What is Cadet Golf Glove

What is Cadet Golf Glove?

It is not necessary to wear a golf glove to play Golf, but it is recommended. But what is the main reason? It is fairly straightforward: a golf glove aids the golfer in maintaining a firm grip on the ball. The human hand don’t have the same tackiness as the materials used in golf gloves. This is particularly true if the golfer is sweating or if his or her golf club’s grips are wet. There are mainly two types of golf gloves- Cadet golf gloves and regular golf gloves. Most probably, you have heard of these gloves or seen them in a golf store. Maybe some question arises in your mind like- What is Cadet Golf Glove? How is it different from a Regular Golf Glove? Now we are going to discuss this topic in detail.

What is Cadet Golf Glove

Meaning of a Cadet Size Golf Glove

Let’s define the term “Cadet” once and for all. A cadet golf glove is broader and shorter than a similar-sized standard golf glove. It is designed for people who have hands that are different from most people. If you are having trouble finding the right golf glove because the fingers are always too long or the fit is too tight, a cadet size may be a good option for you. It is important to remember that cadet size gloves are not available for women, as they only come in men’s size.

Cadet vs Regular Golf Gloves

As we told you earlier, golf gloves can be divided into two types based on their size and fit. When comparing regular and cadet golf gloves, there are two main differences. The first and most noticeable distinction is the finger length. Cadet golf gloves, on average, have fingers that are about an inch shorter than standard golf gloves. Cadet gloves are ideal for golfers with hands that are not quite equal to their finger’s length. The second difference is that the cadet golf gloves are usually made of leather. The palm size & finger length varies from person to person. You have probably understood the basic concept of “What is Cadet Golf Glove” by now.

How to Know the Proper Glove Fit?

A perfectly fit golf glove feels like a 2nd skin. It plays a crucial role in the golf swing. A golfer should be careful about the velcro flap and velcro base. No additional material should be present at the end of the fingers on the glove. If you have small fingers with a wide palm, then you might not need cadet golf gloves. Regular sized small gloves can be helpful for you. Different companies make golf gloves with a slightly different fit. So, it is better to check properly before buying a golf glove from the market. If you want to know Best Battery for Gas Golf Cart.

What Size Do I need?

You can choose from a variety of cadet golf gloves like other regular golf gloves. While simple terms like small, medium and large may seem sufficient, several other factors are considered. However, it is important to maintain stability and control while playing. The glove should not be loose on the wrist. Now we will discuss some crucial factors to remember while choosing glove fit:

  1. Dexterity: If you are one of those golfers who like to wear only one glove, you must wear it in your weaker hand. So, if you are right-handed, you should wear a glove for your left hand. But, if you are left-handed, you should wear a glove in your right hand.
  • Size: All types of gloves (including Cadet gloves) are available in different sizes, from S to XXL. As we discussed earlier, a proper fit indicates that there are no extra spaces at the fingertips.
  • Material: Glove’s material is also an important factor to consider. Suppose you want to get a long-lasting product. In that case, you should purchase synthetic, human-made gloves because they are more viable and enduring in nature. On the other hand, leather gloves are thinner and expensive. They are not enough enduring like synthetic gloves.
  • Weather Conditions: You have to use insulated gloves in cold weather. Otherwise, it will be impossible to play. In wet conditions, you must use waterproof gloves to keep your hands dry. Moreover, these gloves will help you to grip the slippery club handles properly.
  • Health Condition: If you sweat a lot, you should use a glove with a web interior. It will absorb the sweat during hot summer days and offer a good grip on the club handles. If you want to know Best Golf cart horn kit.

Should I use a Tight-fit Golf Glove

It is not a bad idea to use a tightly sealed golf glove. For example- Even if you are using a waterproof glove and playing in a wet condition, still water will go into your gloves. Similarly, a loose fit insulated glove won’t protect your hand from cold perfectly. Most importantly, a loose golf glove can produce blisters in your hands.

Cadet Golf Glove

Cadet Golf Glove

The Best Cadet Golf Gloves

It’s not mandatory to use a golf glove for playing the game. They protect our hands from blisters and calluses. Whichever brand you choose, you should mainly prioritize the perfect fit rather than the fashion. Taylor Made Tour Preferred Glove is the most popular cadet glove available in the market. Some other popular golf gloves are Nike tour classic, Titleist Men’s player gloves, Cobra women’s pur tour glove, FootJoy RainGrip golf gloves etc. Now you understand what is cadet golf glove and how to choose the best product to buy.


  • Can women use cadet gloves?

No, cadet sizes are not available in ladies’ gloves. If someone has shorter fingers compared to the palm width, he needs to use cadet golf gloves. Normally women don’t face any problem finding their proper fit in regular size gloves. So, cadet gloves are mainly used by men.

  • What is cadet hand size?

Statistics show that approximately 20% of the players require a cadet-sized golf glove, but they don’t know it. If the palm and fingers are not proportional, then you should try cadet gloves to find the perfect fit for your hands. Cadet gloves have a wider palm area than regular gloves.

  • How to measure my hands before buying gloves?

First of all, measure your finger length by stretching your hand and carefully measure the length of your middle finger. Now measure the circumference of your hand to know the width of your palm. You should measure your hands every year because they can change over time. You can take help from the shopkeeper to get the proper measurement before buying gloves. If you want to know Best golf cart body kits.

End Notes

If you have gone through the article till now, undoubtedly you understood “What is Cadet Golf Glove”, its usage and how it differs from regular gloves. However, I am giving a short recap of the article again.

Cadet gloves are normally one inch shorter and a little bit wider than regular golf gloves. They are specially made for players with palms that are not proportional to their fingers. Despite their uniqueness, they are available in all sizes (from small to extra large.) But, the interesting thing is that most of the players using this glove are not even aware of the term “Cadet.”

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