a playing position. Check if the center point of the glob club is attached with the ground. There should be a gap of angels with the shaft and the club iron or woods.

Place the ruler

In this stage, you have to place the ruled behind your club to measure the length. But make sure the ruler is touching the ground while you put it behind. Unless the ruler touches the ground, you cannot have the right measurement. Now you have to align the ruler with the club.

Get the reading

Now, you need to get the reading of the ruler. Cover the golf club from toe to the top of the grip. The club length is the same what appears in the ruler reading. For getting the exact result, you can follow the process again.

Club Length Guide


How to measure golf club length for man?

Based on the earlier portion, you might have got an idea of measuring a golf club. The scenario would be the same for measuring a golf club for a man. To get the right idea, you need to follow the process below.

Height adjustment

- All the clubs do not come with the same height. Besides, people with different height need to adjust the clubs for them. So, the thing that you can do is to adjust your height with the club. Hold a club in playing position. If it appears uncomfortable, then adjust the club height.

Follow the ruler method

- Now, follow the rule method. It will provide the final reading of the club length. When you get the length, adjust the club with the head so that you can have comfortable shots.

Note to remember – when people are over six feet, they need to add around two inches of length for comfortable use of the club. But if people are under six feet, they may need to subtract the length.

How to measure golf club length for women?

Well, this is another issue that every woman golfer faces. Usually, the standard length for a woman’s golf club is around 43 inches. To excel in golf, they need a perfect golf club. There are no standard golf clubs for women, but the golf clubs are almost similar that are used by their male counterparts. But as they are a bit weaker than male golfers, they need a lightweight club.

Consider The Height

Unless the swing speed is faster, the golf balls will not have the right flight. So, if a woman is above 5 feet, the golf club should come with a length of 43 inches. But if the woman is over 5 feet and 9 inches, then she needs to add another inch on the club. She can quickly sort out the length using the ruler method.

However, the following height chart measurement may help you get an idea about measuring the length of your wrist to floor. It will help you determine your club length.


Wrist to floor

Club length

Less than 6’8”

Less than 42”

Add 2”

6’6” – 6’8”

41” to 42”

Add 1.5”

6’4” – 6’6”

40” – 41”

Add 1”

6’2” – 6’4”

38.5” – 40”

Add 0.5”

6’1” – 6’2”

37” – 38.5”

Add 0.25”

5’7” – 6’1”

34” – 37”

Standard length

5’4” – 5’7”

32” – 34”

Minus 0.25”

5’2 – 5’4”

29” – 34”

Minus 0.5”

5’ – 5’2”

27” – 29”

Minus 1”

4’10”- 5’

25” – 27”

Minus 1.5”

Less than 4’10”

Less than 25”

Minus 2”


Fitting Club size Chart for the junior golfers

For teaching the junior golfer about golf, we have to provide them the proper equipment. The most important equipment for golf is the golf club. Inaccurate golf club length will affect the junior golfer's learning process, which can increase the time length of the learning process. Also, improper club length will make the junior golfers frustrated and which can end up avoiding golf. Therefore, one must know which size club is perfect according to the junior golfer’s height.

In the below chart, we will show the size of 3 golf clubs for the junior golfers which are driver, putter, and wedge.

Junior Golfers Height (inches)
























































Standard Club Length chart

One of the often asked and most common questions we get from amateur golfers is what is the standard club length. This question arises because of the different height issues. Basically, all the advanced and professional golfers select their golf clubs based on the wrist-to-floor measurement technique. To help the amateurs for finding the standard size of their golf club, we have created the below chart by following the same technique.

Wrist to Floor Height

Iron’s Length

Driver’s Length

27” – 29”



29” – 32”



32” – 34”



34” – 36”



36” – 38”



38” – 40”



40” – 42”



Above 42”

Above 39.75”

46” to Above

Hitting Position

When you try to know how to measure driver shaft length, take a position. To get the exact reading of the club, a woman golfer needs to make the hitting position with the club. Ensure the position is like the one when you take the shot. A wrong position might result in an incorrect reading. When you try to know how to measure driver shaft length, take position.

How to measure golf club length for junior?

Instead of age, height matters most to know how to measure golf club for junior. So, before determining the age, measure the height of the child. As parents, you can use the height chart. Almost all the golf club manufacturers have their height chart to adjust with the child. Use the table, get the height reading, and get the club.

Follow the height chart

Based on the chart, if the child is, for instance, 3 feet in height, it is better to use a club between 26 to 27 inches. In case of using an iron, that should not exceed 23 inches. If the club is too long, the child will be uncomfortable while taking shots or swing it. Besides, if the club is short, the swing will be too much.

Some of the golf club manufacturers have set for juniors. You can get the right set, which suits the kid most. 

Customized golf clubs

Despite several ways to know how to measure golf club length, the simplest one is explained. The approach is highly applicable to understand how to measure golf club shaft length. Unless the club is perfect, the shot will not be up to the mark. Therefore, get the right golf club following the techniques and make your day. 

Does the length of the golf club matter?

Yes, the length of a golf club really matters. The proper golf club length will help the golfer to improve in performance. On the other hand, the incorrect golf club length can affect the performance of the golfer.

Basically, the length of the golf club affects the ball distance. It can be seen that advanced golfers tend to choose clubs a bit longer to increase their regular ball distance. However, one should not choose a very long club, because a very long club will also hamper the performance.

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